Excellent IP sequel blessing, follow-up new work strong attack-Tencent Video 2020 Animation Conference

In the past few years, Tencent Video held an annual animation conference during the CCG EXPO in Shanghai. This year, due to the epidemic, the conference was also moved to the Internet. Because it happened to be BW last week, I did not watch the live broadcast. A week has passed, and I took the time to write down the details of this annual conference. Tencent video animation is to be included in the entire Tencent system, because this is not only a matter for Tencent Video, but also includes content such as reading, Tencent games and IP output. All in all, it is the excellent IP sequel blessing, and the follow-up new work is followed up strongly. A total of 66 animation projects were released this time, including works in many fields such as literature, games, and comics. In addition to Tencent’s own IP, there are also works on other platforms such as Kuaikan and Youqi. It is impossible for Jimmy to introduce all the 66 works, but there are a few key projects and projects that Jimmy is interested in. We will focus on them

“Honor of Kings” has tens of millions of users, this mobile MOBA game, animation will undoubtedly become the focus of everyone, but this time the official also announced that it will make animations, but nothing else

The comic work created by Xu Xianzhe, “Dart”, refers to the hired Wufu, and the goal of protection is also the goal that the government wants to offer

On the eve of the civil chaos in the end of the Sui Dynasty, the martial arts high-powered mysterious swordsman and horse took the young son Xiaoqi to walk in the troubled times. Everything he encountered was bizarre and real, depicting the various forms of human nature in the context of the great era. , There was a bloody storm in the arena, and the grievances and hatreds of various people gradually unfolded

The comics of “Dartman” have always been highly praised by word of mouth, and they have also achieved good response in the Japanese market. This time it is finally animated. From the perspective of the concept PV, the tension of the comics is maintained. The martial arts theme is still the field where the Chinese are best

The online novel “Zhu Xian” has already been adapted into two TV series, but the animation came late. Classic works in the theme of Xiuxian, such works with IP guarantee will definitely have a high degree of expectation, but there is no PV at this press conference, only a very exquisite poster was announced. There is a sentence in the “Tao De Jing” written on it, “The world is not benevolent and everything is a dog”

The work is very grand. Jimmy hopes to do it slowly. The animation will be done for several seasons, and it will be very good to be able to fully show the charm of the whole work

Jimmy hasn’t read the original work, but a girl once told me how his boyfriend loves this work. She said that she went to participate in the signing event of “Knife in the Snow”. A boy could actually cry participate. I think this work can really inspire “men’s tears”! The novel tells about an era in which temple power struggles and swords intersect, and an undercurrent is surging. The story of Xu Fengnian, the elder son of the Northern Liang Dynasty, has gone through hardships

“Dragon Race” concept PV.

Jiangnan Teacher’s year 2019 was originally a year that could explode in reality. It is a pity that neither movie nor web drama of “Shanghai Fortress” and “Kyushu·Mianluo” achieved good results. Compared with the previous two, “Dragon Race” has the feeling of Japanese light novels. It has a full sense of middle and two. So when I read the original work, I thought it was particularly suitable for animation

Priest In recent years, many works should not be adapted. The most well-known is “The Soul of the Soul”. Although the work is more feminine, in fact, as a male, you can still not affect the appreciation. Originally, the story and reasoning Stronger

Childhood, growth experience, family background, social relations, trauma… We continue to trace and seek the motives of the offenders, to explore the most subtle emotions, not to empathize with them, or even to forgive them, not to give The reason for the crime to excuse is not to submit to the so-called complexity of human nature, not to reflect on social contradictions, nor to alienate ourselves into monsters-we are just giving ourselves and those who still have expectations of this world- -Looking for a fair account

Role Voice Voice Actor PV

Although I have always felt that “Tomb Notes” is an over-developed IP over the years, the various versions of live-action dramas and movies are dazzling, and the quality is also uneven. However, in the animation, “Tomb Notes” has not been tried. This time “Qinling Sacred Tree” is also the first full-length animation in the Tomb Notes series. I still have to look forward to it. The story tells that Wu Xie independently led his childhood friend with a bad heart and went deep into the depths of the Qinling Mountains. For Wu Xie, sometimes thinking about this story is like a long dream, which feels unreal. The book says that people who reach the Qinling Sacred Tree has the ability to make their dreams come true and will materialize their ideas. You can even “create” another self

“Douluo Dalu” series “The Third Season of Magic Dao Master”, “The Second Season of Full-time Master”, “The Third Season of West Travel”, “The Fourth Season of One Person”, “Take My Brother Away 4”, “Inhuman Zai the fourth season.

These animations are all domestically produced S-level and A-level works. The sequel is also quite guaranteed. Compared with the previous new works, it is obviously more attractive