TV animation “Say Good Night in the Devil’s City” PV first volume “Looking for the Trainee Witch” will be screened on November 13th, new trailer announced-Daily Hexie Evening Edition

Although I am not a heavy user of station B, today suddenly the Bilibili APP on the iPad popped up a notification of current affairs’ news (the deputy mayor of Shanghai fell from the horse). In fact, before the notification of the station B app, I used some information software For example, Netease News and Today’s headlines have already been popped up, but it is the first time Jimmy has seen such news at station B. Recently, the matter of saving has been mentioned again. It is said that some of the Douyin and Station B accounts of the big stomach king have also been restricted. I have been feeling sick for a while. I didn’t like to watch these videos at first, because I always felt that They eat so much (provided that they eat real food, after all, many of them are actually fake ones), isn’t it uncomfortable for the stomach? I haven’t eaten a buffet in many years, and my appetite is not as strong as I used to be when I get older. Today, the big dog in Guangdong rushed to the rope to bring down the 90-year-old woman. It was still very miserable. There was a disaster. Dog owners must take care of their dogs. Today the title picture neta is a new show animation that is currently on the air

The inertia of this kind of large dog running wild, plus this old grandma is 90 years old, how can she withstand such an unprepared pull, it is really a disaster!

I know what the mechanism of this push may be based on geography!

Adapted from Animation Studios from the comic work of the same name created by Kenji Xiong Zhigu, the story tells an era where humans and demons coexist. One day, the demon king suddenly captured the human princess and threatened: “If you want the princess, you will hand over the dominance of the world to the demon clan.” The mankind was enraged, and the brave set on a journey to save the princess. The princess who was “imprisoned” in the Demon King City was supposed to be waiting for rescue in despair with tears every day. As a result… she panicked with her idleness and made the Demon King City a mess in order to get a more stable sleep

【Production team】
Original work: Xiong Zhigu Jianji (Xiaokan “Weekly Shonen SUNDAY” serialization).
Supervision: Yamazaki Mitsue.
Deputy Supervisor: Ye Lu Chunhui.
Chief screenwriter: Noko Nakamura.
Character design: Ai Kikuchi.
Secondary character design: Chiaki Nakajima.
プロップデザイン: Matsumoto Megumi.
Art Supervisor: Chieko Nakamura.
Color design: Shi Blackけい.
Supervision of Photography: Kunihiko Ito.
ビジュアルエフェクト: Sugiura Seiichi.
Editing: Wu Gongむつみ.
Music: Hashimoto Yukari.
Music production: Lantis.
Sound effects: Baishi Weiguo (いいな).
キャスティングマネージャー: Makoto Tanimura (プロ・フィット).
Animation Production: Animation Studio.
Production: Devil City Sleep Promotion Committee.

【Dubbing Voice Actor】.
Princess Suiya Lisi: Mizuase Qi.
Devil·Dusk: Matsuoka Zhencheng.
Demon Priest: People from Ishikawa Realm.
Brave·Dawn: Xiayehong.
Needle-pricked armadillo: Xiaoshan Liye.

Is another animated theatrical version that was postponed due to the epidemic, and today announced a new release time. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of “Little Witch DoReMi” produced by Toei Animation, the theater is scheduled to be released on March 19, and it is now officially confirmed that Jian will be released on November 13. This time, there is an actress Morikawa Aoi in the seiyuu lineup. She has recently become particularly famous for a variety show, that is, in the face of various folk masters, she can beat others after simple learning, such as dipping water and smoking tablecloths. , I feel like a “full-time master”

Air-conditioning is a relatively late electrical appliance that entered Chinese households. The earliest air-conditioning was invented in the United States, but almost all overseas famous brands of air-conditioning that we are familiar with are Japanese. In recent years, domestic air-conditioning has also been very popular. Famous, Gree, Oakes. Three years ago, Jimmy changed his room to an empty gold, which is also a Japanese brand. Air conditioning in Southeast Asian countries is the standard configuration of almost every family. Anyway, walking in the community at night in the summer, they are all voice actors operating in air conditioning. Today I am bored to see that there is a collection of Japanese air-conditioning advertisements from 1977 to 1992