The 40th Anniversary of “Fuxing Kid” Launches Commemorative Stamps at the Japan Post Office “As long as Miss Belle Bubhu likes it,” the new information is open – the Japanese magazine and the evil

Last night, there were two consecutive games. It seems that I have to recruit people to do content recently. In the past few weeks, I have read two of Tencent’s Guo Man’s works, “The Devil’s Master” and “Non-Human”, which are all pretty good. Although “The Devil’s Master” can be said to be female, it is actually good, at least the plot. A boy can still read it, and his female degree is not as good as “Soul of the Town”, and then the funny short film instant noodles of “Non-Human” is also interesting and interesting. Now Guofan is really rising. Everyone has the opportunity to look at domestic animation. Although the boutique is still limited, it is more and more. Now there are many domestic animations in the cinema. “Sexual Youth” was recently shown on the cinema. .

“Tomorrow from the Colorful World” is a completely original TV animation produced by Japanese animation company P.A.WORKS and directed by Shinohara Sugawara. It was published on March 16, 2018 and is expected to be broadcast in October this year. Previously, three seiyuu have been announced. Recently, this work has added four seiyuu of Dongshan Nayang, the city of Ghana, Maeda Cheng, and the village. .

Dongshan Naiyang will dub the Chuanhe Walnut, and the city’s 濑加那 will be dubbed for the wild sage, and Maeda’s second will be dubbed for the mountain, and the village’s step will be dubbed for the deep sage. Earlier, the official has disclosed that the white moon is beautifully dubbed by Ishihara Haru, the moon white amber is dubbed by Bendu, and the Kwai Weixiang is also voiced by Chiba. The TV animation “Tomorrow from the Colorful World” is composed of the series of Kyuko Yuko, Fly provides the original role of the role, Akiyama has the role of animated character design and master painting supervision, Suzuki Kurayu as art supervisor, Dong Runyi as art supervisor, and Mu Zhi Tomita Hiroyuki is responsible for photography supervision, and Nakano is responsible for color design. Tonggu Taidao is responsible for 3D supervision, and Yamada Yang is responsible for sound supervision. .

The stage of the TV animation “Tomorrow from the Colorful World” is a small town in Nagasaki that has remained a little of magic in everyday life. Magic makes the end of the family, the 17-year-old moon white is beautiful, lost color perception since childhood, is a girl who lacks feelings. Her grandmother and great magic made Amber worries about her, so she used magic to send her back to 2018.瞳美 grew up in communication with the same 17-year-old grandmother and partners of the community. .

“Queen’s Blade” is a historically rich series of welfare animations featuring a beautifully appointed and luxurious seiyuu lineup. This year, “The Queen’s Blade” restarted the animation series in the form of OVA. The first bomb was released on July 13. Recently, according to the animate online store information, the second bomb of the new OVA of “The Queen’s Blade” will be released on September 21. .

“The Queen’s Blade”’s new OVA series animation is called “The Queen’s Blade UNLIMITED”, the first volume is called “Ailina’s departure (エリナの旅立ち)”, the second volume title has not been published, BD contains The tax price is 7,560 yen (about 463 RMB), and the DVD tax is priced at 6,480 yen (about 397 RMB). The new OVA “Queen’s Blade UNLIMITED” will be produced by STAFF of the original TV animation series, and the character setting and world view will remain the same. The design of the restart is still based on the theme of “handsome and color”, and a new story is created by Ozaki of UNKNOWN GAMES. The restart plan will be overhauled by the original product of the “Queen’s Blade” series. The producer is Yoshimoto Shinji, and the general manager of the character setting and painting is performed by Noguchi Hiroshi. The early TV animation STAFF of Shiqiao and Hiko will participate in the 18th Fighter again. S story. .

“Queen’s Blade” is an animated series based on the basic design in the visual battle-type game book series “Queen of the Blade”; but the settings, story development and original plot in the animation are completely different. Of. The “Queen’s Blade” TV animation consists of three stories. The first subtitle is “Wandering Warrior (Wandering の Gentleman)”, and the second subtitle is “War Successor (Jade Block)”. Released from August 2010 to March 2011, all 6 volumes of OVA “The Queen’s Blade Beautiful Fighters”. The two volumes of OVA, which were released from the end of 2011 to the beginning of 2012, are the story of the transition of Queen’s Blade to the Queen’s Blade Rebellion. In 2012, TV animation launched the third sequel, with the subtitle “Rebellion (リベリオン)”. In 2013, the release of the OVA “Desperate Queen (ヴァンキッシュド?クイーンズ)” tells the story of the defeat of the American fighters.

