SHAFT’s 45th Anniversary Official Celebrating Picture

There should be about ten Japanese animation production companies that everyone knows well. SHAFT is one that I can immediately think of. Yesterday I didn’t know that SHAFT was founded on September 1st, and it was also September 1st, 1975. , So yesterday was actually the 45th anniversary of SHAFT. In fact, like many Japanese animation companies, it is basically Osamu Tezuka’s bug production and Toei Animation. SHAFT was established on September 1, 1975 by Hiroshi Wakao, who was responsible for the coloring of the insect production company. Today’s title picture is a congratulatory picture drawn by SHAFT’s original painting Ito Yoshiaki for the 45th anniversary. The two characters in the picture, the Bama Meimei on the left must be familiar to everyone, and the one on the right is more than “Magic Girl Madoka” Gongzi in the early “Sketch to the Sun”. In fact, these two works are also supervised by SHAFT Xin Fang Zhaozhi, and the original design is also a teacher Cang Shumei

SHAFT did not produce animations independently in the early days, and since 2000, it began to fix animations on a large scale every year. Then relying on the “Sunny Sketch” series, “Mr. Desperate” series, “Battle Story” series and other works, SHAFT became the first-line animation production company in Japan. In addition to these, Jimmy also uses this article to recommend some other SHAFT works that are very good and worth seeing

“Maria Fanatic”. , tells the story of the beautiful girl Miyamae Kanako, who has obstacles to men, met the perfect “girl” Gido Marie at the private female school for girls, and this Gido Marie is actually the former principal’s grandson. So a good show happened in the girls’ school

“Xia Zhilan! “. , Arashiyama Sayako is a typical black long straight beautiful girl, but in fact, she is a ghost who works in a coffee shop. Arashi seemed to possess some kind of superpower. The moment Arashi touched Yasakaichi with Arashi’s hand, the two were connected as if an electric shock had occurred. Arashi was surprised to pull down and ran out. When he reached the back mountain, Yasaka realized that the scenery in front of him was not modern Japan….

“Maid Cafe”. , Arashiyama Ayuki is a high school girl who lives in Maruko Town, and works part-time at the cafe “SEASIDE” in the shopping street. The special thing about this cafe is that the waiters wear maid costumes, making it a popular maid cafe full of selling points in the manager’s mind. The confused step bird, as well as all kinds of people around him, staged stories of constant jokes every day. Under different changes, the town still operates like this… (I am extremely impressed with the ED of this animation).

None of these three works can be regarded as SHAFT’s masterpieces, because the most are out of two seasons, but Jimmy thinks they are all works worth seeing, and they are also SHAFT-style animations with a particularly strong style. In addition, “锁锁美小姐@不It’s not bad to work hard, but I don’t know why I didn’t finish it at the time..