Registration for the 2020 Excellent Game Selection Contest (The 15th Golden Ling Award) is officially launched

Sponsored by Shanghai Hanwei Xinheng Exhibition Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sunnet Technology, and supported by the Mobile Game Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (MGEA), the 2020 Excellent Game Selection Contest-the 15th Golden Ling Award has officially started! It is worth mentioning that the 2020 Golden Ling Award, which brings together players’ beloved, is newly added. “The cloud game players are most looking forward to.” The Awards fully demonstrate the expectations of the public and will undoubtedly become the most noteworthy focus of the game industry in the second half of 2020!

In recent years, with the development of the game industry, game carriers have continued to evolve, and more ecological platforms have sprung up like mushrooms. In the past two years, cloud gaming has undoubtedly been one of the hottest topics in the gaming industry. With the continuous advancement of high-quality games, “cloud games” running in the cloud have increasingly become a common demand for game players and manufacturers. According to the “2020H1 Game Industry Report” issued by the Working Committee of the China Music and Digital Association, the sales revenue of the Chinese game market in the first half of 2020 reached 139.493 billion yuan, of which the cloud game market sales revenue reached 430 million yuan, an increase of 79.35%. The “2020 Cloud Game Industry Survey Report” released by Gamma Data also shows that China’s cloud game market is expected to exceed 1 billion yuan in 2020, and the annual growth rate is expected to exceed 100% in the next two years. The clarion call of the cloud game era has been sounded. From this, For the first time, this Golden Ling Awards has added the award “The Most Expected Cloud Game for Players”. , follow the development trend of the industry and further respond to the voice of players The Golden Ling Award, founded in 2005, is undoubtedly one of the most valuable selection activities in many domestic game selections, and is known as the “Oscar” of the Chinese game industry Under the guidance of relevant departments, the Golden Ling Awards conducts in-depth research on product information, respects players’ wishes, makes fair selections, and selects many excellent games that are loved by players, and become domestic players’ understanding of game product rankings and manufacturers’ expression of products The vane of the idea, The awards “Favorite by Players” and “Most Expected by Players” have become eye-catching titles for many game manufacturers to promote their flagship products and boutique new works With the continuous development of the industry, the Golden Ling Award closely follows the pulse of the development of the times, and constantly improves the award setting and selection mechanism according to the development needs of the industry As in previous years, this year’s Golden Ling Award has set up multiple awards for end game, mobile game, cloud game manufacturers and news media. To commend all parties for their contributions to the entire game industry In order to fully reflect the aspirations of the public, the 2020 Golden Ling Award will still be selected by the public through online voting to select the final winning works and excellent media. We look forward to everyone casting a vote for their favorite excellent products and media. ——The annual benchmark of China’s game industry will be born in your hands! A. Online game awards. Players’ favorite online game Players most anticipated online game Best original online game Best overseas online game. B. Cloud game awards. The most anticipated cloud game for players.
C. Mobile game awards. Players’ favorite mobile stand-alone game Players’ favorite mobile network gamers Most anticipated mobile stand-alone gamers Most anticipated mobile network game Best original mobile game Best overseas mobile game Best mobile e-sports game Best 2 Dimensional mobile game.
Players’ favorite H5 game, the most influential mobile game publisher, the most influential mobile game channel provider. D. Media category awards. Player’s favorite game integrated media Player’s favorite excellent game media.

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