Cooperate with domestic head IPs to blossom more and deep into the Chinese market eclectic-Interview with Bandai Namco (Shanghai) Toys Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board of Directors Tsujitaro & Deputy General Manager of Department Mr. Katsuhiro Izumi

From CCG EXPO to ChinaJoy this year, Jimmy’s most intuitive feeling is that Bandai Namco (Shanghai) Toys Co., Ltd. Has made great efforts in products, especially in the cooperation of domestic IP. The popular domestic animation “Nezha: Magic Boy” Coming to the World has launched a series of hand-made peripherals, as well as collaboration products with the popular anime “Dali Temple Journal” and Teacher Ma Weidu’s “Guanfu Cat”. Compared with last year, there is a feeling of blooming flowers. To this end, we once again interviewed Mr. Tsuji Taro, Chairman of Bandai Namco (Shanghai) Toys Co., Ltd., and this year, we also interviewed the Deputy General Manager of Bandai Namco (Shanghai) Toys Co., Ltd. For the first time. Mr. Quan Shengyang

Mr. Izumi Katsuhiro (left) and Mr. Tsujitaro (middle).

Tsuji Taro.

Q: During the interview last year, we found that there are not many new products based on the Chinese market for toys, but this year we have discovered that many products have been announced. May I ask if I was a Bandai Namco (Shanghai) toy in the past year What projects has the company promoted?

A: It is mainly divided into two parts. Now you see Gundam and some products with Chinese elements. In the other part, we have also made some products that are combined with Guoman IP. I remember that when we came to participate in CJ last year, we brought Japanese products and put them here to take photos with you. This year, we finally had the opportunity to take photos of domestic original products with you. I feel very honored

Q: The Ultraman series of works have always been very popular in mainland China. Now the new works are also broadcast simultaneously in China, and the age range of Ultraman users is also very large. I don’t know how to face China. What will the market do?

A: Regarding the fact that Ultraman users have a large age group, this year Ultraman was made by our brother company. This year, we are mainly making products for young and adult users. So this year we released a series of 49 cm feature hero Ultraman, and in the future, other Ultraman, or other feature heroes will join this series. Two weeks ago, the Ultraman series had a relatively large offline event in Chongqing. Approximately 400,000 users participate in this activity every day. We hope to increase Ultraman’s influence among children and youth through similar activities in the future. As you know, Japan will release a new Ultraman series every year, and the country will try to broadcast it simultaneously with Japan. Our Bandai Namco also hopes to launch a new series of Ultraman products simultaneously with Japan

Mr. Izumi Katsuhiro (left) and Mr. Tsujitaro (middle).

Q: Mr. Tsujitaro has a wealth of experience in overseas market management. He has been in Shanghai for a long time. How do you think the employees in Mainland China are different from your previous employees in Hong Kong, the United States and Europe?

A: I think Chinese employees can be said to be the most serious category in the world. They will achieve their tasks with 120%, 150% completion. In addition to the instructions given by the boss, local Chinese employees will add their own ideas to think about how to make the company bigger

Quan Shengyang.

Q: Mr. Quan Shengyang has a wealth of overseas work experience. How does the United States and Hong Kong feel different after arriving in Shanghai, and what specific work is he currently responsible for?

A: There are many domestic users who like Japanese culture and will buy products by themselves just like Japanese users, so the current working environment in China is more suitable for me. on the other hand. Part of my main job is product planning, and the other part is product strategy that is higher than product planning

Q: We usually have more contact with toy products. Regarding product planning, can you tell us what the planning process of a product is like?

A: Generally speaking, we will make judgments based on the preferences of Chinese users and market conditions. From our perspective, we will pay more attention to whether we can launch a product that is loved by users and is confident that it can stand out among the same products. Therefore, we pay special attention to collecting the opinions of surrounding users, especially core users, to think about what products to launch next. Next, we will think about product pricing, then contact the factory to communicate the quotation, and finally implement the project in detail

Q: Many of the products that Quan Shengyang participates in the project are robot animations and special photos. After so many projects, what difficulties have you encountered in carrying out these projects after arriving in China?

A: Actually, we have not cooperated with domestic IP robots, such as Teshe products. If we expand our cooperation with Chinese IP, our biggest problem is communication with copyright owners. Copyright owners in various countries around the world have their own characteristics. This aspect of domestic copyright is just emerging, so communication with copyright owners is a major issue we are facing now

BN FIGURE products displayed on CCG EXPO.

Q: This time we have a close cooperation with the Chinese animated film “Nezha: The Demon Boy Comes Down” and launched many works, and even joined the SHFiguarts series, and can share the development of related products with us The details?

