“The Intuition of Haruhi Suzumiya” light novel cover announced “Fate/stay night [HF] final chapter box office exceeded 1.7 billion yen, the highest in the series-Nikkan Hekai Night Edition

Recently, I put my own generation of Sound Blaster gongs on the salted fish, but buyers will not return the goods, because the design of this one is that it can’t be charged all the time, which will cause the lithium battery to quickly consume a little, but plug in It can be used by wire. As a result, the order was not made and I lost 36 yuan in postage. In fact, I was hesitant when it was released. Although it can not be used wirelessly, the Bluetooth function is still good, because only 220 yuan, early Knowing that I will not go out. I don’t know why I particularly like to go shopping with salted fish recently. Sure enough, my consumption has also been downgraded!

The cover of “Haruhi Suzumiya’s Intuition” released on November 25th was released. It is still a cover drawn by Ito Murmur. I always feel that the style of painting has changed and the characters have become more adorable

The animated film “Looking for an Apprentice Magical Girl” to commemorate the 20th anniversary of “Magic Girl Doremi” announced the main visual of the second episode of the theater version. The animated film was postponed from May 15 to November 13 due to the new crown pneumonia

Official news The final chapter of the trilogy “Fate/stay night[HF] has a box office of 1.7 billion yen, and a total of 1.71 billion yen is the highest box office of the three.

“Half-Monster” The new main visual of “Yasha Ji” announces Higurashi Eternal, Setsuna and Moroba, and three girls appear in the main visual at the same time. This work will premiere on October 3rd.
The story is told, and it was rolled in childhood. The twin girls separated by the forest fire, forever and instant. Forever through the tunnel that can pass through the time and space of the time tree, from the Warring States period to the modern age. She was raised by Kagome’s Higurashi family and grew up as a female junior high school student proficient in martial arts At the same time, the younger sister Setsuna, who stayed in the Warring States Period, worked as a demon-killing under Kohaku who has become the leader of the demon-killing division.
Zhu Ye is the daughter of Kagome and Inuyasha, and she is a bounty hunter. With the title of “Monster Killer Moroba”, I am also doing the work of eliminating demons every day. Ten years have passed since I was separated from the two people forever, and the tunnel through the time and space of the tree of time opened again. Forever and appear in the modern moment. Reunion, but Setsuna forgets the eternal things for some reason. Including Moroye who came to the modern age with Setsuna, the “half-demon Yasha Ji” forever and them began to make waves in modern times and the Warring States period!

This It was just announced on Monday that the animated work “Hori and Miyamura” announced the first PV episode.

[Dubbing Voice Actor].
Original: HERO Hagiharaダイスケ
Supervision: The history of Ishihama.
Series composition・Script: Yoshiokaたかを
Character setting: Haruko Iizuka.
Music: Yokoyama Katsu
Production: CloverWorks

[Dubbing Voice Actor].
Hori Kyoko: Tomatsu Haruka.
Miyamura Isumi: Uchiyama Akira.

“Hori and Miyamura” tells, Hori Kyoko, who went to Katagiri High School, has a beautiful appearance, excellent grades, and a versatile housework. One day, the injured brother Soto was sent home by a strange boy, a dark boy in the same class, Miyamura Isumi. Surprised. Because of the difference between school and home, Kyoko, who saw the other side of the house, was shaken. Taking the opportunity of caring for the shy and recognizing Sota, Miyamura began to visit Hori’s frequently..