Island Dispute in the Sea of ​​Japan

, Unexpectedly used to hit the opponent to make the opponent lose its combat effectiveness, and then encountered the opponent’s destroyer, did not dare to directly attack with missiles, or used the main gun to “fire” to make the opponent lose its combat effectiveness, so the entire aircraft carrier battle group of Ibuki was basically a situation of 2. Since the Ibuki aircraft carrier battle group was continuously consumed in the battle, in order to prevent the opponent’s battle group, an F35 direct low-altitude flight was used to directly hit the opponent’s aircraft carrier, while the East Asian Federation used quantitative advantages, especially the number of carrier aircraft. In fact, this kind of thinking has always existed in Japan, so Prime Minister Abe has been pushing this matter, but the United States, China, South Korea, and Russia will not agree on this point, so it is certainly the most popular in the history of Japan’s constitutional government

After the resignation of Prime Minister Abe-watch Japanese dramas to understand what kind of work the Prime Minister does

It is not a masterpiece of Takuya Kimura, but I started to have a more comprehensive understanding of the Japanese political system when I watched it, especially the terms such as the prime minister and chief cabinet A more perceptual understanding. The story tells the story of Keita Asakura, a male elementary school teacher who was forced to run for election as a member of the House of Representatives because of the accidental death of his father in the House of Representatives. This set is the creation and performance team of “Furuhata Rensaburo”, the screenwriter is Mitani Koki, the starring role is Furuhata Rensaburo, and even Masahiko Nishimura also participated

Registration for the 2020 Excellent Game Selection Contest (The 15th Golden Ling Award) is officially launched

Under the guidance of relevant departments, the Golden Ling Awards conducts in-depth research on product information, respects players’ wishes, makes fair selections, and selects many excellent games that are loved by players, and become domestic players’ understanding of game product rankings and manufacturers’ expression of products The vane of the idea, The awards “Favorite by Players” and “Most Expected by Players” have become eye-catching titles for many game manufacturers to promote their flagship products and boutique new works. According to the “2020H1 Game Industry Report” issued by the Working Committee of the China Music and Digital Association, the sales revenue of the Chinese game market in the first half of 2020 reached 139.493 billion yuan, of which the cloud game market sales revenue reached 430 million yuan, an increase of 79

The second episode of the new "When Higurashi They Cry" PV "Friends of the Week" comic change live-action overseas live-action drama announced-Daily Hexie Evening Edition

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of “Youkaiman Bem” theatrical version of the animation “Theatrical version of BEM ~BECOME HUMAN~”, announced the preview PV, this work will be supervised by Hiroshi Ikehata, Murata Renji as the original character case, and Matsumoto Mino Character design・is the chief painting supervisor, and Junhiro Tsuooka serves as the script. The big manufacturers did not participate at all, and overseas manufacturers also No, to be honest, there are not many highlights, and there are no particularly good-looking models, but there are many manufacturers of silicone sex dolls this year. Has become a Chinese company-owned game IP “THE KING OF FIGHTERS” previously announced the adaptation of the 3DCG movie “King of Fighters Awakening”, and this movie has now been confirmed to be simultaneously released worldwide in 2922

80,000 offline viewers safely watch the exhibition, live online to watch over 10 million-CCG EXPO 2020 closes

As the first large-scale cultural exhibition event in China after the epidemic has stabilized, this CCG EXPO strictly implements the relevant requirements of the city, and implements real-name reservations, restrictions on the number of people, orderly verification and other prevention and control measures. The “CCG EXPO Super·Live” professional forum jointly created by the CCG EXPO Organizing Committee and Kuaishou Two-dimensional Yuan not only provides the audience with the opportunity to meet the industry’s “big coffee”, but also allows everyone to witness many new animation and game projects. Bandai Namco’s Zodiac Gundam series mech model “Smouse” made its debut, and domestic animation figures such as Wu Liuqi and Nezha were also exhibited for the first time

Cooperate with domestic head IPs to blossom more and deep into the Chinese market eclectic-Interview with Bandai Namco (Shanghai) Toys Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board of Directors Tsujitaro & Deputy General Manager of Department Mr. Katsuhiro Izumi

There are two places with Chinese characteristics in the linkage, one is that the original artwork of the product was drawn by a Chinese designer, and the other is that Taiko Master and Pac-Man are both world-renowned IPs, but the IP of Tank Wars is for China Even more special are the childhood memories of the generations born in the 80s and 90s. Q: This time we have a close cooperation with the Chinese animated film “Nezha: The Demon Boy Comes Down” and launched many works, and even joined the SHFiguarts series, and can share the development of related products with us The details? The popular domestic animation “Nezha: Magic Boy” Coming to the World has launched a series of hand-made peripherals, as well as collaboration products with the popular anime “Dali Temple Journal” and Teacher Ma Weidu’s “Guanfu Cat”. To this end, we once again interviewed Mr

TV animation "Say Good Night in the Devil's City" PV first volume "Looking for the Trainee Witch" will be screened on November 13th, new trailer announced-Daily Hexie Evening Edition

One day, the demon king suddenly captured the human princess and threatened: “If you want the princess, you will hand over the dominance of the world to the demon clan.” The mankind was enraged, and the brave set on a journey to save the princess. In fact, before the notification of the station B app, I used some information software For example, Netease News and Today’s headlines have already been popped up, but it is the first time Jimmy has seen such news at station B

Naoki Hansawa kicks off the stumbling block inside Imperial Airlines and the government working group is facing up-Episode 5 of Naoki Hansawa 2

No matter how much, Naoki Hansawa once again used his own research energies and went to this physical mailing address Ise Shima (when I felt that Ise Shima Airport was given a shot of opening the port is also very meaningful), I discovered Maruoka’s small company, and also found that this company had business dealings with Imperial Airways, and then briefly learned that the company’s president was attending an event at the Tokyo Sheraton. Before the employee briefing, Director Nagata also met with Naoki Hansawa and threatened him, saying that there is no evidence, so you should give up!At the conference of the reconstruction explanation, Naoki Hansawa was challenged by Director Nagata from the beginning, and then the face-slapping mode that the audience liked the most was turned on. When I went to the event, I found that it was the encouragement meeting of Representative Eiichi Nagata, and this Representative Eiichi Nagata was the brother of Director Nagata, one of the directors of Imperial Airlines, and that President Maruoka provided for this event Material support