A: After Nezha was released last year, we also watched it as soon as possible. Deeply moved We also want to launch Nezha related products, so we communicate with the copyright owner as soon as possible. , and then started the production of related products. We think there are many funnies and cute plots in the movie, but we hope to make the product more handsome and cool. So our Nezha figures are all made in a cooler style, highlighting our unique line from others This time we invited the original team of the original paintings to customize the artwork for our figure

Q: Then there is a set in BN FIGURE, a linkage model of the classic game IP of Hatsune Miku and Namco. How does the design of this set of figures realize the organic integration of the two IPs?

A: During our IP market survey, we found that everyone likes Hatsune Miku, and there are already many related products on the market. In order to make a unique and special product, we chose to cooperate with Bandai Namco Entertainment Co., Ltd. And cooperate with its classic IP to make this new project. There are two places with Chinese characteristics in the linkage, one is that the original artwork of the product was drawn by a Chinese designer, and the other is that Taiko Master and Pac-Man are both world-renowned IPs, but the IP of Tank Wars is for China Even more special are the childhood memories of the generations born in the 80s and 90s

Hatsune Miku×Tank Battle.

Q: In addition to last year’s “Assassin Wu 67”, this time we have expanded “Guanfu Cat”, “Dali Temple Journal”, and “Nezha: Avatar of the World”. These are very popular in China. IP, what are the considerations for choosing these IPs for cooperation, and what are your expectations for future product sales?

A: We are more inclined to popular new IPs that other friends have not done. Another point of focus is that although others may have done it, we can have some special points, such as: Nezha, we have invited special Our original artist came to make illustrations for us. At Hatsune Miku, we found other IPs to work with and add other Chinese elements. We hope to make unique products that only we can make. This is our main direction There are also points that we feel are more stable and challenging. Most of the more stable ones are related products that other friends have already made. We hope to add other added value to the products on the basis of the market, so that the products have a better sales volume

Guan Fu Mao Figure.

Q: In addition, among these IPs, cats have the same thing. Is this a coincidence, or is it easier to get out of circles and get more user groups due to the cat theme?

A: In fact, we don’t pay much attention to cats. The main reason is that there is a lot of cat characters in China recently. Looking at the world, for example, Disney also has many cat characters or animal characters that are generally popular. So we think this is a necessity under the trend

Q: Which product lines will be divided into products for the Chinese market? For example, can we see BN FIGURE now?

A: First of all, we have four smaller brands in BN FIGURE, including entry-level models, high-end exquisite ones such as DX, a Q-version blind box brand, and a more expensive resin statue The brand was not exhibited this time. In addition, we also have products that integrate Guoman IP. As you can see now, China is very popular in fashion, and we are also optimistic about fashion. We made the Gundam QSV series of fashion games, and also collaborated with popmart on Gundam Molly

潮玩001.RX-78-2 GUNDAM.

(The following is a follow-up question)

Q: In cooperation with popmart, how does Gundam guarantee supervised products?

A: The creator of molly is also a fan of Gundam. He has always respected Gundam’s designer Mr. Okawara, and has always wanted to try to show Gundam as a female. For us, we have known this teacher for a long time. , I also know his inner recognition of Gundam, I believe it will be no problem to leave it to him. Of course, in the end, we will also communicate with the copyright owner to confirm whether it is in line with Gundam’s values. This is not a simple commemorative work. It is not just a girl with a simple Gundam outfit. In terms of design, this girl is dressed as she is going to swim on the beach, and incorporates Gundam elements, such as her shoulders. RX-78-2, etc. If we just make a Gundam-related product aimed at women, we don’t need to add these things at all. These are all to let the core Gundam fans know that this is a product with Gundam soul

(Follow-up to ask two additional questions, Answered).

Q: Did the two of you work as colleagues in Hong Kong before, and whether working together now brings this kind of tacit understanding here

A: It may not be so interesting. We joined the company in the same year. What I do is sales, and what Quan has been doing is planning. When I was doing sales, I found that the products made by Quan had something unique. I hope I can cooperate more deeply in the future

Q: Do you feel that the products designed by Mr. Quan in the past are more expensive?

A: Maybe everyone has this impression now, but Mr. Izumi used to make 300 yen low-priced goods in Japan. Mr. Quan has his own persistence in making his own products. He has his own persistence in product design and quality. I hope this can also be conveyed to Chinese users and truly love our products

Q: I hope you two will talk about the planning and strategy of future products.

A: Next year there will be a statue of the Great Freedom Gundam in Shanghai, and we are planning to make related products. , I hope these products can meet with you next year, please look forward to it!