TOYI Networks brings 11 games under its umbrella to strive for the 2020 Golden Ling Award

The most authoritative selection activity in China’s game industry-the 2020 Excellent Game Selection Competition (the 15th Golden Ling Award) has now kicked off. As an industry event that “gathers the beloved of players”, the Golden Ling Award, known as the “Oscar” in the game industry, has been with the majority of players for 15 years. It has been widely recognized by the Chinese game industry for its authority and fairness. Today, TOEIC confirmed that it will bring a variety of products including “Shenwu 4”, “New Dream World”, “Portal Knight”, “Rebirth of Gunfire”, “Vitality of All Living Beings” and other products to compete for “players’ favorite online game” and “best original” Seven categories of awards including “online games”

Online games:

“Shenwu 4” computer version.

“Shenwu 4” is a new happy social online game launched by TOEIC in 2020. You can become an elite of thirteen sects, cross the three realms, and make friends from all over the world without going out; you can also experience the development of loving cute pets and a fair economic system, strategic battle play, and feel the infinite charm brought by round competitive events ; More than one hundred creative turn-based gameplays can be freely selected, and multiple social forms such as team formation, gang formation, worship, marriage, etc., allow the majority of Shenwu players to experience a more warm and happy virtual game world

“Rebirth from Gunfire”.

“Gun Fire Rebirth” is a national style adventure game that combines first-person shooting, Roguelite random elements and RPG strategy selection under TOEIC. In the game, players can manipulate different heroes to experience a variety of genres of play, and use randomly dropped weapons to carry out adventure challenges in random levels. You can play alone, or you can team up to four people to enjoy the fun of joint adventure

“New Dream World”.

“New Dream World” is a national style martial arts round combat online game under Doyic Networks, a 13-year classic round IP, with a strong move system of major and minor dual genres, inheriting the strategic combat characteristics of tricks and tricks; At the same time, create a deep game world view, new art upgrades, the bright moon is like the beginning, the national style is new, this time, the rivers and lakes are waiting for you to establish a chivalrous relationship!

“Portal Knight” stand-alone PC version.

“Portal Knight” stand-alone PC version is a high-definition sandbox adventure game, exclusively operated by TOEIC. The unique adventurous gameplay and high-definition quality fresh graphics have won the support of many players around the world. Under the premise of retaining the original flavor, the national service has optimized the UI, increased the built-in voice and online lobby, and realized the cloud archive function, which brings a better gaming experience and more affordable package benefits to Chinese players

Mobile games:

“Shenwu 4” mobile game.

“Shenwu 4” mobile game is a brand new social online game created by Duoyi Networks based on the classic IP Shenwu. It inherits the turn-based core gameplay of the Shenwu series of products and the game concept of happy social interaction. It has 11 sects of strategy, passion, passion, and fun gameplay. You are infinitely happy to raise a cute pet, build a home, and dress up with personality. The game is designed around social from multiple dimensions such as combat, economy, gameplay, and systems, creating an excellent social environment and experience for gaming, bringing real happiness to more players, allowing players to enjoy gaming entertainment while also gaining To true friendship

“Dream World 3D” mobile game.

“Dream World 3D” mobile game inherits classic IP, original strategic round battle system, 9 professions randomly comprehend 243 kinds of moves; mazes, hot springs, massive innovative gameplay subverts imagination, fun; wings, fashion, swimwear, Variety matching of headwear, highlight the difference

“Dream World” mobile game.

“Dream World” mobile game is a fun strategy round mobile game owned by TOEIC. Variety of careers, free PK, strange tricks and awe-inspiring; unique pet personality development, with gorgeous horse wings to aspire to the world; green environment, easy tasks; high-value talent show, happy social, dream world invites you to embark on a new journey!

“Dream King” Mobile Game

The “Dream King” mobile game is a free war strategy mobile game developed by TOEIC. It is inherited from the classic IP Dream King, and has created the only celebrity capture gameplay in the entire server. Hundreds of the only real-name generals in the entire server adopt the mode of catching generals, without drawing cards, and bid farewell to the homogenization of generals of the same name. The game has an extremely rich strategy of gameplay, 27 types of monarch skills, 537 historical real-name generals, 244 types of military general skills, 34 types of arms, and 36 types of strategies. The vast number of monarchs can continuously improve their level of ability through internal affairs, military and other forms, carry out production and construction of national cities, recruit troops and buy horses, and command a million army to gallop on the battlefield, expand their territory, and finally defeat the heroes and become the hegemon of the Central Plains

“Kyushu Tribulation”.

“Jiuzhou Tribulation” is a dual-sandbox strategy mobile game based on the heroes of the Three Kingdoms, creating a “personal plot + big camp PK map” dual-sandbox map gameplay. Players will play the role of the monarch of one party, recruit and cultivate their own strength through the development of their own city, form an interesting combination of generals, participate in a bloody national war with tens of thousands of people on the same screen, conquer the famous generals, plan strategies, and dominate the history of the three kingdoms!

“Vital Energy Records of All Living Beings”.

“Vitality of All Living Beings” is a Chinese style card role-playing mobile game with an overhead fairy theme. As a fairy in the game, the player circulates between the three powers of the fairy, demon and Buddha, forms bonds with many partners, runs to save the world and all living beings, feels the pleasure of fighting with the gods, and appreciates the grievances of the gods above the heaven Enmity, experience daily life as a fairy

“Portal Knight” stand-alone mobile game.

The stand-alone mobile game “Portal Knight” is exclusively represented by DOE Networks. It is a high-definition sandbox adventure mobile game, where you can explore fantasy floating islands, use cubes to realize fantastic ideas, and open An unknown adventure. Players can play warriors, mages or rangers and other professions, through mining, completing various NPC tasks, collecting resources to customize your equipment, build your buildings, upgrade your level to enhance your abilities, and challenge powerful ones on specific maps. Guard BOSS, support up to 4 people to cooperate online, build, explore, and break through together

Founded in 2005, the Golden Ling Award is the most valuable selection activity in many domestic game selections. In the past fourteen years, it has conducted in-depth research on product information, respected the wishes of players, and selected a fair and just selection. The excellent games that players love have become the vane for domestic players to understand the ranking of game products and manufacturers to express their product ideas

In order to fully reflect the aspirations of the majority of gamers, the 2020 Golden Ling Awards will still be selected by national players through online voting to select the final award-winning works and excellent media. We look forward to the players who vote for their favorite excellent products and media. Tickets-I believe that in this year’s Golden Ling Award competition, TOEIC’s game products will not disappoint everyone’s expectations!