“Natsume’s Book of Friends” theatrical animation released in the spring of 2021 “Kamen Rider Gaimu Gaiden” filming confirmed-Japanese and evil night edition

In the early hours of this morning, Apple held a one-hour press conference and released the new iWatch, the new iPad Air and the eighth-generation iPad. The iPhone 12 that everyone was looking forward to did not appear. What’s interesting is that the results of Apple’s conference should be broadcast live on Weibo, iQiyi, Station B and other platforms simultaneously, but as a result, all platforms did not broadcast it, only Apple’s official website and YouTube, and even personal up The live broadcast platform did not broadcast either. This signal is very bad, which means that the government is suppressing Apple a bit, and everyone can see this without saying. In fact, the United States suppressed our Huawei, but to be honest, it is difficult for us to accurately counteract the United States. The old revolutionaries have already said the truth that backwardness will be beaten. In fact, we are unlikely to ban Apple. Although Apple takes most of the profits, it still brings 5 million jobs to China. In fact, even if everyone uses other domestic Android phones, most of them are used Qualcomm is also an American chip company. Under the tide of internationalization, it is actually very difficult to boycott a certain country’s products, because most of the products are you and me. The key is to break through the blockade and master core technology

Unlike the four-year term of the U.S. President, the Japanese Prime Minister is not directly elected by the people, so there is no term limit. As long as the party where he belongs is always the majority party in the parliament, you can always get the party president. Then this prime minister can continue to be. Although Abe resigned twice because of health problems and took the initiative to step down, his steady performance after his second election made him the longest-serving prime minister in Japanese history with 3188 days in power

The new Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is also a rare prime minister who is not a family member.

According to the cover news of LaLA magazine that has not yet been released, “Natsume Friends’ Account” will be produced again in theatrical version. At 20 o’clock in the evening on September 18, “Natsume Friends’ Account” will have a live broadcast of new information released by Hiroshi Kamiya. Inoue Kazuhiko will be present, so the movie version of this new work should not run

The Japan Recording Industry Association confirmed that Aqours 6th LoveLive! DOME TOUR 2020’s theme song “Fantastic Departure!” has been downloaded over 100,000 and has been certified as a gold single. The single was released on July 22. Although there is a lot of downloads, the concert tour has to be cancelled due to the epidemic this year

Toei today announced that the special film “Kamen Rider Gaimu” aired in 2013 will produce a completely new rumor. Five years after the settlement of the last crisis in Sawaha City, a new crisis has come again, and the Kamen Riders will go out again. The setting of Warring States+Fruit doesn’t know what will happen this time. Will Xu Yuanxuan continue to serve as the script?

A special video of the movie of the same name adapted from the comic “1 in 100,000” created by Miyasaka Kaho has released a special video. The male protagonist Kiritani Ren is played by Aarashi Shirahama (EXILE / GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE) and the heroine Sakuragi Rino is starred by Hira Yuna. The story tells the story of the 17-year-old Sakura Muri after accepting Tongguren’s confession, the two lived a happy life, but then Sakura Muri suffered from the fatal ALS (muscular atrophy side sclerosis, which is gradual freezing). Syndrome), the whole body will gradually become unable to move. The movie will be released on November 27th

The animation that should have been broadcast in July was postponed to October because of the epidemic, and it premiered on October 2