2020 ChinaJoy game Upday product display-“Chaotic Sunset”

Shanghai ChinaJoy in 2020 has come to a successful conclusion. UPDAY, which debuted as a game development broker for the first time, showcased as many as 50 new games to hundreds of publishers at this booth. Among many games, such a game has great vision Impact, hard core, passion, and cool. The video display in just a few minutes impressed the attendees who came to watch, and they came to inquire. It is the hardcore magical ACT mobile game that I want to introduce to you today-”Chaos Sunset”

Pangu and Chaos, the advent of the end-time judgment.

The world view of this work is mainly about the end of the 21st century, when a nuclear war broke out and human civilization was destroyed. This incident is called “Doomsday Judgment”. There are two types of survivor atmosphere: the Chaos Clan (the initiators of nuclear war); the Son of Pangu (the embryo survived through genetic technology)

The story takes place 500 years after the “Doomsday Judgment”. The protagonist is a warrior of Pangu Jiuli, possessing a rare purification ability. The chaos leader Dijiang intends to seize the protagonist’s purification ability, so he invades Pangu Jiuli city and slaughters the city. , The protagonist’s road to revenge is opened. The circular narrative is told from the perspective of the protagonist and the chaos leader Di Jiang

The contest between light and darkness, a highly ornamental battle.

“Chaotic Sunset” has a sense of gradual change in the art style, from the mild magic of Pangu territory, the style of Qin and Han + Western Regions, the normal natural elements, and a few spectacles to the heavy magic, modern relics + ancient fusion, The natural environment of mutated plants + biological tissues, and the chaotic territory of a lot of wonders, the two styles are in sharp contrast, the visual impact is strong, and there is a feeling of entering the world from the present

High-speed and refreshing hard-core combat, against international standard art effects, and unique worldview creation.

People who have watched the video will definitely feel a strong curious mentality for the product “Chaotic Sunset”, gorgeous and smooth fighting scenes, rich skill convergence, gorgeous special effects, and excellent art quality, all of which let people Stop and admire

The product advantage of “Chaotic Sunset” is very prominent, it emphasizes high-speed combat, feels refreshing, surpasses similar domestic products, and benchmarks against internationally renowned ACT games; it has a seamless switching system and a strong operating depth; rich Mixed soldiers and boss battles, excellent performance effects; the art adopts a magical style, and the scene emphasizes the visual spectacle, which makes the players never forget

The strength of the R&D team is unquestionable, and it has self-developed game engine experience, which can give full play to the effect of the UE4 engine; adopts an excellent international outsourcing team to benchmark the overall art effect of the international standard; adopts a circular narrative structure to make players The first time you experience the game, you can not only immerse yourself in it, but also feel the unexpected plot arrangement; pay attention to the details of the world and have a strong sense of immersion, which makes the player have a strong desire to explore;.

The game Upday has got the DEMO package of the game, which can be run in the windows environment and can experience fighting and climbing. All in all, this is a collection of gorgeous and cool actions, top-quality art, and complicated A well-polished 3D magical action mobile game with a world view

The product is expected to be available next year. The biggest demand at present is to introduce external investment so that the team can successfully complete the product production. Publishers or investors who are interested in the product can contact Upday to negotiate

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