Treated the CPU for high fever, almost the computer didn’t light up again

Recently, I don’t know why the computer has slowed down inexplicably. I opened Master Lu and found me relying! The CPU is 100 degrees Celsius from the start of the machine. Although this PC was equipped 4 years ago, it was equipped with water cooling in order to silence it. The chassis of the mid-tower was used. Except for the memory added once in the middle, this machine has always been pretty good. In addition, last year, due to voltage problems in the community, I repeatedly tripped. At first, I thought it was a problem with my own machine. Later, the community made an announcement and realized that it was a problem with the power grid. This time the CPU is hot, so it must be the radiator problem, so I didn’t think much about it, so I went to buy a radiator

First of all, I am suspicious. The noise of the originally very quiet water cooling became louder after the trip last year. Jimmy basically only shuts down the computer once a week, so the changes in the fan sound in the middle of the night are still obvious, but I also I didn’t care too much. After all, it wasn’t to the point where I couldn’t bear it. I guess it was because the water cooling was not so good at that time. Jimmy is not an overclocking player, so this time Jimmy chose air-cooling, and finally narrowed the scope to Xuanbing 400EX and Scythe Chituma. Finally, Scythe Chituma was not directly operated on Jingdong, so he chose Xuanbing 400EX, dual fans should always work!

Jingdong delivered the goods to the door early the next morning, so I started to disassemble the machine in the morning. Every time I disassemble the machine, there will always be “Murphy’s Law”, that is, for some reason, wait for me to install everything. Can not start successfully afterwards. This time too

The first thing is to dismantle the water cooling. When the fashion is the entry-level model of ID-COOLING, after so many years, there is no obvious problem except for a little more gray on the grid. Then I disassembled the CPU and found the CPU. The silica gels on the surface has turned yellow and black due to the high temperature of 100 degrees for a long time

Then began to change to a new air-cooled, to be honest, Xuanbing 400EX is a bit big, it is troublesome to install, especially the fan buckle is quite difficult, and the most difficult is the 4pin fan power cable, because it is already I didn’t have much room to move my hands. It took me an hour to successfully plug in the two wires. After the installation, I felt that my hands became rough. Then I moved a memory stick for smooth installation. , As a result, this move planted the bane

The main board self-checking light flashes between CPU and DRAM.

After installation, I started to connect the power in anxious manner, turn it on, the fan of the radiator turned on smoothly, and it was quite quiet than the water-cooled “destructive” sound much softer, but this time on the motherboard The self-check light is on and flashes between CPU and DRAM. I actually knew that it was not good at this time, but I didn’t give up and I plugged in the monitor to see it, and it didn’t light up. At that time, I was afraid that there was a problem with the CPU during the installation, or the graphics card was encountered. I searched the Internet and found that it might be caused by changing the memory card slot before. Jimmy’s memory configuration is rather weird, two 16+8G, I plugged and unplugged the 8G one, so I simply unplugged the 8G, and the result was lit. In order not to waste the 8G, be careful to plug it back in. The original place (the card slot was changed before, because it was too close to the fan to install and wire), and then the test was OK

Computers, I think it’s okay or not to toss. This is a lesson I learned from my university. This time, if the 100-degree CPU caused the computer to freeze, I would not do it. Then I have to admire intel. This i7 is running at 100 degrees Celsius for at least two consecutive weeks. During the period, I also played video clips from games, but it didn’t hang up or burned up. Saying that the CPU was so hot in my room before Great contribution!

After changing the case and installing it, the CPU was basically stable at 53 degrees after booting, and then using the software baking machine, it was 81 degrees, and it took half a day to solve the high fever problem of the CPU. The radiator Xuanbing 400EX is a bit expensive, but you can buy it at ease when JD delivers fast and can return the goods, otherwise I should go to Xianyu and get 40-50. It should be fine

Finally, I still don’t know what is wrong with this water cooling?