BW2020 Shanghai Station ends, the excitement never ends

On August 9, the three-day BilibiliWorld (hereinafter referred to as BW) Shanghai station welcome gradually came to an end, but the popularity of the scene did not decrease. The audience who walked into BW can still feel the fiery atmosphere in the park. For ACG fans who have not been able to visit the scene this year, what are the highlights of the last day of the event that should not be missed?

“Ghost Slayer” is a hot-blooded comic series serialized by Mr. Wu Shiqing on “Weekly Shonen JUMP”. As soon as the animation was launched, it attracted the attention of the audience and received up to 500 million views in the Fanju area of Station B. Recently, the Chinese version of “Demon Slayer: Blade” has been produced. The wonderful interpretation of domestic voice actors will inevitably bring a new experience

On the 9th UP main stage, the exclusive special program of “Demon Slayer: Blade” brought many surprises to fans of the work. At the scene, the three voice actors Li Lanling, Huang Zhenji, and Xingchao from the Chinese version of the Chinese version of “Blade of Ghost Slayer” appeared on the stage to exchange stories about Chinese dubbing. Earlier, station B just announced that it would exclusively broadcast the mid-range version of “Demon Slayer”

In addition to “Ghost Slayer”, every BW can see a collection of the hottest ACG content. This time everyone also saw a lot of popular IP works at the scene: domestic animation “Blessing of Heavenly Officials”, Japanese “Scorching Fire Brigade” and Japanese “Miss Hui Ye Wants to Confess” and so on

Bilibili comics directly turned the booth into a luxurious double-layer car with the same frame as Optimus Prime! It has become a shooting location for many cosplay lovers. Stepping into the interior of Towa, the double-layer black and white immersive comic mobile gallery has become one of the popular check-in spots. The mobile gallery displays a large wave of autographs and drawings by cartoonists for the first time!

On today’s UP interpretation stage, singer Huo Zun and UP master “Yi Yan” became the highlights. Started by Yiyan to sing “Star Fall”, Huo Zun stepped onto the BW stage in the chorus, which aroused the cheers of the fans. Speaking of singer Huo Zun, readers who often follow the Chinese music scene will certainly not be unfamiliar. His well-known works, whether it is “Rolling Bead Curtain” or “Iren Like a Dream”, were once popular. The appearance on the same stage with UP host “Yiyan” is even more impressive

The tune of “Star Fall” is famous for its ethereal and melodious, healing hearts. The two guests gave the audience unforgettable memories. Then the style changed, Huo Zun sang another song “Running in the Sunset”, two works of different styles perfectly switched on stage. In the interactive session, Yiyan did not forget to teach Huo Zun to sing the BDF2020 theme song of the same name “Rainbow Beats”

The UP host “Xiaoyao Sanren” who came to the BW site for the first time became the focus of numerous fans chasing on the 9th. In the morning, he and UP hosts such as “Yiyan”, “Brother Rain” and “Sister-in-law” dressed in Hanfu and played games such as loops on the talk show stage. In the afternoon, Xiaoyao Sanren returned to the game area. He and “Heitong Google”, “I’m Weird King” and others played the Switch game live. Faced with the hostess’s attitude of not letting go, the scattered people released their skills one after another to win the game. The barrage of “Single people just want to win” instantly filled the big screen behind him

, on the 9th, the signing event of AKB48 Team SH was also held on the signing stage. Gui Chuchu, Liu Nian and other members attended the signing event. The autograph event was held in the form of a hand-crossing event, allowing loyal fans to get close to the idols they support. The day before, AKB48 Team SH also demonstrated their talents with dance on the main stage

There are as many as 8 stages in BW this time. In addition to the most popular UP performing arts and UP talk shows over the years, two new stages were added to the scene: Fantasy World Game Stage and Bilibili E-sports Stage. The Bilibili e-sports stage is the most attractive to gamers

On the 9th, the e-sports stage mainly revolved around “Overwatch”. Although “Overwatch” has been online for four years, the love of players has never waned. On the e-sports arena, station B invited well-known UP hosts such as “vicissitudes pill”, “crack squeak fungus”, and “the funny Nestlé” to bring you a wonderful showdown, dreaming back to the summer vacation of 2016, and the best Friends play black games. Afterwards, the Overwatch solo competition allowed the audience to appreciate the cool operations in various Overwatch

In the three-day League of Legends guest competition, in addition to the powerful UP masters of various ways showing the fairy operations, more commentators also participated in the competition. “Aircraft with convulsions”, the commentary of Cat, and the commentary of Xiaomi have all ended. The different operations and performances also added a lot of interest to the audience

Compared with online games, offline games have more face-to-face confrontation and more brotherhood of fighting side by side. This time, BW gave players a platform to narrow the distance between professional players, commentators and top players

BW2020 has come to an end. Some people have gained happiness here, some people have met like-minded friends, and some people shine on the stage. The excitement never ends. I hope that when we get together again, BW can make more friends happy