Snail Digital will compete for the 2020 Golden Ling Award with a variety of boutique mobile games including Dark and Light

The most authoritative selection activity in China’s game industry-the 2020 Excellent Game Selection Competition (the 15th Golden Ling Award) has now kicked off. As an industry event that “gathers the beloved of players”, the Golden Ling Award, known as the “Oscar” in the game industry, has been with the majority of players for 15 years. It has been widely recognized by the Chinese game industry for its authority and fairness

Snail Digital recently officially confirmed that it will bring a number of premium mobile games such as “Dark and Light”, “Hero City II”, “Ark: Survival Evolved”, and “War Tower Heroes” mobile version to compete for the 2020 Golden Ling Award Awards

Since its establishment, Snail Digital has been adhering to the vision of “creating the best virtual world” and the business philosophy of “technology as the core, product-oriented”, and is committed to bringing users a better virtual world experience. In recent years, based on the creation of a freer and more open virtual world, Snail Digital has taken the lead in proposing to enter the sandbox field in China, and has actively deployed the sandbox market through agency + self-research. This year, Snail Digital will apply for two sandbox games such as “Darkness and Light” and “Ark: Survival Evolved” mobile version. Sandbox games are characterized by their high degree of freedom and strong interactivity, which cater to the growing number of new generation players. Exploring the demand, the game experience is more real and free, so it has become a large-scale category with rapid growth in recent years. As a super-high-quality restore terminal game sandbox mobile game masterpiece “Ark: Survival Evolution” mobile game and “Dark and Light” mobile game, covering the prehistoric survival sandbox, magic sandbox and other themes, showing the snail figures in recent years Come to explore the pursuit of the ultimate virtual experience and deep accumulation in the sandbox field

In order to create a richer and more free game experience, Snail Digital operates the gameplay in depth, while constantly insisting on innovation, providing users with rich and diverse virtual world content. In addition to sandbox games that combine freedom, authenticity and interactivity, Snail Digital has also applied for premium mobile games such as “Heroes City II” and “Heroes of Battle Tower” mobile version, using high-quality content and diverse and rich gameplay. Present the content creativity of digital cultural and creative for users

“City of Heroes II” is an epic war strategy mobile game developed by Snail Digital. Its core tags are restoring history and highly realistic. The game adopts the original soldier AI simulation system, and refers to many historical materials of various civilizations, restores a series of innovative strategy war chess games such as millennium civilization, new growth methods and combat experience, allowing players to enjoy more interesting strategy warfare Chess mobile game

“War Tower Hero” is an innovative non-linear survival and confrontation mobile game. The game integrates the familiar MOBA elements familiar to players into the exciting and exciting way of eating chicken, and launches a new non-linear survival confrontation game category. With time and space rifts as the background, it incorporates magic and adventure elements, as well as micro-operations and strategic attributes. It is an innovative tower defense mobile game that integrates hero development, online battles, and cooperative defense

At present, the game works independently developed by Snail Digital cover PC games, mobile games, web games, console games, AR/VR games and other fields. They are distributed in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, and are a national cultural export. Key enterprises. In the future, Snail Digital will continue to explore virtual digital technology, provide users with more rich and diverse virtual world content, and strive to build a freer, more open, and smarter virtual world

Founded in 2005, the Golden Ling Award is an excellent game favored by many domestic game players. It has become a vane for domestic players to understand the ranking of game products and manufacturers to express their product concepts

In order to fully reflect the aspirations of the majority of gamers, the 2020 Golden Ling Awards will still be selected by national players through online voting to select the final award-winning works and excellent media. We look forward to the players who vote for their favorite excellent products and media. Votes-I believe that in this year’s Golden Ling Award competition, the snail numbers will not disappoint everyone’s expectations!