Devil's Cavern Super VIP treatment contract spirit full match

The new year is ushered in, the drinkers greet the new year in the wine pavilion, and as a result there is a prayer ceremony, then everyone is going to play “New Year’s first shot”, saying that they are all old drivers, these are popular in this There was no appointment during the time period, this setting was a bit strange, so I went to the street of Dream Demon and found that all the families were full and there was no happy place at all. The film is like the sword of Shang Fang, a contract between the demon and the devil, so this time the four received super-standard reception, and then all four gave a high evaluation of 7 or more points, in addition to the spirit of the devil’s contract It has also been spread, and the propaganda effect of the Devil Party has been achieved, that is, it is late. Suddenly I think this last episode may be the most unsightly of all 12 episodes, but the whole film is still very good, although it is not special Sophisticated, many sex scenes are actually implemented with static pictures and sound effects, but I personally recommend 8

"I'm Big Brother Theater Edition" trailer IDOLiSH7 Second Beat! Postponed after four episodes-Daily and Evil Evening Edition

In addition, the well-known Japanese manga “Muscle Man” cartoonist Ozaki Jian and Shueisha discussed the original comics that will be serialized from April 20th starting this week, the reason is that “Muscle Man” is created by cartoonist + assistant In the form of creation, everyone was hand-painting together for several hours, and even a few assistants lived with the elderly, so in order to take care of everyone’s safety, they decided to suspend the update for a month.The Sword Art Online × Don Quixote event originally scheduled to be held on April 24, 2020 decided to postpone the event to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. More than one hundred bought this game, FM this game took too much time, so you can n’t play too much, otherwise do n’t do anything else, because coach Jimmy led Manchester United, Solskjaer had to leave class, but the official Chinese The name is really bad, it is not as good as the past

Love and Careful Machine, Little Theater of Love-The Second Season of Miss Huiye Wants to Confess

No matter whether it will be postponed in the future, but the quality of good works is still built on, the second season of “Miss Huiye wants someone to confess” or the same as the first season uses the “battle turn system” to tell the story, will The president and vice president still want the other party to express their love for themselves as the highest combat goal, and then various characters are interspersed. About half of the girlfriends came, so the theme became a discussion about whether the pair had completed the ceremony, so the president and Shi Shangyou gave the student union room to two people for observation, and then this The couple started various actions of show and affection, and the students would eventually defeat, because Kashiwagi was deliberately spoofing. Then I also prepared a particularly big birthday cake, but in the end, after a series of ideological struggles, I just sent a cake and a fan with an autograph inscription, which wrote the words “grinding the iron inkstone” (meaning and our iron pestle) The same as the needle), this choice is quite right, the president is particularly happy and excited

In this “Detective Conan Science Discovery Exhibition”, the location is specially selected in the Shanghai Aegean Shopping Park, implementing the concept of “scientific exploration”, for the big and small friends who like “Detective Conan”, or those who like reasoning, Carefully prepared an immersive scientific exploration experience. Early bird ticket: 78 yuan (2019.11

Japan ’s failure has long been doomed, and geniuses and celebrities ca n’t do anything about it-"Archimedes Wars" live-action movie perception

In fact, if Yamato and Musashi were not established earlier, and more aircraft carriers were built, maybe the United States would not be so smooth in the middle and late stages of the Pacific War.In the story, Fifty-six Yamamoto is just a supporting role, but I personally feel that the portrayal is still quite successful, that is, a Japanese soldier in a contradiction, knowing that the national strength is like this, but once the wheel of war is launched, he can only do the duty of a soldier. Seeing that it is necessary to defeat the opponent with scientific justice, Pingshan Zhongdao sacrificed his god theory, that is, the actual cost of this battleship is double the quotation, but this is a method to confuse Britain and the United States and other major powers

In April, the new program "Song of Yesterday" revealed 21 additional voice actors and the latest PV. Sakamoto Maaya, Suzuki Dayo, Kitamura Eri and others

A total of 21 additional seiyuu, Sakamoto Maaya will voice the coffee shop MILK HALL manager Kasayama Kyoko, Suzuki Dayo will voice under the convenience of young music under the work, and Kitamura Eri will be a high school classmate Yuhara of Yusumi Land チ カ voice acting. (The following seiyuu are ranked in the order of 50 sounds) Tenkai Yurina, Endo Ochi, Akio Otsuka, Omaki, Kawashima Toai, Chiaki Kobayashi, Hiroshi Tanaka, Hiroshi Nishiyama, Natsumi Fujiwara, Takako Honda, Miri Murai, Zhuxing す み れ etc. The adaptation animation will be broadcast on the new late night animation section “NUMAnimation” of Japan’s Asahi TV Station and the Internet TV station “Abema TV” at 0:30 on April 5, and will also be broadcast simultaneously in China

"My Hero Academia" animation is finally removed-Japanese animation that has been removed from mainland China in recent years

In the next original animation work of the ship mother storm, the first episode has a cat named “Fifty-six” as the big captain, obviously to commemorate the fifty-sixth commander of the Japanese navy joint fleet commander in World War II, The first episode went live soon. Fifty-six Yamamoto was shot down by the US military during World War II, was not tried, and was also the mastermind of the air attack on Pearl Harbor, so he enjoys a certain reputation in Japan, and this animation setting blatantly attracts soul .

The name of the new character in "My Hero Academy" is in trouble, alluding to the victim of the human experimenter in Unit 731

Today, the comic of “My Hero Academia” suddenly happened, because the word “Maruta” in the name of the new character “Shiga Maruta” in the new serialization is the name of the Japanese troops invading China’s 731 troops, This was first passed from the Korean manga fans, and then a man named @ 朝 儿 on Weibo also posted a Weibo to introduce this issue to everyone. Since “My Hero Academia” is an international work, the theater version was also released in China last year, so the response given by the Jump official in the afternoon is very fast for Japan, if The wave of resistance has really come up, basically designed to the content of World War II, that is, except for Japan, there is basically no market. Although the name is used for villains, not to agree with the work of Unit 731, mentioning the name makes the nationals of the invaded country very uncomfortable (but to be honest, 90% of people think it is not Too likely to see the meaning of this name)