Xishanju confirms its participation in 2020 ChinaJoy, let us go together!

On May 11, 2020, the Organizing Committee of China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (ChinaJoy) held its first press conference and announced that the 18th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (ChinaJoy) will be held from July 31, 2020 to On August 3, it was held as scheduled in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Zhang Yijun, the first deputy chairman of the China Music and Sound Association, pointed out at the meeting that the ChinaJoy exhibition is one of the annual key tasks of the association and an important means for the association to serve the industry. By fully participating in the exhibition activities, it fully reflects the important value of the association ’s platform and plays Actively lead. He hopes that all members of the association can seize the opportunity and actively participate to show the vitality of the industry and let the public fully appreciate the tenacious and optimistic spirit of the game industry. The association will coordinate and invite relevant department heads to attend the exhibition activities in order to gain more help and support, help the industry to resume production and production out of the predicament, and make a unique contribution to the rapid recovery and development of the national economy

At present, Xishanju, the domestic gaming giant, has officially confirmed its participation in this ChinaJoy exhibition. We have reason to believe that with the participation of traditional giants in the industry, players will definitely feel more enthusiasm and feelings on the spot

As one of the earliest game studios founded in China, Xishanju has always adhered to the attitude of deeply cultivating high-quality games. Since its establishment, it has created countless influential game products at home and abroad, which rely on its profound R & D skills, the pursuit of the ultimate work attitude, and a unique understanding of the game itself can only be achieved. In addition, Xishanju, as a well-known big manufacturer in the industry, also has many classic IPs, such as the “Jian Xia Qing Yuan” series, which is known as the first brand of domestic games. Prove its inestimable market value

In recent years, Xishanju ’s products have maintained extremely high vitality. The domestic 3D ancient style flagship online game “Jian Wang 3” has become the ace IP in people’s hearts. Strength extends to all aspects. The Cantonese opera “Decisive Battle of Tian Ce Fu” based on Jian Wang 3IP is also on CCTV and has become a banner for promoting traditional culture in the new era. In cooperation with the internationally renowned clothing brand Gaia Legends, “Jian Wang 3” co-branded high-end dress was launched. It is a consecutive appearance on Paris Fashion Week, a show of Chinese style

In 2018, Xishanju laid out the cultural and creative animation industry, and its “Jian Wang 3 · Xia Gan Yi Dan Shen Jian Xin” series of animations has been warmly praised and sought after by players and fans of the country. The two seasons that have been broadcast so far Douban scored high scores of 8.8 and 8.6, which further increased the influence of Jianwang 3IP

At the 17th ChinaJoy in 2019, Xishanju brought a variety of swordsman IP products including “Jian Wang 3 Remastered Edition”, immersive girl-developed barrage shooting mobile game “Twin Vision” As well as the first self-developed science fiction machine class A new work “Code BREAK”, a number of fine games, including a series of exciting programs, appeared on the booth

The on-site Xishanju game experience area is also unprecedentedly magnificent. Players who went to experience participating activities lined up in the morning, and the on-site ChinaJoy Invitational Tournament and China ’s top COESR performances made everyone on the scene enthusiastic. CEO Guo Weiwei’s on-site signing also turned over the entire venue. In the pre-arranged viewing area, a group of players sat on the floor, and outside the viewing area surrounded layers of stopped audiences, the charm of which can be seen

The live demo experience of the new Mecha class “Code B.R.E.A.K.” has made countless sci-fi mecha fans addicted to it, looking forward to the official launch of this product

Looking back on ChinaJoy in 2019, Xishanju has created a magnificent, magnificent and magnificent game world for all players present by combining traditional Chinese culture and games, allowing all players to pass through time and space The world of martial arts and the sci-fi world of roaring mech shuttle back and forth! Its infectious atmosphere allows players to experience the fun of the game, but also has a strong interest and pride in Chinese history and culture!

Happy creation and delivery of happiness-Xishanju has always been pioneering and enterprising in the game and cultural industries since its inception. With the continuous iteration of new works and new gameplay, ChinaJoy in 2020 will undoubtedly become the most expansive Xishanju Stage. What kind of shock will it bring to hundreds of thousands of live players? Let us wait and see!