This band formed by the Internet, behind the constantly overlapping Internet cultures in the MV “Everybody Wants To Be Famous” released in 2018, is a simple animated element: the American President of the Clip Art sings The US dollar symbol produced by the song and obsolete 3D animation technology is rotating rapidly, and the color TV signal detection chart of the last century is blinking. “Space Dandy” the sixth season of the sixth season ended with a big star explosion, the main character Dandy took a surfboard drifting in the stardust, this time the episode “Stardust の パイプライン” took the disaster Completely transformed into a pleasant casual game, let Dandy and his companions “as far as tomorrow” as confidently described in the lyrics. This is the fate of this kind of music – such fate is a natural thing, because it is a kind of music, just like its name “Lounge music” (Chinese is mostly translated as “sofa music”, in fact, the word “Lounge” covers the sofa, There are many leisure homes and places, such as lounge chairs, lounges, and bar rooms

The 40th Anniversary of "Fuxing Kid" Launches Commemorative Stamps at the Japan Post Office "As long as Miss Belle Bubhu likes it," the new information is open - the Japanese magazine and the evil

The TV animation “Tomorrow from the Colorful World” is composed of the series of Kyuko Yuko, Fly provides the original role of the role, Akiyama has the role of animated character design and master painting supervision, Suzuki Kurayu as art supervisor, Dong Runyi as art supervisor, and Mu Zhi Tomita Hiroyuki is responsible for photography supervision, and Nakano is responsible for color design. “The Queen’s Blade”’s new OVA series animation is called “The Queen’s Blade UNLIMITED”, the first volume is called “Ailina’s departure (エリナの旅立ち)”, the second volume title has not been published, BD contains The tax price is 7,560 yen (about 463 RMB), and the DVD tax is priced at 6,480 yen (about 397 RMB). “As long as Miss Belcebbu likes it,” tells the story of the commander of the hundreds of thousands of demon army, the devil of the demon of the demon, the great devil, Belzhebubu, as a near-servant The Belzhebubu that Lynn saw was an arrogant and indifferent gesture with the great devil’s majesty

However, “Digital Beast Adventure” “Digital Beast Adventure 02” supervised the corner copper Bozhi announced today that he will no longer participate in new projects.Crown Copper Supervisor stated that he was originally invited by the producers to participate in the establishment of new projects and script supervision since last year. The light novelist Suye said that the predecessors of various creative fields will leave some rumors that “creators can’t be taken away by the market and the audience, and they must create interesting works in a down-to-earth manner

However, the teacher of the nightingale also said that once he was used to this kind of vertical painting, he naturally had a clear grasp of the size of the mobile phone screen and the extent of the scrolling up and down of the screen, and some specific scenes also benefited from such a way to better display the artistic conception. This led to the adaptation of comics and animations during the production process, and Otaru’s idea before the animation was to add new content to the original story, so in order to clarify the overall direction of the story, Xiao’s supervision I said that I have to go to the bottom of the night to consult the night teacher. At the end of the commemoration, animateTimes and Natalie interviewed the original nightmare teacher of the comic book, Xiao Xiaozhi, who is responsible for animation supervision, and Ono Hyun, who plays the protagonist, Hayazawa Shinta, and told some of the behind-the-scenes stories of this production

Perhaps inheriting the characteristics of the game, the novel does not rush to promote the plot, but pays attention to the rationality of the role behavior and the sense of substitution of the reader.The strange personality of Yuga and the reason why she lived in the church were included in her growth experience before she met Ah Qing. The new role played, the theme of “investment” is no longer limited to stocks, from business wars to real estate bubbles, the business of Aqing and partners is getting bigger and bigger, but whether the growth of numbers can fill the inner hollow, need Qing and the reader found out

In a number of news media reports on the monthly magazine YOU, the reasons cited by Shueisha were quoted: female readers are increasingly inclined to purchase single-line and electronic versions, and they are unable to stop readers from the trend of magazines. In the same issue of the magazine that informed the newsletter, it also announced the animated news of the serialized work “God pushed to the martial arts hall, I will die without regrets.”

Ogawa’s mouth said that this question can no longer be thought out, but still can’t control his own brain: the underground city is the land of nowhere, how to create a non-artificial ecosystem in the underground city or Society, and not writing a far-fetched contradiction, is really harder and harder. The same-person novelist Zuo Duyi saw that there was a complaint that “the recent light novels are all whispered in a net-language routine, and I want to read novels other than the net-language routines.” The tweets were turned wildly and could not be tolerated

This new tribute is the masterpiece of the world-class masters of the Japanese film and television industry more than 80 years ago, and the masterpieces of the supervised predecessors such as Akira Kurosawa and Honda, who are supervised by the singer, “I wish a wife like a rose.” On the weekend of the 2nd, the number of visitors was about 112,000, and the box office income was 126.48 million yen, which was about 95

As an ordinary father, worrying about and thinking about it, Imai let Kawamura absorb and write into the script, and the theme of the final theatrical version becomes “What is the treasure?” Therefore, the film did not focus on the real treasure hunt, but on the discussion of what is “a treasure more precious than treasure.” If there is a topic of “Is the Treasure Island of Daxiong as the title of the film?”, Imai thinks that this is probably his responsibility. When it comes to the favorite part of the long history of “Doraemon” series, Imai admits that every time he watches “Majorong’s Wedding Eve” (1999), he hears the words of Shizuka’s father: “That Young people (Daxiong) will pray for the happiness of others, and will also grieve for the misfortunes of others

Adapted from the original novel of Tianwei, the animation of the light novel of ぶーた Illustrator, “Yusu Seven Stars” is officially distributed, and the animation will start broadcasting in July! ~ “Open, will begin to broadcast on July 1st, the link is currently broadcast “Sweet Punishment ~ I am a dedicated pet ~”, also divided into the normal version and the full version broadcast. Adapted from the original movie of Mochiko Mai, and the TV animation “The Sherlock Holmes of Kyoto Teramachi”, which is responsible for the illustrator novels, will be broadcast on July 9th! Adapted from the original animation of “There is a game to play” in the original comic book of Nagakawa Sakae, the broadcast time will be public and will start broadcasting on July 8th! Akasaka’s original comics “Hui Ye Ji wants people to confess ~ geniuses’ love minds fight ~” public TV animation decision, please wait for the details to be disclosed later! Adapted from the original animation of the original novel “The Magic of the World and the Sorcerer’s Slave Magic”, the seiyuu will be added and will be broadcast on July 5th! Adapted the original comic book of “The Boarding School’s Juliet” of Jintian