Return to the age of 17

The reversal animation “ReLIFE” which was aired in July 16th ushered in the final words of the comics and the end of the animation. At the end of the commemoration, animateTimes and Natalie interviewed the original nightmare teacher of the comic book, Xiao Xiaozhi, who is responsible for animation supervision, and Ono Hyun, who plays the protagonist, Hayazawa Shinta, and told some of the behind-the-scenes stories of this production. .

Ono first asked, when the ReLIFE experiment is over, the subjects will forget each other’s settings. Is it considered at the beginning? This Xiaoxiao supervisor replied that this is not so much a setting. It may be said that because of this premise, the story can continue to develop, and this is also the most interesting place for this. The teacher of the nightingale said that the inspiration for this setting came from the fact that after she graduated from school, she resigned after only three months of work, but she did not want to waste the experience accumulated over the past three months. After thinking about it, she was able to create The idea of NEET re-starting the story of a new life, so I started to draw comics from this point. .

Readers who have read comics should know that comics are serialized in full-color vertical scrolling. The nightingale teacher said that because he was the first to contact this type, how to start painting himself at first was completely ignorant. And because it is a full-color comics, there are also a lot of troubles. For example, if you use a computer to finish reading and then use your mobile phone to read it, you may have a problem with too bright colors. At the same time, due to the difference of the display, it is easy to appear chromatic aberration, so Every time I use my computer to paint, I have to repeatedly send the content to my mobile phone for comparison and confirmation. However, the teacher of the nightingale also said that once he was used to this kind of vertical painting, he naturally had a clear grasp of the size of the mobile phone screen and the extent of the scrolling up and down of the screen, and some specific scenes also benefited from such a way to better display the artistic conception. .


The original manga 220 words Haiqi and the next generation will meet again.

小坂督说, this is a work depicting real life. In order to make the atmosphere of reality more intense, I always try to make it in the style of real film, especially when drawing the background. When I first decided to animate, I already discussed how to make a TV series with 13 words. At that time, the original comics of the Nightingale teacher were still serialized, and there were ideas for ending the animation and comics together. This led to the adaptation of comics and animations during the production process, and Otaru’s idea before the animation was to add new content to the original story, so in order to clarify the overall direction of the story, Xiao’s supervision I said that I have to go to the bottom of the night to consult the night teacher. .

Although the original comics and animations seem to end together in the same period, in fact, the finished animations have been completed in the first half of 17 years, so when I was in contact with the nightingale teacher, I often worried about it. It will affect the teacher’s creation because of some strange feelings after completing the animation. However, regarding this point, the teacher of the nightingale said that although from time to time, he could receive the news from the supervision that “this week’s story I cried”, but the nightingale teacher actually GET is not exactly what part. There are tears, so she thinks that the tears of Xiao’s supervision are a bit magical. .

When talking about the impression of the original work, Otaru said that the most interesting time when the original was read was the plot of Rena Rinna. I didn’t expect to see the female high school students stealing in this work. The content of the bag, the atmosphere of laughter and laughter has become heavy. And Ono said the blind spots that everyone might ignore. He said that he wants to “re-come” or “if he can go back to the past.” This kind of topic is often mentioned when chatting in peacetime, but only like this. The appearance changed, and the setting of the new life was restarted when no one knew it. Everyone would hardly consider it when talking about this topic, so this setting made him impressed. .

Ono said that when he first shaped the role of Hayazaki, the most important key word was “Uncle”, which gave him the idea of “must create a mature adult”. However, since her usual role is basically a teenager in her 10s, this time she suddenly jumped to 27 years old. Although she is about the same age as her own, it is not easy to actually perform. However, it is because of the fact that I am the same generation as Hayaz. When I learned that today’s students don’t even know what MD is, the impact of Hayazaki in the animation is the same.

The new ED form of “ReLIFE” old songs must have made many viewers shine. The nightingale teacher said that although I would have known which song I used before, I don’t know which part the prelude will be inserted from, so ED can often surprise myself. The song “LA・LA・LA LOVE SONG” used in the 16th sentence even gave her the feeling of “Is it really licensed?” .

Regarding ED, Otaru said that this time, in order to make the songs better blend with the story, it is quite elegant in the selection. First, I will first list the songs that may be used, and then select the songs that do not need to be edited in the song list, and the length can meet the standard of 1 minute and 30 seconds. Finally, consider whether the lyrics can be combined with the story, and then handed over to the teacher. Confirm that the check is taken. In particular, the song “ボタン” used again by 17 words ED is particularly particular. This is the song that runs through the whole animation, both the OP and the TV final ED, and the final ED. To this end, the production team also made a special trip to PENGUIN RESEARCH to re-record the exclusive version of 17 words. .

And under normal circumstances, ED uses fixed songs, so the ED length is naturally fixed. Otaru’s supervisor mentioned that due to the replacement of the ending song, the split mirror has to be modified as the song changes. Therefore, if you can’t decide which song to use in advance, you can’t make ED. This also leads to the production of ED. It took a lot of time. .

Finally, Xiao Xiaowei said that in fact, the initial drafting was not the end of the article but the graduation article, but considering that the graduation in “ReLIFE” is not a real graduation, the subject still has the life of an adult. The experience returned to the student life, so I changed my name to the end, so I hope that the audience can watch the final experimental results of the ReLIFE study after reviewing the TV animation! .

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