Deja vu

The mystery novelist Yukio Sakata said that from time to time he would see some people worry: “Is there a lot of novels with ‘different worlds’ in the title recently?” But Putian believes that this and their mystery novelists always add “ ~ ~ killing event” is a nature, do not need to worry. It is better to say that the ability to have a fixed routine is proving the vibrancy of this literary genre. .


The light novelist カルロ·ゼン said that “criticizing” others and “blaming others” have completely different meanings. It is often those who confuse scolding and guidance, and those who cannot distinguish between criticism and insults. It is easy to form a double standard in their hearts. They feel that they “insult others” = guidance “others criticize themselves = insults = attacks”. .


The light novelist Suye said that the predecessors of various creative fields will leave some rumors that “creators can’t be taken away by the market and the audience, and they must create interesting works in a down-to-earth manner.” But for this kind of words, you must not understand it superficially. They have exhausted their own lives and pursued the shell of the concept of “fun”, which will lead to such a conclusion, as if the true master would return to the most basic technology, it is a culmination of the monasticism. .


TBS The “After 6 junctions” program on the radio station produced the “Code Geass Rebellion Lelouch” feature last week. The series constitutes a listening program on the ground floor of Daegu. I heard the host say: “If you are a good friend, but a teenager who shocks all of Japan, can you forgive the crimes committed by your friends in the past? Describe the past, present and future human dramas of sin ……”.

Dahei listened very freshly: it turned out that this program introduced “Rebellious Lelouch”. But he went down to listen, only to find that this paragraph has nothing to do with Lelouch, is another program preview of the movie “Friends”. .


Animation Supervisor Takamatsu said that he often sees people criticizing specific staff (such as scripters) because of the content of the animation, but under the current production committee system, there will be several producers of various companies. People participate in script meetings to jointly determine the content of the work. A writer is absolutely impossible to do whatever he wants. .

Even if it is a series of scripts that cover the entire work script, it is also based on the opinion of the supervisor, the original producer, the issuer, etc., and then constructs the work according to these opinions. .

In the real-life TV drama world, if it is a master of screenwriters at the level of Kuramoto Satoshi and Hashimoto Shouhe, it is possible that the producers who took the manuscripts of the people will be able to change their words. Animation is not the case. .

Gao Song believes that if you want to be accountable for the content of the work, it may be that supervision should be blamed. But this topic is long and can only wait for a chance to start a discussion. .


At the beginning of this month, “Digital Beast Adventure Tri.” Chapter 6 was first seen at the stage meeting. The news of the “Digital Beast” series started a new project, which made many series of fans rejoice. However, “Digital Beast Adventure” “Digital Beast Adventure 02” supervised the corner copper Bozhi announced today that he will no longer participate in new projects.

Crown Copper Supervisor stated that he was originally invited by the producers to participate in the establishment of new projects and script supervision since last year. However, he believes that the proposed plot outline is contrary to the TV version, and the producers support the outline. As a result, the Crown Copper Supervisor expressed his withdrawal to the producers. .

Recently, he asked about the progress of the project and learned that the new plan was still progressing according to the previous outline, so he firmly decided to withdraw. The producer also agreed that he publicly announced his withdrawal. .

Corner Copper said that he is only the supervisor of the TV animated version, not the original author of “Digital Beast”, and the TV version has not been organized into text. He has not participated in the previous version of the series, so I believe that many viewers will not be bound by the set, or will appreciate the new work. .

Corner copper said that as long as there is no other progress in the new project, he will not continue to participate and will not mention it on Twitter in the future. But if there is an invitation to music, games, or dolls, he will continue to provide assistance. .


Last May, “Digital Beast Adventure” “Digital Beast 03 The King of the Beastmaster” script, “Digital Beast Adventure 02” series constitutes Yoshimura Yuki also explicitly announced on Twitter that he will not mention himself again. These works have been participated in. Yoshimura said that it may be because he recalled the old work and was misunderstood, so something bad happened, including some “why do I have to suffer this kind of sin”. He wants to graduate from Digital Beast and thinks he will not participate in this series in the future. .


This March, . 名作轻小说《不吉波普》系列插画绪方刚志在推特上发难, Sniper the new animator of the work did not ask for his consent. After two months of silence, the official website of the animation published news, explained the matter, and apologized. .

The official description of the animation is consistent with the speculations of most netizens: Mad House, who was commissioned by the animation production, created the character image according to the planning intentions and instructions of Kadokawa. And Kadokawa did not fully communicate with the original Illustrator Ogata, only confirmed a part of the set material. .

Although Ogata publicly made an attack on Mad House, Mad House may not directly respond to Ogata according to the information communication process under the production committee system. . After the

Incident broke out, Kadokawa and Ogata exchanged ideas, re-explained and shared the situation and the process. Now, Ogata has eliminated the misunderstanding and agreed to the progress of the future production. In addition, the committee has re-adjusted the information communication process. .

Regarding the progress of the project, neither the supervisor, the staff, or the production company Mad House can make the decision. In addition, the supervisor himself did not propose to withdraw from this work. .

This incident is due to the lack of information and sharing in Kadokawa, which has brought many troubles and concerns to Mad House, producers and Ogata. Kakugawa also publicly apologized. .

Ogata also apologized for the tweets that caused fans to misunderstand and confuse the animation team, and said the problem has been eliminated. In the future, he will support the animation project as an original illustration, and hope that fans can continue to support the work. .