Supervision | Daxiong’s weakest point is his strongest point

“The Doraemon” latest movie version “The movie Doraemon Daxiong’s Treasure Island” has met with the domestic audience on today’s Children’s Day, and the new work, Daxiong, Doraemon and others will drive the sailing to stimulate romantic Treasure hunt. The supervision of the new work Imai Izumi used to participate in the production of “Doraemon”, and this time I was called a dream by Imai, and I used all my strength to carry out my own work. .

In the planning stage, Kawamura’s vitality laid the foundation for this movie “The Movie Doraemon”, with the famous marine novelist Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous marine adventure novel “Treasure Island” of the 19th century. For the blueprint, make a thrilling marine adventure movie. .

Imai participated in the “Animation Future” project in 2014, and produced an animation “The Future of Paro Island” with a boat trip to the sea. This happened to be discovered by the producer and script of the film, Kawamura, so Kawamura elected Imai as the supervision of this movie “Dream A Dream”. .

I was shocked when I first heard that I was going to be the supervisor of the new movie. Although I was originally doing the TV show of “Doraemon”, it was only an 11-minute TV animation. Every year, “Doraemon” has a special one-hour birthday in September. Generally speaking, it must be supervised by a special program before it can be supervised by the theatrical version. .

Imai thinks that he belongs to a person who is working slowly, so he usually imagines in his mind that “if you want to make a special animation of the specification”. I didn’t expect the reality to be beyond his imagination, so today I know that I was directly scared when I went directly to the special edition of the theatrical version of the supervision. .

Imai was very addicted to watching animation in the era of elementary school, which is why he entered the animation industry. Coupled with Miyazaki’s embarrassment, I have always had the desire to make children’s animation to the theatrical version. Therefore, in addition to being surprised when I learned that I was going to be the new theater supervisor, I also had the idea that I came to the animation industry for this purpose. Imai’s grasp of “although it may be very difficult, but it is a work that must be done with all due diligence”, has taken over the burden of supervision. .

The slogan of this theatrical version is “find a treasure more precious than treasures”, but the theme of the original theatrical version is relatively simple, that is, the adventure drama that explores the treasures of children, and will also be able to say the guessing game. The parrot-shaped robot is added to the work as an element of the child’s heart. However, in the process of repeating the scripting, the work gradually integrated into the theme of “family”. .

Imai has a five-year-old child. When I was a father, I wanted to say “What should I do?! What should I do?!” Every day, I am still worried about how to raise my child. As an ordinary father, worrying about and thinking about it, Imai let Kawamura absorb and write into the script, and the theme of the final theatrical version becomes “What is the treasure?” Therefore, the film did not focus on the real treasure hunt, but on the discussion of what is “a treasure more precious than treasure.” If there is a topic of “Is the Treasure Island of Daxiong as the title of the film?”, Imai thinks that this is probably his responsibility. .

When asked about the favorite scenes in this theatrical version, Imai slammed the scene where the big bear and others took the boat into the storm. When it comes to the theme of treasure hunt, the first thing that comes out of Imai’s mind is sailing. At the beginning of the animation, Imai began to look at the information of the sailboat, but because the history of sailing in Japan is too short, even the sailboat is moving, and I don’t know the answer. .

After I heard that there is a traditional Japanese sailing boat (Japan Maru) in the Yokohama Port Museum, Imai came to the Yokohama Port Museum to discuss the sailing experience with the instructors who have experience in sailing and sailing. Through communication, Imai learned that because the sailboat does not have an engine, the wind must be driven forward. To this end, many people must work together, and sailing cannot be advanced without the cooperation of all crew members. And no matter how the wind is used, it can only reach the speed of the bicycle at most. .

In order to compare with Daxiong, a new boy character called Flock was added. This is a talented person with super execution ability. Because he is very powerful, when the sailboat is involved in the storm, he will go to instruct and condemn the other crew members. Correspondingly, Daxiong called for a concerted effort to make the transition difficult.

Although Daxiong is very poor at learning and sports, he is doing what he can to do what he can. When seeing such a hard work, the crew will be inspired by the idea of “do you work together?”, and finally the crew members worked together to pull the sails out of the storm. Imai likes this kind of very cooperative sailing, so when I look up the sailing related materials, I am determined to put the scenes on the sailboat into the movie. .

Speaking of Flock, Imai thinks he is the most important guest character in this theatrical version. In order to depict the theme of the family, Flock’s acting is especially important. General animations will choose women when choosing seiyuu for the little boy, because the male voices for the primary school boys will look a little low anyway, as long as the sound line is slightly lower, it will make the character become a high school student. .

But Imai wants to have a sense of tension in Froc’s voice when confronted with his father. Because men should have experienced the confrontation with their fathers, Ijin believes that if Flock is a male voice, he can naturally show the subtle difference in tone when confronted with his father. .

Imai was looking for a male seiyuu who could make a little boy’s voice. He heard a sample of Yamashita’s voice, and thought that the sound line under the mountain was very young, so he chose Yamashita Daiei. After the actual dubbing of the mountain, Imai was also impressed by the superb performances of Yamashita. Although Yamashita originally seemed to be very upset in order to interpret the voices of elementary school students, he gradually became immersed in the role. .

When it comes to the favorite part of the long history of “Doraemon” series, Imai admits that every time he watches “Majorong’s Wedding Eve” (1999), he hears the words of Shizuka’s father: “That Young people (Daxiong) will pray for the happiness of others, and will also grieve for the misfortunes of others. Imai likes this line very much and feels that this line perfectly represents the strength of Nobita. .

Because I have a five-year-old son, Imai will observe other families around him. He finds that it seems to be particularly popular early education. According to early education institutions, it is very helpful for children to learn English and programming first. However, in Imai’s view, although English and programming are important skills, for the sake of the child, it is still necessary to let the child learn to understand the pain of others. This is something that is more worth learning. .

In this theatrical version, Daxiong saved the scene of the Doraemon in the crisis. When Daxiong sees the pain of important friends, he will act immediately to help his friends. It is Daxiong’s own weakness that makes him understand the suffering of others, so he will firmly support others’ beliefs. This is the strength of Nobita. Therefore, compared with programming, English, empathy is the basic ability that children need to learn more. .

However, due to the integration of his own ideas, this world view of “Doraemon” will be somewhat different from the previous works, so Izu is also slightly uneasy about whether the audience can accept it. However, Imai thinks that he is a creator of the work he wants to see. If he does not implement himself, he cannot create a work. .

Although it is said that this is for children, adults, and fans of “Doraemon”, but in the end, I still want to create a self-made Doraemon. Imai will be very happy if the film will satisfy the audience. .


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