October new program “Rock Climbing Girl! -Sport Climbing Girls-” PV, January 2021, the second episode of “Outing in the World” PV

By September, the production and broadcasting of Japanese animation was finally stable. After the baptism of the epidemic in the first half of the year, many new programs were postponed, and the works that were being broadcast could not keep up with the broadcast rhythm. By October, this phenomenon basically disappeared. Anyway, it was postponed if it was due to be postponed, and the work that made up the production gap was completed in a hurry. The PVs for the three new shows today are “Rock Climbing Girl!” which will be broadcast in October. -Sport Climbing Girls-, as well as “Outing to the World” in January next year and “Universal anchara kotetsu-kun” in April next year

Adapted from the science fiction lily novel “Outing in the World”, which will be broadcast in January next year, announced the second episode of PV

【Production team】
Original work: Miyazawa Iori (ハヤカワ文库JA/早川书房刊).
Original case: shirakaba.
Supervision・シリー ズComposition: Takuya Sato.
Animation・General supervision of painting: Nishihataあゆみ.
クリーチャーデザイン:江between Yilong.
エフェクトpainting supervision: Toru Yoshida (アニメアール).
Art Supervisor: Hiroki Matsumoto (アトリエPlatz).
Color Design By Assez Finaud Fabric.
Photographing supervisor Assez Finaud Fabric.
3Dディレクター: Baishi Youya (FelixFilm).
Edited by Masahiro Goto (REAL-T).
Music Watanabe Takeshi.
Animation production: LIDENFILMS×FelixFilm.

【Dubbing Voice Actor】.
Paper more empty fish: Hanamori Yumiri.
Nishina Toriko: Chiye Aiyi.

“Outing in the World” tells that there are no friends, lonely but love to explore the ruins. The university students found the entrance to a different space one day. It is a different world parallel to this world. The bottom is called “inside”. The existence of the “inside” is a mystery. It only exists in the strange talk of the Internet. The entrance will appear for some reason and disappear without warning. The paper fish hesitated again and again, and plucked up the courage to go to the “inside” to explore, and encountered the “squiggly” twisting monster in the urban legend. When he was almost drowned, a beautiful blonde girl Nishina Toriko appeared… Nishina Toriko kept exploring the “inside” in order to find her best friend Satsuki. The paper Kokoko fish was flicked by Nishina Toriko. It was not because she liked her because of the relationship that “collecting monster materials can sell for a high price.” Humph! , Started a journey of exploration inside together…

Earlier in the episode of “Rental Girlfriend”, an indoor rock climbing session was arranged, and it was a bit slick, which made boys seem to use this to see the body of a girl. And this animation “Rock Climbing Girl! -Sport Climbing Girls- “Just show you enough. Joined in this PV, Suzuki Aina’s OP “もっと高く” and the girl’s rock climbing club [Kasahara good (CV.上坂%) %@@ すみれ), Hayao Uehara (CV. Ishikawa Yui), Yotsuba Koyo (CV. Suzuki Aina), Sugurano Yuka (CV. Tomita Miyur)] sang ED “LETs CLIMB↑”. This title picture has been detected as a pornographic picture in domestic picture beds…

【Production team】
Original work: Ishibanリューダイ「いわかける!ーClimbing Girlsー”(サイコミ) “いわかける!! -Try a new climbing-” (サイコミ).
シリーズ Composition: Waiting for Tian Tangzi.
Supervision: Tomohiro Matsukawa.
キャラクターデザイン: Watanabe Yoshihiro (フロンティアワン).
サブキャラクターデザイン: Motohiro Taniguchi.
Chief Painting Supervisor: Watanabe Yoshihiro・Taniguchi Motohiro・Terao Kenji.
プロップデザイン: Sanqiao Sakurako.
デザインワークス: Wakayama Wen.
Art setting: Takahashi Aso.
Art Supervisor: Hosoi Yuho.
Color design: Yukiko Ario
Photographing supervision: Pu Yuanzi (T.D.F.).
Edited: Nii Kazuhiro.
Sound Supervisor: Hamano Takanian.
Music: Ito Tsubasa.
アニメーションproduction: BLADE.
Production cooperation: WIT STUDIO・STUDIO MASSKET.

【Dubbing Voice Actor】.
Kasahara good: Uesaka Sumire.
Uehara Hayabusa: Ishikawa Yui.
Yotsuba Koto: Suzuki Ai Na.
Sugurano Hana: Miwor Tomita.
Yanfeng Yiai: Komatsu Mikako.
Kumagaya Chikusa: Fortune National.
Sato Maruno: Hanamoriゆみり.
Fujita Masumi: Chihiro Ueda.
Rina Samura: Midoダリア.
Oba Kureya: Machico.
New Island Incense: Terasaki Yuka.
Akane Uchimura: Akane Fujita.
Lai Qiアンネ: Tamuraゆかり.
Red Flower Article: Isobe Hana Rin.
Goto Thirteen: Zi’an Wuren.
Goto Kikuko: Harada Color Maple.

“Universe Anchara Kotetsu-kun” is a work that describes the daily life of the protagonist Kotetsu-kun and his friends who aim to become an astronaut, as well as the appearance of working hard toward their dreams. Web comics are serialized on the official website every other week. The animation adapted from this webcomic will be broadcast in April 2021