You Ji’s 22nd Anniversary Meet You at COMICUP26 Magic City Doujin Festival to ignite the summer comic exhibition

The scorching sun and the scorching heat are unbearable, but this can’t stop the fans’ enthusiasm for the 26th COMICUP doujin festival. From July 25th to 26th, this two-day animation event officially opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.Hanwang Youji is a frequent visitor of COMICUP. This exhibition coincides with the 22nd anniversary of its brand Youji. In order to repay fans for their support, we will bring you the 22nd anniversary gift box products and EXRAI Pro 24, Y160F, S640W and many other new products. The climax of the comic show was detonated on the first day and brought many surprises to the fans: the “Lucky Wheel” raffle, limited-time super value discounts, the artist’s appearance, free signings and fans screamed, and many peripherals Welfare delivered on site. Multiple happiness, multiple excitement!

COMICUP26 The magic city doujin festival entrance is full of people.

Hanwang Youji booth is very popular.

[On-site interaction 5000+ limited free peripheral gifts].

The Youji exhibition area is located at Booth CPB06, Hall 8.1, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The booth design is based on the theme of Youji’s 22nd anniversary and uses reasonable sub-regional dynamic planning to create an open booth. The exhibition area is divided into product experience area, painter demonstration area, and games Districts are well received by the audience. At the same time, the doll COS of the on-site Youji mascot has attracted many enthusiastic fans to take pictures and take pictures. There are also interesting live interactive activities and a limited amount of more than 5,000 copies to be given away. As long as you participate, you can get surprises and gifts. Extraordinary

Youji mascot doll COS.

Painting lovers experience Youji’s new products on site.

At the exhibition site, Youkit invited popular domestic painters to communicate on-site and interact with fans, which caused many audiences to stop and watch. The staff also patiently answered every audience who came to experience, helping them open the door to a new world of painting and creative tools, whether it is a professional illustrator, designer, anime major student or a painting amateur. Experience painting products that suit you in the Youji exhibition area

美少女画师@花久花酒 @翔腿颖 Airborne event scene.

“Huajiu” exchanges animation painting experience with animation lovers.

[New Product Benefits, Value-for-Sale Purchase Detonates Summer Comic Exhibition].

Coincides with this fan festival exhibition, which is the 22nd anniversary of the Youji brand. During the exhibition, 3 gift box models (EX08, S640W, EXRAI Pro 16) for the 22nd anniversary of Youji went on sale for the first time. The 2K QHD high-definition digital display EXRAI Pro 24 just launched, the ultimate “thin” shadow drawing and painting display Y160F and wireless portable digital display The board S640W and others all appeared in the exhibit team. With leading technology, stylish appearance, excellent performance, and affordable prices, Youji products quickly conquered every animation professional and anime enthusiast present, and the limited-time discount at the exhibition drove the spot-buying boom. The exhibition will last for 2 days. We look forward to your visit to Booth CPB06 in Youji booth to unlock more surprises!

Fans who try their skills in the product experience area.

Youji’s new products are favored by a group of animation professionals.

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The long-lost offline comic exhibition is full of rewards. Through the first-day on-site experience, we are moved by the comic fans again. Their passion is on the road of chasing love It never fades. In 2020, Youji has gone through 22 years from its establishment to now. 22 years of hard work, Youji, like the fans, maintains enthusiasm and love, never stops innovating and moving forward, and always treats every encounter with an all-out mentality. And move forward