“Married to Non-Human” is a four-character cartoon created by Japanese cartoonist Yaohan and Aikawa, and announced the news of TV animation in June this year. Recently, TV animation announced a new visual map and announced it will be broadcast in October this year. The TV anime “Married to Non-Human” has announced four seiyuu, namely, the seiyu Yamashita Daisei of the Shiroki, the seiyuu of the seiyuu of the fire, the seiyuu of the seiyuu, and the seiyuu of the Musashi Bridge The seiyuu of Kosuke Yuki. .

“Married to Non-Human” tells a story: The Rising of the Sun is an ordinary male high school student. One day he was called out by the teacher to explain that as a human male high school student, the wheel of the day has been The alien creature is designated as a wife, and the future two will live as a husband and wife. And what kind of creature is it, gender is completely unknown. And he was very satisfied with his own human wife (although it was a male), and he also boldly showed his love. Although he felt uncomfortable at the beginning of the day, the two began to live a warm life with each other. The wheel of the day will also be specially designed for hot concrete blocks, which is the favorite food. .

“As long as Miss Belle Bub, I like it (ベルゼブブ嬢のお気に召すまま)” is a new four-frame comic created by matoba, the author of “The Heart of the Witch”, which was announced in April this year, and It is scheduled to air in October this year. Recently, the comic magazine “Youth GANGAN” has released the second visual and visual singer information of TV animation. Let’s take a look. .

TV animation “As long as Miss Belcebbu likes it,” the OP theme song is sung by the music group Phantasia in March, and the ED theme song is determined as the character song, which is sung by seiyuu. The TV animation of this work was produced by LIDENFILMS, and the supervision was for the sake of Bu, and Futian Lai was responsible for the series composition and script. Bell Zhezhe is dubbed by Daxisha, and Yulin is voiced by Yasuda. .

“As long as Miss Belcebbu likes it,” tells the story of the commander of the hundreds of thousands of demon army, the devil of the demon of the demon, the great devil, Belzhebubu, as a near-servant The Belzhebubu that Lynn saw was an arrogant and indifferent gesture with the great devil’s majesty… It was strange that it was a soft-smelling girl who liked furry! .

Although sales are not the only indicator of how good or bad a work is, at least it reflects the popularity of the work. Recently, after announcing the much-anticipated animation, the series of popular comics “Consulted Dream Island” has broken through 5.5 million units, which is worthy of Taizhu Island. The TV animated “Affordable Dream Island” was adapted from the comic book of the same name created by Bai Jingwei and Yushui, and announced the animation decision in the “Weekly Juvenile JUMP” on May 26, 2018. TV animations are produced by CloverWorks and are scheduled to air on noitaminA in January 2019. Supervised by Kobe, the series consisted of Ohno Minami, and the character design was led by Sumida Kazuo. The music was led by Otaru Takayuki. The three main characters, Norman, are voiced by Uchida Shinji, Emma is dubbed by the stars, and Ray is also voiced by Iyo Jasmine. .

In 2045, the orphanage “Grace Field House” lived with 38 children. They took care of Isabella with an orphanage that was treated as a true mother and lived a happy life. One day, in order to take care of the doll that was taken away from the orphanage, Cornie forgot to take it away. At the suggestion of Ray, Emma and Norman sneaked into the door to the outside. There they witnessed the dead Kenny and the humanoid monster “ghost”, and found that “mother” raised them to provide “ghost” as a high-level food. Emma, they don’t want to lose any family members. In order to survive, they began to seriously plan to escape from the orphanage and survive in the unknown world…

“Fuxing Xiaozi” is a cartoon serialized by Takahashi Rumiko from 1978 to 1987 in the Junior School’s “Weekly Youth SUNDAY”. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of its birth, the official launch of a number of activities. The post office limited edition stamp is already accepted and will be shipped on December 3.

This time, the limited edition stamps showed the main characters such as Ram and the stars, a total of 10. Together with the “Fuxing Kid” desk calendar, stamp album, postcard, the price of tax-included package is 4,500 yen (about 276.99 yuan), which can be booked at the National Post Office and Post Office in Japan. .

In the “Fuxing Kid”, the stars are a boy whose appearance is weak, his will is weak, his academic performance is poor, and he will be impulsive when he sees the beauty. Because the alien ghosts invade the earth, the ghosts and the earth each send a player, and the winner can determine the fate of the earth. The stars won the daughter of the ghost leader, Lamb, through an unspeakable trick, and married the unmarried couple. Ram fell in love with the stars, and whenever he talked to other girls, he would discharge and force him to eat spicy food. TV animation was broadcasted from 1981 to 1986, and Hirano was dubbed by Hirano, and Furukawa Tatsuo was dubbed for the stars. Other seiyuu also had Shimadzu Sachiko, Kamiya Akira, Tanaka Masaki, Ansai Masahiro, Nagai Ichiro, Iris Shinko, Hiroshi Tetsuya and Ohara are pears.