Good news! ChinaJoy won the first batch of “Exhibition Projects (Industry Well-known Events)” authoritative certification from China Exhibition Center Association!

Recently, the China Exhibition Center Association officially awarded the China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (ChinaJoy) “Exhibition Project (Industry Well-known Event)” certification title

China Association For Exhibition Centers (CAEC), referred to as China Association for Exhibition Centers, was registered and established in June 1984 by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of my country. It is the only national exhibition industry organization in China and a national first-level society. It is also a national member of the World Exhibition Industry Association (UFI). Since its establishment, the China Exhibition Center Association has been actively serving its members and the industry, providing a platform for information communication and exchange between the government and the industry, successfully organizing forums on different topics, developing and establishing professional exhibition personnel training (EPT) projects, and Several training courses have been organized nationwide. It is the first time that the qualification certification of exhibition engineering enterprises has been carried out nationwide. It is recognized and authorized by the State-owned Assets’ Supervision and Administration Commission and the Ministry of Commerce, and is the only business association organization in the exhibition industry that has the qualification for enterprise credit evaluation The certification of exhibition projects (a well-known event in the industry) granted by ChinaJoy by the China Exhibition Center Association not only demonstrates ChinaJoy’s popularity and influence in the exhibition industry, but also fully reflects the continued prosperity of ChinaJoy from all walks of life in the industry and abroad. Highly recognized for development

For eighteen years, ChinaJoy has been committed to leading the trend of digital entertainment, displaying high-tech digital entertainment products, providing the public with more, better, and more fashionable digital entertainment content and interactive experiences, and thus providing people from all walks of life in and outside the industry As we all know, it is becoming one of the most famous and influential annual events in the global digital entertainment field. As an industry benchmark, ChinaJoy has become a benchmark for the development of the digital entertainment industry. Since it was first held in 2003, ChinaJoy has continued to expand and innovate, from a single game industry exhibition to a digital entertainment industry exhibition, actively serving the orderly, healthy and sustainable development of my country’s digital entertainment industry, and developing into an internationally renowned large-scale exhibition brand. Ranked among the world’s top exhibition brands

From July 31 to August 3, 2020, the 18th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (ChinaJoy) was successfully held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center as scheduled. With the theme of “Technology · Leading the New Wave of Digital Entertainment”, ChinaJoy also held the Fifth International Smart Entertainment Hardware Exhibition (eSmart), the Seventh China International Animation and Derivatives Authorization Exhibition (CAWAE), and the first ChinaJoy Trend Toy Fair (CJTS), the first ChinaJoy Plus online carnival, etc. This exhibition includes 10 exhibition halls, a total of 125,000 square meters, and a total of about 400 exhibiting companies, including nearly 200 BTOC exhibiting companies and about 200 BTOB exhibiting companies Affected by the global epidemic this year, under the background that several major game exhibitions in the industry have all cancelled offline exhibitions and the difficulty of exhibition development has reached a new high, it is not easy for this ChinaJoy exhibition to be held as scheduled. At the same time, due to the effective measures on epidemic prevention, safety, fire protection, sanitation, exhibition hall organization and other aspects at the exhibition site, it guaranteed the successful conclusion of this year’s ChinaJoy, which can be called the crystallization of multi-party cohesion, pragmatism and efficiency

As the organizer of ChinaJoy, Shanghai Hanwei Xinheng Exhibition Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sunnet Technology, will make unremitting efforts and strive to make further progress, continue to improve the quality of ChinaJoy exhibition, and bring you more exciting. Let us meet together at the 19th ChinaJoy in 2021!