80,000 offline viewers safely watch the exhibition, live online to watch over 10 million-CCG EXPO 2020 closes

How did the country’s first large-scale cultural exhibition perform in the post-epidemic period? This afternoon, the 16th China International Animation and Game Expo (CCG EXPO 2020) came to a close at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, and a satisfactory answer was handed in. The five-day exhibition welcomed a total of 82,954 live audiences, and the total number of official live streams online watched over 10 million. On social platforms, #我爱CCG# has over 120 million readings and over 72,000 discussions, and more than ten hot topics have been derived. This year’s CCG EXPO has boosted confidence in the recovery of the animation and game industry, and has also set a benchmark for the holding of large-scale domestic events under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention. This year’s CCG EXPO also cooperated with iQiyi·Qiyu VR, borrowing new virtual reality technology to replay the wonderful performances on the stage in a panoramic view. The content will be released for the first time in the full series of iQiyi·Qiyu VR all-in-one machines after the exhibition

Although affected by the epidemic, the content of the exhibition at CCG EXPO 2020 is unambiguous. This year’s exhibition covers an area of nearly 50,000 square meters. Two special exhibition areas, “War Epidemic Exhibition” and “Shanghai Gifts” were simultaneously displayed, feasting the audience. Exhibitors at home and abroad also responded enthusiastically and couldn’t wait to launch new works and products. The total number of exhibitors reached 250, and many exhibitors even added booths and expanded their scale. Bandai Namco’s Zodiac Gundam series mech model “Smouse” made its debut, and domestic animation figures such as Wu Liuqi and Nezha were also exhibited for the first time…a batch of animation and game products customized for Chinese fans, Have completed their “first show” at CCG EXPO 2020

As the first large-scale cultural exhibition event in China after the epidemic has stabilized, this CCG EXPO strictly implements the relevant requirements of the city, and implements real-name reservations, restrictions on the number of people, orderly verification and other prevention and control measures. The exhibition hall broadcasts epidemic prevention voices in a loop prompt. Some exhibitors are also ingenious, combining common sense of epidemic prevention with cartoon images. In the booth of the Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio, the Q version of Monkey King was washing his hands with the slogan “Wash your hands frequently”. Three water-carrying monks put on their heads the reminder of “less gathering”, and the gourd baby used the treasure gourd to let out a strong wind. Everyone needs to be “hard-working”…anime characters show up to speak, which is not only interesting, but also effectively reminds the audience to take personal safety protection

In order to allow audiences who cannot come to the scene due to current restrictions to experience the grand occasion of the exhibition, this CCG EXPO launched a richer online live broadcast event. The total online viewing of more than 10 million people made up for the regret of offline streaming. The exhibition cooperated with Baidu Tieba to broadcast all-round and multi-angle live broadcast of the exciting content on the stage and booth. The “CCG EXPO Super·Live” professional forum jointly created by the CCG EXPO Organizing Committee and Kuaishou Two-dimensional Yuan not only provides the audience with the opportunity to meet the industry’s “big coffee”, but also allows everyone to witness many new animation and game projects. “Cloud release”, such as Kadokawa Aoba and Force Digital Technology moved the virtual idol e-sports team “Chidori” release event to the live broadcast room. “Mecha Godfather” Sun Shiqian also showed his work in creation through connection Mecha project