Probably the most disgraceful end in Jump’s history-the original work of “Actor Ye Naijing Act-age” was arrested for riding a bicycle and molesting a female student

The serialization is over. We used to read the comics before, but the work has really reached the end of its life, or it was cut by the editor. And this time the “Actors Night Nagying Act-age” is very shameless at the end of the serialization. Because the original work Matsuki Tatsuya was arrested for the crime of compulsory indecent assault for sexual harassment of female high school students, the editorial department of JUMP first responded briefly and expressed regret on August 8, and then announced the comic “Weekly Shonen Jump 36・37 Consolidation Number” serialization is over

This is not a well-known work called “Actor Ye Naijing Act-age”. The comic creation is a joint two people. The arrested is the original Matsuki Tatsuya and Usazaki Shirakawa who painted the comics. , After discussing with the Jump editor, I felt that the serialization could not go on under the current situation, so I decided to end the serialization

What did Matsuki Tatsuya who molest a female high school student do this time? According to NHK reports, 29-year-old Matsuki Tatsuya saw a female high school student in Nakano District, Tokyo at about 8 pm on June 18, 2020. He approached from behind on a bicycle and touched the female student’s body. He was also suspected of forced indecency. Afterwards, he left the scene by bicycle. After the female student called the police, the Metropolitan Police Department conducted analysis and search through surveillance video. In addition, another girl was also subjected to a similar encounter on a nearby road when he was a child. Arriving at the suspect who looked similar to Matsuki Tatsuya, the investigation was conducted. During the investigation, Matsuki Tatsuya admitted his behavior

“Actor Ye Nai Jing act-age” tells about a female high school student who wants to become an actor and support her family income. Even though Ye Nai showed off his genius acting skills when participating in the selection of actors for the famous entertainment firm STARS, he still failed. The reason is her dangerous acting skills. But the film director Hei Shan, who was fascinated by Ye Nai’s talent, actually invited her to join the world of actors, and wanted her to play the leading role in the film she was preparing to make. In order to make her talents more mature, Montenegro also arranged various jobs for Ye Nag to hone her acting skills

The man in charge of the story plot in the comic committed a criminal case. It is indeed difficult for this work to continue, but this is not the key. It is still possible to find a playwright to continue to write the story, even if he is arrested, he can continue to write The story. But this is too detrimental to the editorial department and the social responsibility and image of this work, so I can only survive with a broken arm. Otherwise, even if it continues, it will be criticized by everyone, and after everyone mentions this work, it will definitely be. Said, it was the cartoon of “the author molested a female student”. This is gratifying, another author and fans who like this comic. In the comics, the heroine has already gone to play MHK Dahe drama (that is, NHK Dahe drama).

Although there is no news about the animation of this “Actors Night Nagi Act-age”, it has been confirmed to be staged earlier and will be staged in 2022. The official stage of this stage play will also be released on August 8. After the news, that means we need to confirm the news. It’s hard to say what the future holds. Jimmy estimates that this stage play is also likely to be pornographic