The second episode of the new “When Higurashi They Cry” PV “Friends of the Week” comic change live-action overseas live-action drama announced-Daily Hexie Evening Edition

I visited the adult exhibition today. This year’s adult exhibition feels like the smallest adult exhibition I have ever participated in. I went shopping in the afternoon after less than half an hour. The big manufacturers did not participate at all, and overseas manufacturers also No, to be honest, there are not many highlights, and there are no particularly good-looking models, but there are many manufacturers of silicone sex dolls this year. But there is an unexpected gain, that is, a certain Indian god oil invited an old Hong Kong actor platform, Li Guolin (I am the most impressed by Kuma Chi in “Dragon Babu”), always feel that these old actors are also quite Hard

Kumozhi walks away.

This newly remastered “When Higurashi Cried” was supposed to be broadcast in July this year, but it had to be postponed after the epidemic, so it was broadcast in October. This time the remake, please return to the original voice actors. The second episode of PV also announced that it will premiere the first episode at 23:30 on October 1

On the September issue of JOKER released on August 21, it was announced that the manga “Friends of the Week” will launch an overseas version of a live-action drama. The details will be announced in the next issue. “Friends of the Week” has previously been adapted into TV animation and live-action movies. Although I didn’t say that I always feel that this adaptation is most likely to be mainland China or South Korea, either Taiwan region or Thai drama. It feels that the content of the Japanese girl manga is more suitable for Southeast Asia. It will look weird if you make an American or European adaptation

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of “Youkaiman Bem” theatrical version of the animation “Theatrical version of BEM ~BECOME HUMAN~”, announced the preview PV, this work will be supervised by Hiroshi Ikehata, Murata Renji as the original character case, and Matsumoto Mino Character design・is the chief painting supervisor, and Junhiro Tsuooka serves as the script. This work will be released in Japan on October 2

Has become a Chinese company-owned game IP “THE KING OF FIGHTERS” previously announced the adaptation of the 3DCG movie “King of Fighters Awakening”, and this movie has now been confirmed to be simultaneously released worldwide in 2922. The film is produced by three production companies: Idragons Creative Studio, Joy Pictures, and Original Force

The 10-episode TV anime “Japan Sunken 2020” supervised by Masaaki Yuasa will be shown in theaters as a total episode of the theater version. This animation has been aired on NETFLIX before and also on TV