Hololive is really “toxic”. Its Vtuber has repeatedly challenged the lower limit of Chinese people

I always think that when overseas come to China to do business, a “political commissar” should be hired. In reality, many large companies also have departments that specialize in dealing with government relations. This kind of government relations is a bit like “lobbying” in the United States, but it is different. Many companies come to China saying that they want to be localized, but they often don’t pay attention to some issues, especially ideological issues, which may have been the reason why I grew up. Sometimes I can’t make money by standing. You have to kneel to make money. This time, an image of the virtual idol HOLOLIVE on station B has had another major accident. The typical politics is incorrect. The Taiwan issue is also a hot issue recently. Over the years, we have been emphasizing the concept that Taiwan is a part of China. Airlines from luxury goods to overseas have reiterated it. In regional establishments, Taiwan is Part of China cannot be single-country. Recently, cross-strait relations have been very tense, and this issue has become even more sensitive. Just this month, a well-known memorial in Taiwan met with PanPiano and all his contributions were wiped out

On September 25th, Hololive’s fourth-stage anchor Kiryu Cocoa made an inappropriate statement about Taiwan in the Youtube live broadcast room, describing Taiwan as a country

Hololive is a Japanese virtual idol MCN, which has many virtual idol members, some of which are for worldwide operations, and in order not to miss the Chinese market, it also opened an official account on station B and established it With Hololive China, members from the Chinese region have been born in two terms. In addition, there are also in Indonesia. There is also Hololive English for the English-speaking circle. The whole plate is very large. In the Chinese mainland market, Station B is basically bound, and it has also been used for offline activities at Station B many times

It is reasonable to say that since we are so active in the mainland market, because we have some understanding of the Chinese market, this is not the first time that HoloLIVE has made such a politically incorrect incident in the Chinese market. It was on June 11th. Qiao Ke cooperated with Friend A, Mao You Xiao Porridge, and Dakong Subaru to conduct a live broadcast of “Qiao Ke Dictionary” Q&A. One is collected from fans and has a description of the territory related to China ( Lists Tibet as a “country” alone. An option. ) was selected and appeared in the live broadcast. Subsequently, the COVER official and the netizens who provided the question to Yu Yue Qiao Ke have apologized, and Yu Yue Qiao Ke’s bilibili live broadcast room was also banned for one month (because the subtitle group rebroadcast the live broadcast in the live broadcast room). As of September 5, 2020, apart from the disclosure of the new Live2D model, the live broadcast room has not resumed broadcast activities

On September 24, 2020, Akai Xin mentioned the viewing figures of various countries when checking the viewer statistics on Youtube in the live broadcast, and read Taiwan and other countries side by side, and then his Bilibili live broadcast room was blocked. On the next day, Kiryu Coco also included Taiwan as a country in the YouTube background statistics during the live broadcast of “Good Morning Coco”, which resulted in the Bilibili live broadcast room being banned, which led to the live broadcast of all VTubers under the Hololive, Holostars, and Hololive English groups in Bilibili. Almost all broadcast activities are suspended (except for the online paid concert “SorAZ Chronicles of Instants” held in the AZKi live broadcast room on September 26). Later, the part about viewing statistics in the archived video of “Good Morning Coco” on YouTube on September 25 was also deleted

To be honest, after reading this series of cases, I feel that Hololive, you should not mix in mainland China. If you continue to feel that Station B will be jointly and severally liable, to be honest, Station B should quickly clear the relationship with Hololive. This Hololive parent company is too dangerous