Investment is risky, need to be cautious when entering the market


  • Book name. : “The End of the Moon” (ワールド エンド エコノミカ WORLD END ECONOMiCA).
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  • Author . : 仓仓 Frozen sand.
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  • Illustrator. : Last month, a style.
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  • Japan Publishing. :アスキー・メディアワークス The electric library, 3 volumes are completed.
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  • Taiwan Publishing. :Taiwan Kadokawa.

Speaking of financial investment, in addition to the phrase “investment is risky, it is necessary to be cautious when entering the market”. The concept of wealth is as thin as me, and the understanding of investment is still in the stage of the balance, and it must be that poverty limits my imagination. Gold, stocks, bitcoin, and the news of the wealthy myths of professional investors have inevitably set off a world of capital that is full of color and fascination. I don’t know how to invest, I also want to experience the thrill of investing in wealth creation. The light novel is the first choice for the “Fate of the Moon”. .

The novel is adapted from the game “WORLD END ECONOMiCA” released by the same person association “Spicy Tails” from 2011 to 2013. The author, the artist and the game are consistent, respectively, and are responsible for the frozen sand and last month. The game’s original script is said to have been filled with 3,700 manuscript papers and divided into trilogy. The post-edited three-volume novels are still very long. The first volume is more than 300,000 words. One book has three books in the past, one breath. The moon, no effort. .

Moon is the main stage of the story. People who dare to open up and seek freedom establish a lunar city with a population of 700,000. All kinds of resources rely on rail elevators to transport, even oxygen is asking for money. Capitalist free trade has developed to the extreme. Almost everyone cheers for wealth. People maintain a purely money relationship, living in the moon, and embracing their dreams. .

The idea determines the way out, and the concept determines the wealth. The male lord Chuanpu Liangqing was born on the moon and grew on the moon. It is an uncompromising “moon 佬”, but Aqing has a grand ideal – “stepping on the land of the predecessors.” However, it is impossible to work for a part-time job. It is impossible to work in this life. Therefore, the teenager chooses to run away from home and join the stock market that is rushing forward. .

High-yield means high-risk, and wanting to get rich through investment requires not only luck, but also a lot of sophisticated knowledge. Before I read the novel, I was worried about the financial knowledge in the book. I don’t think it should affect the story. I didn’t expect this financial theme novel to have no water. The first volume talks about the stock market, the second. The volume talks about investment companies. The “investment” has always appeared as a core plot. It is recommended that readers who are not familiar with finance should take some care from the “novice explanation” part of the beginning of the Aqing test. .

I have created the frozen sand of the works such as “Wolf and Spices” and “Dream Madeira”, and the financial theme of writing science fiction background still maintains the advantages of smooth and descriptive. The depiction of the lunar city is reminiscent of Hong Kong in the last century, the tall buildings and mottled paints of the sky, the glamour of the rich areas and the narrowness of the slums, showing a layered magical feeling. .


The picture is from the original game of “The End of the Moon”.

In order to avoid the police questioning, Aqing was temporarily settled in a certain church, and the heroines Feather and Lisa appeared. The length of the long article gave the “Monthly Finance” enough space to portray the characters. Yuhe was so ignorant that it was difficult to get close, and Aqing did not have much interest in her. For Ah Qing, who was thinking about making money, It’s really not clear which girl’s underwear and stock market look good. .

The relationship between the two is very natural, investment is inseparable from mathematics, and Yuhe that happens to be the mathematical genius of the moon, the cooperation between Aqing and Yuhea. The second chapter of the stock investment competition that propped up the first climax appeared, but it was not until the eighth chapter that the two talents actually entered the competition. Perhaps inheriting the characteristics of the game, the novel does not rush to promote the plot, but pays attention to the rationality of the role behavior and the sense of substitution of the reader.

The strange personality of Yuga and the reason why she lived in the church were included in her growth experience before she met Ah Qing. Our understanding of her opportunities was very limited; Lisha was a clear stream in the lunar society of the moon, in the university. Studying the ancient religion of the earth is gentle and mature. She has a universal ideal and is truly willing to practice for her faith, so many times, Lisha and Aqing interact more. .

The poor people in the slums have less copper odor and more human touch. Uncle Hu Shan, who lends money to his life but can’t take care of his debts, took advantage of the school’s lunch break to help his family’s merchants to deliver the goods. The people who did their best for life still didn’t lie and support each other. The rare warmth of the people is more or less infected with Aqing. If you want to embark on the “predecessors”, it is not enough to rely solely on the desire for wealth. The unseen Aqing, soon learned the lesson. .

If the end of the first volume of the investment competition is Ah Qing’s “the closing of the boyhood”, then the second and third volumes, each separated by four years, are the witnesses of the maturity of Ah Qing. The new role played, the theme of “investment” is no longer limited to stocks, from business wars to real estate bubbles, the business of Aqing and partners is getting bigger and bigger, but whether the growth of numbers can fill the inner hollow, need Qing and the reader found out. .

The essence of finance is the exchange of values across time and space. The money society created by the novel “Moon-faced city” symbolizes the enemies before reaching the ideal society. It is attractive with “dreams” and “opportunities”. Word packaging, covering up the ridiculous reality of its spirit. As the successful investor in the book, Barton said: “The world of cruel to vomiting competition, even if you really have the best talent, may not be able to get a return.” People who make huge investments will never be influenced by personal feelings. They also lost some of their humanity while drawing on wealth. .

However, the theme of this book is not to reflect on the money beliefs of the society, but to take a big circle of Boy Meets Girl. The whole story spans 8 years, and the teenagers who embrace their dreams mature and frustrate in the setbacks, and finally gain the feelings, and investment is the concrete means of achieving the wealth goal. The theme of light novels is all-encompassing, and it is always the word “people and love” that affects people’s hearts. .

“The End of the Moon” can not be used as an investment guide to teach you how to make a fortune, but its detailed description of the stock market and business investment is unique in a series of light novels. Desires are boiling, people are warm and cold, and the adventure world drama with the financial world as the stage brings you a game-like immersive experience.