Naoki Hansawa kicks off the stumbling block inside Imperial Airlines and the government working group is facing up-Episode 5 of Naoki Hansawa 2

It is said that “the foreigners must be settled first.” There are two ways to rebuild Imperial Airlines. The first is to lie in the arms of the government, and the second is to cooperate with the Tokyo Central Bank’s reconstruction plan. In order to understand Imperial Airlines better and more comprehensively, Naoki Hansawa did a three-week survey and found that although the company continued to lose money, the business capabilities and the spirit of the employees were still for this reason. He was still quite good at “rebuilding”. Confidence, according to his experience, is that for companies that are on the verge of bankruptcy, internal employees will become less and less likely to say hello to outsiders. Imperial Airlines does not reflect this (Tucao, after all, people are also serving industry···). The five episodes of “Hansawa Naoki 2” have been aired, and the ratings are rising steadily, with the first return 22・0%, Chapter 2 22・1%, Chapter 3 23・2%, Chapter 4 22・9% Chapter 5 25・ 5%

Feeling that Imperial Airlines still has a rescue, Naoki Hansawa drafted a series of reconstruction plans and negotiated with Imperial Airlines’ senior executives. As a result, these undisclosed contents were suddenly spread to the entire Imperial Airlines, and the content of this email Not all of them were completely released through selective release of content that would easily make the staff dissatisfied. So this made Hansawa Naoki very passive, and the entire Imperial Airlines employees were very angry and began to resist rebuilding

This email was obviously for the purpose of stranding the reconstruction plan, so Naoki Hansawa did not sit still, and asked President Spiral to investigate the address of the email. In fact, President Spiral’s behavior is illegal and illegal. If it is known to the outside world, it will be a disaster for this company. This is equivalent to betraying the personal information of its users. Then who would dare to use your service? No matter how much, Naoki Hansawa once again used his own research energies and went to this physical mailing address Ise Shima (when I felt that Ise Shima Airport was given a shot of opening the port is also very meaningful), I discovered Maruoka’s small company, and also found that this company had business dealings with Imperial Airways, and then briefly learned that the company’s president was attending an event at the Tokyo Sheraton

When I went to the event, I found that it was the encouragement meeting of Representative Eiichi Nagata, and this Representative Eiichi Nagata was the brother of Director Nagata, one of the directors of Imperial Airlines, and that President Maruoka provided for this event Material support. This relationship became clear immediately. Director Nagata instructed President Maruoka to issue the revised reconstruction plan. Naoki Hansawa pointed it out in person at the scene, but Eiichi Nagata later raised his dissatisfaction with the Tokyo Central Bank. , Naoki Hansawa was even called back by Owada to report. During the report, Hansawa directly asked Executive Kibmoto (the former President of Ise-Shima Branch) to ask why Nagata was transferred from the bank to the empire. The director of the aviation company, Nagata had a dirty hand and provided financing to a certain company. Part of the financing was suspected to be used as a political donation from his brother. However, there was no evidence and he was transferred from the bank. He was promoted to the director of Imperial Airways

There is a high-level person in Imperial Airlines who is so resistant to reconstruction, so Hansawa Naoki can only remove this stone blocking the way. After investigation, it was discovered that the small Maruoka company was introduced by Nagata after it arrived at Imperial Airlines, and it was originally a supplier of Party B. As a result, all travel to Tokyo was reimbursed by Imperial Airlines. Such tricks are also naked. Before the employee briefing, Director Nagata also met with Naoki Hansawa and threatened him, saying that there is no evidence, so you should give up!

At the conference of the reconstruction explanation, Naoki Hansawa was challenged by Director Nagata from the beginning, and then the face-slapping mode that the audience liked the most was turned on. Naoki Hansawa started a counterattack, revealing that it was this kind of third-party supplier that was eroding Imperial Airlines, and that this supplier was introduced by Director Nagata, and Director Nagata did not recognize it. As a result, the video show started below, because every time President Maruoka came to Tokyo, Imperial Airlines’ vehicles served the entire journey, and this vehicle was still monitored. So Naoki Hansawa touched his head and met the President directly. According to him I checked the accounts and found that not only the hospitality fee for Maruoka every time I came, but the number of orders placed by Imperial Airlines for his company was also a false bid. When Naoki Hansawa came to the door, he found that there were only 5 packs of posters and about 2500. However, in the audit of Imperial Airways, there are 10,000 sheets, and there are still a lot of such on-site inspections. In the end, in order to get him to submit, Naoki Bansawa even threatened to send him directly to the police station, so that he admitted. These, and admitted that the leaked email was also sent by Director Nagata. At the staff meeting, Director Nagata was overthrown in this way, and there were no stumbling blocks within the company’s senior management

However, the real challenge has not come. I don’t know that the director of Nagata has never heard of Naoki Hansawa’s “great feats” before. Seeing this, he hasn’t clamped his tail. As expected, people are still facing some interests. I will lose myself. Before the reconstruction plan, there is a big mountain that is the government’s plan. The new Minister of Communications, the so-called three new officials, the government’s behavior this time is very tough. At the end of this episode, Hansawa Naoki personally went to the special team to negotiate. He didn’t give him a good face either. It was a typical bureaucracy. They told you Naoki Bansawa that you want to reduce or exempt taxes, and we will announce it at an appropriate time. Of course, Naoki Hansawa can’t be counseled. He just said that the Tokyo Central Bank is not going to reduce or forgive the debts of Imperial Airlines. This also signifies that Naoki Hansawa wants to confront the state authority