Probably the most disgraceful end in Jump's history-the original work of "Actor Ye Naijing Act-age" was arrested for riding a bicycle and molesting a female student

Because the original work Matsuki Tatsuya was arrested for the crime of compulsory indecent assault for sexual harassment of female high school students, the editorial department of JUMP first responded briefly and expressed regret on August 8, and then announced the comic “Weekly Shonen Jump 36・37 Consolidation Number” serialization is over. But the film director Hei Shan, who was fascinated by Ye Nai’s talent, actually invited her to join the world of actors, and wanted her to play the leading role in the film she was preparing to make. Even though Ye Nai showed off his genius acting skills when participating in the selection of actors for the famous entertainment firm STARS, he still failed

BW2020 Shanghai Station ends, the excitement never ends

Afterwards, the Overwatch solo competition allowed the audience to appreciate the cool operations in various Overwatch.In the three-day League of Legends guest competition, in addition to the powerful UP masters of various ways showing the fairy operations, more commentators also participated in the competition. On the e-sports arena, station B invited well-known UP hosts such as “vicissitudes pill”, “crack squeak fungus”, and “the funny Nestlé” to bring you a wonderful showdown, dreaming back to the summer vacation of 2016, and the best Friends play black games

You Ji’s 22nd Anniversary Meet You at COMICUP26 Magic City Doujin Festival to ignite the summer comic exhibition

The climax of the comic show was detonated on the first day and brought many surprises to the fans: the “Lucky Wheel” raffle, limited-time super value discounts, the artist’s appearance, free signings and fans screamed, and many peripherals Welfare delivered on site. With leading technology, stylish appearance, excellent performance, and affordable prices, Youji products quickly conquered every animation professional and anime enthusiast present, and the limited-time discount at the exhibition drove the spot-buying boom. The staff also patiently answered every audience who came to experience, helping them open the door to a new world of painting and creative tools, whether it is a professional illustrator, designer, anime major student or a painting amateur

Hansawa Naoki presses step by step, and the acquisition of doubts slowly clears away-"Hansawa Naoki 2" Episode 3

However, Spiral and FOX held a joint press conference to confirm the news of Spiral’s acquisition of FOX and will focus on building the e-commerce platform copernicus (It is known as the world’s number one e-commerce platform), these may still be drawing pie, but the next big news is that John Howard of Microdevice (should imitate Microsoft’s Bill Gates), this predator will invest 300 million US dollars on this project of copernicus. Yen bought the company of General Electric Equipment, whose business bank is the Central Bank of Tokyo, and the chairman of the company’s board of directors is Shinsuke Tamaki, and the chief financial officer of the computer acrobatics company is his son. Before the acquisition of FOX, the negative news of the other party was released through the media, which caused the stock price to fall, so he began to eat the other party’s stock through the open market, and then held a press conference

Shanghai Jinshan: Accelerate the building of "Global E-sports Capital"

The Science and Technology City basically defined the “five unification” operation mode, the Yangtze River Delta Roadshow Center was completed and operated, the Yangtze River Delta old brand revitalization base was successfully settled in Jinshan, and the Shanghai Bay District Science and Technology Innovation Center formed an operating system of “one center, one base, and eight platforms”..

When the doujin after "breaking the circle" came to the front desk-COMICUP26 Industry Sharing Salon Content Record

However, the doujin author will have a clearer consciousness: what he “nacks” is his own brain supplement, and is a text-based creation.There is a very strong difference here: in fact, colleagues know very well that their creation is “fake” and is a product of fiction; while “fan circle” will deliberately emphasize the “real”, they do everything possible to maintain a solid image, The more you become a fan, the more you value the purity of this character. COMIKET’s development has gone through three stages: stage one is a community gathering of thousands-10,000 people; stage two is the stable development after transferring to Tokyo Harumi, reaching the level of 100,000 people; stage three is in Win95 After the launch, COMIKET moved to the Tokyo International Exhibition Hall, where it stabilized at more than 500,000 visitors, and it also witnessed the great prosperity of ACG in Japan

Sharing "5G" New Opportunities Global Cloud Game Industry Alliance was established in Shanghai

It is reported that in the closed-door meeting of the Global Cloud Game Industry Alliance held on July 29, representatives of entrepreneurs from the co-sponsoring unit of the Global Cloud Game Industry Alliance reviewed and approved the “Global Cloud Game Industry Alliance Charter (Draft)”, voted, It was approved that Dr. Xiao Hong, CEO of Perfect World, was elected as the chairman of the alliance, the secretary-general of the ChinaJoy organizing committee, and the chairman of Shanghai Hanwei Xinheng Exhibition Co., Ltd

"New Era, New Mission, New Achievement" 2020 CDEC looks at the digital transformation of China's cultural industry

As an industry authoritative high-end conference held concurrently with ChinaJoy, this year’s conference will be divided into the morning “Embrace the Vision and Live by the Youth” with the theme of “New Era, New Mission and New Deeds” and the afternoon “Promising Content” The three major sectors of “Connecting to the Future” and “Digital Driven Cultural Rebirth”, conform to current social hotspots, pay attention to new trends, new opportunities, and new models of enterprise development under the epidemic, and put more emphasis on overcoming difficulties, realizing digital transformation of enterprises, and creating more products content. To discover, infinite possibilities”, hoping to explore more possibilities of the game from more dimensions: use cross-border applications to release the social value of the game; let cultural pursuits be integrated into the game design concept China, with IP as the core, create Chinese cultural symbols; connect the world’s top resources, continue to explore the integration and innovation of technology and games; open innovation, continue to improve the protection system for minors, and assume social responsibility and future missions, user-oriented, technology To be good, to play a positive value. Wang Rujie, Vice President of Guangzhou Duoyi Network Co

Haruna Kawaguchi starred in "Ukakufudo" and his wife Mihisa's doujin manga "Try to use the soil to ask them" to make a short animation-Japanese magazine and evil night edition

In order to make up for the emptiness of not grabbing tickets, Jimmy still grabbed a very low priority “Zombie World War”, this film Jimmy has watched twice on the computer, it is also a very typical In the works of the end of the world, infectious diseases and zombies, the virus originated in China in the original novel, but it is not stated clearly in the movie version. Earlier, it was announced that the live-action TV series “Ukakufudo” starring Hiroshi Tamaki added the actress Kawaguchi Haruna to play the role of the actor Long’s wife Mihisa this morning. The virus in the story is actually more powerful than the new crown pneumonia, especially if the infected person cannot recover, it will actively spread to others

Do not forget the original intention, Bandai Nanmeng Palace confirmed its participation in 2020ChinaJoy BTOC

In 2020, ChinaJoy will actively participate in the industry’s guiding role and continue to inherit the national cultural self-confidence on the basis of the past good, in line with the urgent needs of exhibitors’ deep attention and extensive cooperation in the digital entertainment industry, combined with the current background of the national anti-epidemic Exporting Chinese brand image to the outside world, leading the trend of digital entertainment industry, introducing the most cutting-edge and fashionable products to the venue, highlighting the leading and leading role of ChinaJoy in the industry. At the same time, in order to fit the theme, Bandai Namco also specially exhibited two large-scale VR experience projects of the Gundam theme: “Gundam VR Odaiba Strike” and “Gundam Unicorn VR Battle Over Odaiba” Bringing players an immersive, rich and high-quality entertainment experience, the scene also attracted an endless stream of enthusiastic players. As a large-scale game industry group well-known in Japan and even the world, Bandai Nangong Dream continues to adhere to the corporate philosophy of “dream, entertainment, and moving”, and continues to forget its original intention and bring more high-quality entertainment products and services to Chinese players