Is it the end, or the beginning of a new journey?

Recently, many Japanese manga magazines have bid farewell to readers one after another. .

On May 19th, the youth comics magazine “COMIC RYU” issued by Dejian Bookstore announced that it would “graduate from the physical magazine” after the next issue. The existing serial works will be freely available on the Internet from July. .


“Monthly COMIC RYU” was founded in 2006 and has experienced a period of publication. At present, there are serials such as “The Living of the Mutant Niang” and the popular comics such as “Alice and Tibetan Six”. In the same issue of the magazine that informed the newsletter, it also announced the animated news of the serialized work “God pushed to the martial arts hall, I will die without regrets.” .

On May 26, Baiquan’s 40-year-old girl comic magazine, “Bai Hua and Dream,” also announced that it will be closed in the next issue. Except for many works that are completed at this time, most of the existing works will be transferred to other magazines. Baiquan will also launch the new online comic magazine “Hua Meng Ai” this fall. .


After the news was published, there were readers who mistakenly thought that it was “Flowers and Dreams” that was about to be published, which caused a wave. Although the popularity and history are not as good as the “Flowers and Dreams”, “Bai Hua and Dream” has also published “Glass Mask” “Bad Leo! “Many men” and many other well-known works, so suddenly announced the publication of the magazine, is still an amazing news. .

On today, on May 30th, two more magazines announced the suspension of the magazine. . One of

Is one of the monthly magazines Birz published by Magic Winter House. The magazine has suffered many twists and turns in the 30 years since its publication, and has been replaced several times and has replaced many publishers. In the history of the rough, they still launched a number of animated works such as “The Song of the Sheep”, “Rose Girl”, “Girl Monster Pomegranate”, “This Flower Pavilion”. .

Compared with other magazines, the farewell speech of “Birz” is very brief. I only said one thing about the current serials. Although the published media will change, the serial works will continue. Please continue. Stand by”. .


On the same day, Jimei’s 38-year-old adult woman reported to the magazine “Yearly” that it will be closed in October this year. In the future, the editorial department will broaden its development on electronic media and will continue to focus on other magazines. .


In just one month, four magazines have announced the news of the magazine. .

And a little earlier, in February of this year, the Gobo Bunch, the youth comic magazine of Xinchao, also issued the final number. .


March, Fang Wenshe’s two four-frame comic magazines, “Comic Time Jumbo” and “Manga Time Family” have bid farewell to readers. .


Also in the March issue, there is also a young woman from the talks to the comic magazine “ARIA”. Most of the magazine’s serial works have been transferred to the comic book “Palcy” which was launched by the Kodansha this year and Pixiv. .


In less than half of the 2018 years, at least eight magazines have been or are about to come to an end.

These magazines are not speculators of the bubble era. On the contrary, most of them are full of popular works and well-known writers, and have accumulated rich experience in editing and marketing, but still can’t resist the trend of the times. This makes it hard not to create a sense of crisis: the business model of comic magazines may have really reached a turning point. .

In a number of news media reports on the monthly magazine YOU, the reasons cited by Shueisha were quoted: female readers are increasingly inclined to purchase single-line and electronic versions, and they are unable to stop readers from the trend of magazines. .


And the advancement of the times will not slow down, but compared with the past, it has already been merciless. .

The cartoonist Mu Yueming has had many experiences in publishing magazines for his own works. She said that in this era, although the magazine is gone, the writers will also transfer to the network to continue serialization, which is already very good. In the era of no online magazines, it means that many writers will be abandoned by the editorial department. .


The writers who have been serialized in these magazines have also thanked the editorial staff for their efforts so that they can continue their creation on other platforms. .

Turning to the online magazine “COMIC RYU”, in the official news, this time will be called “stepping on a new journey.” I hope this is not just a good obedience.