The Godfather of the West: Land and Family

I should have mentioned the American drama “Yellowstone” in Hexieshe. This time Jimmy has watched all the third season and felt it necessary to recommend this work to everyone. Simply put, this is the “godfather” of a western cowboy version. This film is produced by Paramount Pictures, led by Kevin Costner (director and starring role of “Dancing with Wolves”). Douban scored 9.2 for all three seasons

“The Godfather” is a classic gangster movie, but in fact it is a movie with “family” as its core. The family’s interests are above all else. The same is true for this “Yellow Stone”. The name of the story comes from the family-owned farm “Yellow Stone”. This has something to do with the national parks of the United States, because the story is set in Montana, the United States. Part of it is in this state

The head of the family, Dutton, who did not die after being blocked by a bullet in his mobile phone (the villain just doesn’t want to have a headshot…).

The youngest son was elected by everyone to participate in the governor election.

The big turning point of this season is that this son discovered that he was not Dutton’s own son but was adopted. Back then, his biological father was a criminal and killed his mother, and this biological father instigated him to “rebel” his adoptive father.

Old Dutton is the head of the family. He has four children, two sons and one daughter. The four children are not fuel-efficient lamps. Only the boss stays at home and helps his father manage the farm. The lunch was arranged in one season. The so-called tree attracts the wind, as a large farmer with 50,000 square meters, it looks like a lot of scenery, but it is actually facing various problems. Some people like this land and want to develop tourism, and the indigenous leaders hope that the tribe can return to their land. There are also problems in life and the children in the family. There are also various conflicts within the farm. Old Dutton’s core purpose is to keep the farm that has been passed down for seven generations and to allow his family to live on this land safely. He is a very conservative and traditional patriarch

Since the play is also a big picture, it is difficult for me to explain everything to everyone, and the story is also a bit of POV mode, that is, some important characters will be arranged with their own plot lines. Why do I especially want to show everyone in Amway after watching the third season? Here is the story of the third season. A capital crocodile came and took a fancy to the land of Yellowstone. They were very powerful. They got all kinds of government permits, then used the state government to pressure, and then proposed 500 million. U.S. dollar purchases, otherwise the government will force the government to expropriate land (because this investment will bring thousands of jobs to the local area). At the beginning, everyone was a business war and a civilized method, but at the end of this season, capital predators were forced to rush Just like the godfather, he began to directly assassinate Old Dutton. Several children were also attacked, and the farm horse was poisoned to death. The family faced a disaster (of course none of them died), and the season ended

In this movie, the youngest son should be regarded as the real protagonist. This is the same as in “The Godfather”, even a man who never asks about family affairs until finally has to return to the big family. The setting is also a soldier, even he is still Married to an Indian woman (but this girl has a very good face, the one who has been most impressed by watching American TV shows in the past two years) lives on the reservation