The second episode of the new PV program “Akudama Drive” in October is announced. Hideo Yamamoto’s manga “Cyborg” adapted from a live-action movie-Daily and Evil Evening Edition

Recently, I have been looking for a better mobile phone holder, which can hold both mobile phones and iPad Pro. I am not satisfied with buying a few models. I don’t know if you can recommend it. I also bought an iphone charging dock. As a result, the mobile phone can’t be used with a cover, and it can only be plugged in when it is bare metal, which is very depressing. The Premier League is about to start, and there is no news about the appearance of the original domestic broadcast. It is estimated that we will still look for overseas signals for the first round

This Friday, the comic cartoon movie “The Alien by the Sea”, which will be released in Japan this Friday, has announced a special video, combining the animation theme song “ゾッコン” sung by MONO NO AWARE

“The Alien by the Sea” is a BL comic created by Kiiカンナ, published by Xiangdensha. The comic uses the island as the creative stage, telling the story of the high school student Zhihua Mino and the young novelist Qiao A series of stories that happened after Ben Jun met

High school student Chihwa Mio who lives on the island, because he lost his parents, often sits alone at the beach, Hashimoto who lives on the outlying islands of Okinawa is very concerned about the lonely boy who often sits on a bench to watch the sea-Chihwa Shiyo went up to talk with each other, and the two gradually became friends. Zhihua Shiyo decided to leave the island in order to grow into adults quickly, but the two slowly broke off contact. Three years later, Shi Young appeared in front of Jun again and confessed boldly. Jun, who keeps rejecting, can’t stop Shi Young’s enthusiasm, and there are signs of compromise, but at this moment, Jun’s ex-fiancee. Yingzi found it. Jun refused to get married a few years ago because of his sexuality, and cut off contact with his family, but because Jun’s father is in poor health, Sakurako hopes Jun can go home

The TV animation “Akudama Drive” produced by Pile Studio and Too Kyo Games has announced the second episode of the PV, and the animation will premiere on October 8. SPARK!!SOUND!!SHOW!! Sing OP “Steal!!” for the animation, and the four-person boy group Urashimasakatasen will sing ED “Ready”. The story tells the story of a group of criminals called Akudama after Japan was divided into Kansai, the national language of Kanto because of the war

The manga “Robot” created by Hideo Yamamoto announced today that it will be adapted into a live-action movie and will be released in 2021

This manga tells that the homeless man named Eoshin agreed to a medical school student Itogaku to drill a hole in his skull for 700,000 yen. After this operation, the male lead’s sixth sense awakened and closed his right. If you look at people with your left eye, you will see a strange state. Ito said, is this a distorted visualization of the human heart? , The story unfolds like this

Really brainstorming!