After the resignation of Prime Minister Abe-watch Japanese dramas to understand what kind of work the Prime Minister does

Shinzo Abe announced that he will resign as Prime Minister, and the next Liberal Democratic Party president will be the new Prime Minister of Japan. As long as it is a country with the separation of powers, even if it is the pinnacle of power, many things are actually very difficult to do. For example, Abe, who has always wanted to amend the peaceful constitution, has not been able to do it. Then look at it even if Trump is the U.S. chief. , But many are also subject to restrictions by Congress and the Supreme Court. At this press conference, Abe was asked who he would support in the follow-up. Abe did not openly stand for any candidate in the Liberal Democratic Party, so he said that the names mentioned by the reporter are the talents of the country. There is no unified consensus. Our love and hate neighbor’s government is really special. It used to be a monarchy, and then became a constitutional monarchy after World War II. In fact, the emperor system is almost unprotected, thanks to MacArthur. As a defeated country in World War II, Japan is not a complete country. First of all, there is no army that cannot start a war first. There is only the right to self-defense. There is no army but the self-defense force, and then there are US troops in the country. However, Japan’s economy is quite strong. It used to be the second in the world and is now the third in the world. So Japan has always wanted to regain its status as a big country, but in East Asia, other countries have always been reluctant to see Japan return to a normal country. Here I recommend that you watch a few Japanese dramas and movies related to Japanese politics. They are all comedies and they are mocking and mocking the Japanese political system. In fact, after watching these movies, you have an understanding of the Japanese political system

1.CHANGE Japanese drama 2008 5 Takuya Kimura Douban 8.3 IMDB 7.7.

This is a Japanese drama played by Takuya Kimura. It is not a masterpiece of Takuya Kimura, but I started to have a more comprehensive understanding of the Japanese political system when I watched it, especially the terms such as the prime minister and chief cabinet A more perceptual understanding. The story tells the story of Keita Asakura, a male elementary school teacher who was forced to run for election as a member of the House of Representatives because of the accidental death of his father in the House of Representatives. He finally became the Prime Minister of Japan. There are also many invisible evidence in the political arena, and finally a very developed solution was given

2. Don’t call me the prime minister. 1997 Tanaka Masahe Douban 7.7.

This set is the creation and performance team of “Furuhata Rensaburo”, the screenwriter is Mitani Koki, the starring role is Furuhata Rensaburo, and even Masahiko Nishimura also participated. Jimmy watched this Japanese drama throughout the year, telling the story of the prime minister with the lowest reputation in history

3. Minwang 2015 Kenichi Endo and Masaki Sugada Douban 8.5 IMDB 7.0.

This Japanese drama is adapted from Ikeido Jun’s novel, the work of the author of “Hansawa Naoki”. Anyway, after “Naoki Hansawa”, a lot of his novels have been filmed into movies and TV series. This one is not the same. In the past, Jun Ikeido’s works were all commercial themes, but this one is completely political science fiction comedy. It tells the story of the sudden exchange of souls between the father who finally climbed the mountain as the prime minister and his cowardly son. The huge difference between father and son also caused a lot of jokes

4. The Prime Minister lost his memory. 2019 Nakai Takaichi Douban 6.6.

I just watched this movie last week. It was a good movie at the box office in Japan last year. This is also the work created by Koki Mitani that we introduced earlier. It seems that he really likes to use the Prime Minister to start a fun. The story tells the story of Prime Minister Keisuke Kuroda, who was hit by stones thrown by the common people to amnesia, and transformed from an evil politician to a kind uncle. In fact, this story is somewhat similar to “The King”