Looking for the most beautiful young lady from CJ | After the exhibition, we interviewed 4 young ladies from ShowGirl~

4 Miss ShowGirls, from left to right: Ke Ke, Li Yuan, Xiao Xue, Pickup Pig.

▶. . . . . . . . . . Hello, welcome ladies and sisters, please make peace first. ChinaJoy. Fans and friends say hello.

Xiaoxue: Hello, everyone, I’m showgirl Xiaoxue at the CJ Nubia booth this year, and I’m glad to meet you all.

Li Yuan: Hello, everyone, my name is Liyuan, this year is the showgirl of the Nubian booth. Everyone sees that the short-haired girl wearing a mask on the official Nubian Weibo is me. I am very happy to be able to accept this interview, and hope to give you a better understanding of us.

Ke Ke: Hello! I am showgirl Ke at the Nubian booth. The usual interests are: drawing, taking pictures, playing games!

Pickup pig: Hello, everyone~ I am the showgirl Pickup Pig in the Nubia booth this year~ (the name is very special, is there anything?).

How many times did you participate in CJ this year?

Pickup pig: This is the second time this year.

Ke Ke: For the first time this year, I am very happy to participate.

Xiaoxue: This year is the first time to participate in CJ~.

Li Yuan: This is my second time to participate in CJ. Last year, I participated for the first time. I was fortunate to be a Showgirl at the Three Kingdoms Warfare booth. This year, I am very lucky to join the Nubian Red Devils.

What is the biggest feeling of this CJ?

Ke Ke: The biggest feeling is that this year’s CJ should be the first large-scale exhibition after the epidemic.

Li Yuan: Ha, it’s a sense of mystery. Because of the epidemic, everyone is wearing masks, and there is a hazy feeling of holding a pipa half-hidden, which is quite interesting. Seeing the audience wearing masks coming to the booth, I will also imagine in my mind what they should look like under the mask? I guess for the audience, when they see every Showgirl and COSER, they will also It’s the same mental activity, it’s quite interesting. I think this should be the unique CJ experiences in everyone’s mind.

Pickup pig: Must be mask! Whether walking the stage or standing by the booth, they will wear a mask. Although it is very hot, it is understandable for health. (But I knew that I was wearing a mask for a long time, but it was enough to put on eye makeup, haha) But I also saw a lot of various masks in the stadium, which is quite interesting~ Also, it is hot! Our booth was in Hall E4, and I wanted to take the time to buy a snack for the whole family, but was ruthlessly persuaded by the hot weather…

Xiaoxue: This CJ exhibition, my biggest feeling is that after the epidemic, everyone needs a large entertainment exhibition to wash away the tension caused by the epidemic. The perfect combination of summer vacation and CJ, even if it is a hot summer day, everyone came here one after another. I really like the atmosphere.

In the past few days of the exhibition, what are the most impressive people or things? Are there any anecdotes, interesting facts, and gossip?

Ke Ke: There seems to be none.

Li Yuan: CJ The next day, when I was secretly practicing dance in the venue in the afternoon, a little brother came up to me and told me that he was betting with others that if he could reach my WeChat, his friend would invite him to dinner tonight. Otherwise he will have to invite his friends. Then I refused, ha. One is that I don’t want to add people to WeChat casually, and the other is that I want to help his friend win this meal, hahaha. Later, I saw that his friend was very happy opposite, and he must have won a big meal (with my help), hoho~.

Xiaoxue: The gossip about the exhibition these few days, Wang Dongcheng went to the next exhibition hall, I heard that I am handsome, and our booth SNH48 is also here. Beautiful women and handsome guys are coming to CJ!

Pickup pig: The most impressive thing is that I met many friends! Among them, there are old classmates whom I haven’t seen in 7 or 8 years. I’m so emotional! (Exposure age) But I still recognize it at a glance~.

Is it stressful to be ShowGirl? How will I resolve it?

Pickup pig: Actually, it’s okay, but getting up early is more tiring. Especially for girls like me with super slow make-up, I have to get up at five o’clock every day to dress up (cry). If you want to solve it, you will have a cup of milk tea for takeaway after the end of the day! (Very in line with my title of “milk tea shop VIP user”) After drinking, I fell asleep and waited to continue moving bricks the next day~.

Xiaoxue: Be a showgirl, just feel the pressure, wow, how can there be so many beautiful women. My own solution is to find your own position and be confident. Confidence is also a kind of beauty.

Ke Ke: The pressure is okay, the biggest pressure may be to see the pictures received and get fat (crying).

Li Yuan: Being a showgirl is okay mentally, there is no pressure, mainly physical. Wake up at 5 o’clock every day, put on makeup, commute, and enter the venue. This is quite tossing, and then we showgirl wears high heels every day, and it is really exhausting to stand up all day. When I work, I generally hope that I can try my best to present the best mental state to everyone, so even if I am tired, I can stick to it and enjoy it.

