The main visual of “Yuzai Daily King Repeat” announces the new role announcement enako performs the live-action OP dance of “Rental Girlfriend”-Daily and Evil Night Edition

Watching Manchester United’s second game of the season, this ball played offensively with constipation and defensive rubbish. Brighton played a total of 5 goal posts and goal beams in this game. Manchester United got a penalty in the last second. This victory, even me, a Manchester United fan, felt that Manchester United should not win this game. Very strange, I always feel that Manchester United is not in the shape of three games in the new season. Yesterday De Gea performed well. Although B Feet sent a penalty, the assists and penalties afterwards made up for his mistakes. In addition to signings, the most important thing is to adjust the team’s spirit. I watched both of the live broadcasts of gambling, which is a coincidence. The recommendations of these two anchors are very accurate, but I don’t bet on football. I just sigh here and I don’t recommend you to go. After watching these two Manchester United games, it feels more difficult than last season! And then Chelsea did the same yesterday, falling behind by 3 goals in the first half… This season it has spent 200 million pounds to reinforce the team! Fortunately, when I got up today, 3 to 3, the Premier League really has no underdogs!

The TV anime “Yuzai Daily King Repeat” to be broadcast in January next year has announced a new main visual, five familiar people and the newly added character Shinodaあかねもis walking with each other in the reeds in the sunset. The new character Shinodaあかねも, is a member of the flute club for one year in high school, and a descendant of Fujinomiya Kumi

On October 8th, based on the light novel “Adachi and Shimamura”, the PV of the two heroines will be released today. This is also a new show of Lily that is worth watching in October. “Anda and Shimamura” tells that high school girl Anda and Shimamura are good friends. They are always tired of chatting together, playing table tennis occasionally, and nurturing the emotion called friendship. However, one night, Adachi dreamed of kissing Shimamura, so he realized a different emotion!? Adachi and Shimamura, female high school students living daily life. On this day, the relationship between each other slightly changed

Character PV Anda articles Voice actor: Guitou Mingli.

Character PV Shimamura articles Voice actor: Milai Ito.

The TV anime adapted from Okubo Atsushi’s manga “Blazing Fire Brigade” will enter a new chapter, “The Grim Reaper of Huidao”, and the official release of the new main visual image and PV. The OP of the animation is determined to be “Torch of Liberty” by KANA-BOON, which can be heard in the PV, and the ED is “ディザイア” by PELICAN FANCLUB

Earlier, enako cooperated with the magazine “Shounen Magazine” serialized in “Rental Girlfriend” to launch Izumi Chizuru COS. This time the first season of the animation was successfully completed. The official release of the OP of the main female characters in enako’s play dance

Can be compared with the original animation PV