TOYI Networks brings 11 games under its umbrella to strive for the 2020 Golden Ling Award

You can become an elite of thirteen sects, cross the three realms, and make friends from all over the world without going out; you can also experience the development of loving cute pets and a fair economic system, strategic battle play, and feel the infinite charm brought by round competitive events ; More than one hundred creative turn-based gameplays can be freely selected, and multiple social forms such as team formation, gang formation, worship, marriage, etc., allow the majority of Shenwu players to experience a more warm and happy virtual game world. “New Dream World” is a national style martial arts round combat online game under Doyic Networks, a 13-year classic round IP, with a strong move system of major and minor dual genres, inheriting the strategic combat characteristics of tricks and tricks; At the same time, create a deep game world view, new art upgrades, the bright moon is like the beginning, the national style is new, this time, the rivers and lakes are waiting for you to establish a chivalrous relationship! The vast number of monarchs can continuously improve their level of ability through internal affairs, military and other forms, carry out production and construction of national cities,

"Swaying Camp△" Season 2 Character Image First Announcement Announced Trailer for Japanese TV Drama "Guru Fudao"-Daily Hexie Evening Edition

Yesterday, the second season of “Swinging Camp△” announced the PV video, and today the official addition of the first image of the character picture, this time this picture is from the front of Kakamigahara Nadeshikozaka Road Yamanashi Prefecture and childhood sweetheart Ayano A photo of spending summer vacation together. “Ultimate Master’s Road” isおおのこうすけThe young manga written by, started serialization in 2018, tells the story of the original·strongest gang boss selected, is a bumpy road to the homeowner-rising star A home-based chivalrous comedy presented by a ghost writer. I am not saying that the live broadcast is wrong, but that it is indeed very grounded for a good celebrity or public idol to live to bring goods, but it is not a good thing for creating personal IP

"The Intuition of Haruhi Suzumiya" light novel cover announced "Fate/stay night [HF] final chapter box office exceeded 1.7 billion yen, the highest in the series-Nikkan Hekai Night Edition

She was raised by Kagome’s Higurashi family and grew up as a female junior high school student proficient in martial arts At the same time, the younger sister Setsuna, who stayed in the Warring States Period, worked as a demon-killing under Kohaku who has become the leader of the demon-killing division. Recently, I put my own generation of Sound Blaster gongs on the salted fish, but buyers will not return the goods, because the design of this one is that it can’t be charged all the time, which will cause the lithium battery to quickly consume a little, but plug in It can be used by wire. The animated film “Looking for an Apprentice Magical Girl” to commemorate the 20th anniversary of “Magic Girl Doremi” announced the main visual of the second episode of the theater version

Uzaki Hana Uzakizuki's mother and daughter's big breasts pillowcase announced. The original animation "SK∞ Unlimited" by the bone company announced-the Japanese and evil evening edition

I really like the second grade of skateboarding high school, Leiqi, and the transfer student Lan, who has returned from Canada who has never played skateboarding, are heading for the S competition together. The original animation “SK∞ Unlimited”, which is a collaboration between Bone Club and Supervisor Utsumi Hiroko, has officially announced that it will be broadcast in January 2021. After that, he joined the “”School of Conjurers”, a school specializing in cultivating conjurers, and met two classmates, Megumi Fushiguro and Wild Rose Nagizaki

Snail Digital will compete for the 2020 Golden Ling Award with a variety of boutique mobile games including Dark and Light

As a super-high-quality restore terminal game sandbox mobile game masterpiece “Ark: Survival Evolution” mobile game and “Dark and Light” mobile game, covering the prehistoric survival sandbox, magic sandbox and other themes, showing the snail figures in recent years Come to explore the pursuit of the ultimate virtual experience and deep accumulation in the sandbox field. The game adopts the original soldier AI simulation system, and refers to many historical materials of various civilizations, restores a series of innovative strategy war chess games such as millennium civilization, new growth methods and combat experience, allowing players to enjoy more interesting strategy warfare Chess mobile game. In addition to sandbox games that combine freedom, authenticity and interactivity, Snail Digital has also applied for premium mobile games such as “Heroes City II” and “Heroes of Battle Tower” mobile version, using high-quality content and diverse and rich gameplay

Good news! ChinaJoy won the first batch of "Exhibition Projects (Industry Well-known Events)" authoritative certification from China Exhibition Center Association!

For eighteen years, ChinaJoy has been committed to leading the trend of digital entertainment, displaying high-tech digital entertainment products, providing the public with more, better, and more fashionable digital entertainment content and interactive experiences, and thus providing people from all walks of life in and outside the industry As we all know, it is becoming one of the most famous and influential annual events in the global digital entertainment field. Since its establishment, the China Exhibition Center Association has been actively serving its members and the industry, providing a platform for information communication and exchange between the government and the industry, successfully organizing forums on different topics, developing and establishing professional exhibition personnel training (EPT) projects, and Several training courses have been organized nationwide. With the theme of “Technology · Leading the New Wave of Digital Entertainment”, ChinaJoy also held the Fifth International Smart Entertainment Hardware Exhibition (eSmart), the Seventh China International Animation and Derivatives Authorization Exhibition (CAWAE), and the first ChinaJoy Trend Toy Fair (CJTS), the first ChinaJoy Plus online carnival, etc

"Natsume's Book of Friends" theatrical animation released in the spring of 2021 "Kamen Rider Gaimu Gaiden" filming confirmed-Japanese and evil night edition

What’s interesting is that the results of Apple’s conference should be broadcast live on Weibo, iQiyi, Station B and other platforms simultaneously, but as a result, all platforms did not broadcast it, only Apple’s official website and YouTube, and even personal up The live broadcast platform did not broadcast either. The story tells the story of the 17-year-old Sakura Muri after accepting Tongguren’s confession, the two lived a happy life, but then Sakura Muri suffered from the fatal ALS (muscular atrophy side sclerosis, which is gradual freezing). Although Abe resigned twice because of health problems and took the initiative to step down, his steady performance after his second election made him the longest-serving prime minister in Japanese history with 3188 days in power

October new program "Rock Climbing Girl! -Sport Climbing Girls-" PV, January 2021, the second episode of "Outing in the World" PV

“Universe Anchara Kotetsu-kun” is a work that describes the daily life of the protagonist Kotetsu-kun and his friends who aim to become an astronaut, as well as the appearance of working hard toward their dreams. After the baptism of the epidemic in the first half of the year, many new programs were postponed, and the works that were being broadcast could not keep up with the broadcast rhythm. This title picture has been detected as a pornographic picture in domestic picture beds

The second episode of the new PV program "Akudama Drive" in October is announced. Hideo Yamamoto's manga "Cyborg" adapted from a live-action movie-Daily and Evil Evening Edition

High school student Chihwa Mio who lives on the island, because he lost his parents, often sits alone at the beach, Hashimoto who lives on the outlying islands of Okinawa is very concerned about the lonely boy who often sits on a bench to watch the sea-Chihwa Shiyo went up to talk with each other, and the two gradually became friends. This Friday, the comic cartoon movie “The Alien by the Sea”, which will be released in Japan this Friday, has announced a special video, combining the animation theme song “ゾッコン” sung by MONO NO AWARE. The comic uses the island as the creative stage, telling the story of the high school student Zhihua Mino and the young novelist Qiao A series of stories that happened after Ben Jun met