Talk about the booth and exhibition area of your own (Nubia) this time, how do you feel?

Xiaoxue: Nubia’s booth this time is very big, I am in charge of the long table area, there are Nubian products on the counter. There is a huge stage and throne in front of me~ Coser is responsible for posing beautiful poses, showing Nubian style~ There are real-time games PK on the stage, and there are also wonderful Showgirls catwalks and dynamic dances. It is very exciting and not to be missed.

Li Yuan: Nubia’s booth was quite large, and the audience was really enthusiastic. I also tried Nubia’s mobile phone myself, and it felt very cool. It is indeed the light of domestic products. Now domestic mobile phones are doing better and better. I am very proud and very proud.

Pickup pig: In addition to the high-performance products that are eye-catching and trial-playing, our booth also has an interactive session of the Aqua Friends Competition. The effect is quite good~ But I still love the lottery draw! One of the prizes: Aofeng Gaming Chair! It’s a pity that the hand speed of shaking the phone is not very good, so unfortunately I missed it~.

Ke Ke: The overall Nubia booth this time gave people a cool and high-tech feeling, very attractive!

What are your plans for the future?

Li Yuan: In fact, everyone should not think that my other identity is actually an IT technology practitioner, half a programmer, hahaha. I am a curious person. As an office worker, my life is relatively plain and stable, so I want to experience a different life. Participating in CJ is also a glimmer of sunshine in my ordinary life. Of course, you can’t think of it. I used to be an amateur million Douyin food blogger, and now I am also a part-time portrait photography model. I am quite a tossing person. On the premise of trying to ensure that my main business is not affected, in my spare time, I will plan my time and manage it reasonably, contact people from different industries, and try a lot to be completely with my current life. Different things. Don’t stay in the comfort zone, don’t set limits for yourself, don’t stick to a life style, try more to have more possibilities.

Ke Ke: In the future, I hope I can always do what I like.

Pickup pig: Actually, I was going to go abroad to study for a master’s degree this year (re-exposure age), because the epidemic situation temporarily postponed the plan, and then it depends on the situation~ So now I will step into the society first, and be a stable social animal Let’s go first~.

Xiaoxue: For the future, I hope I can do what I like to do.

Give a score to your own beauty~ (Send sub-question or send proposition?).

Xiaoxue: Wow, this is a proposition, 5 points.

Ke Ke: Haha, then I will make a passing score.

Pickup pig:60? ? Barely passing? ? I have always felt that I am a little short, and I feel blessed from time to time (and I am not happy and fat!) with facial features, eyes are not big enough, nose is not strong enough, and chin is not long enough! (Hurt, I am really strict).

Li Yuan: If you have 10 points, give yourself 6 points. It’s still pretty among ordinary people. After all, there are too many beautiful women now, hehe. But I think that temperament is more important than looks, and temperament is the embodiment of connotation. Therefore, you still have to read more, with poems and books in your belly.

As a Fashion Girl, what kind of outfit do you like?

Ke Ke: I usually like to wear a casual sporty style, and recently I also like clothes with a little sense of design.

Xiaoxue: I usually like to wear cool and a little Korean style.

Li Yuan: My programmer, for the convenience of going to work, I wear very casual clothes. A plaid shirt and slippers are a must. Then Leggings and sports shoes are necessary, wear them to work, and go to fitness right after get off work. However, I usually pay attention to the outfits of some European and American bloggers, minimalist style, less is more. Simple and comfortable matching can better reflect a person’s temperament.

Pickup pig: Personally, I still like swag a little. My favorite is torn holes, Martin boots and leather clothes~ (If you can’t be a hot girl, just be a cool girl 8).

What are your hobbies or personal talents? Who is your favorite idol?

Li Yuan: I especially like fitness, dancing, singing and traveling. Basically, half of the year is spent in the gym. I also liked singing since I was a child. I have a guitar and I can touch it, but I don’t play well and I haven’t practiced enough. I also like to travel alone. A person has been to Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines. I like Li Jian the most! Brother Jian is a humorous, talented, low-key, and connotative person. Who doesn’t like it when he meets him. I will try my best to be as good as Brother Jian!

Xiaoxue: I usually like to chase dramas, listen to songs, and watch movies, and I also like to exercise~ My favorite idols are Yi Yang Qianxi and Wu Yifan, and there are so many hahas, I am really a nympho.

Pickup pig: For hobbies, can e-sports work? Hahahaha~ My true love game is Overwatch! Everyone can add my Battle.net account~ (Pikachu#51980) Of course, I also like to travel and take pictures when I have time~ Sleep at home when I have no time! Talent, I started playing piano in kindergarten, and I should have a name! Although it’s a boy skill, but I haven’t played it for a long time~ As for idols, I like Wu Yifan the most! Tall and handsome, and will wear it! (Hahaha, I have no doubt Liao Yan control).

Ke Ke: I usually like to paint, after all, I am also an art student. My favorite idols are Chaoyue Sister and Wang Jiaer!

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