Shanghai Boman Network Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to be exciting in the 2020 ChinaJoyBTOB exhibition area

The eighteenth ChinaJoy in 2020 will be held from July 31 to August 3 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As one of the most professional, authoritative and international digital entertainment industry exhibitions in the world, ChinaJoy has developed into a more complete set of industrial service functions, a more comprehensive service system construction, and a more long-term international exchange and cooperation. One with the display platform. The 2020 ChinaJoyBTOB exhibition area will bring forth new ideas in all aspects, provide better services, and further enhance the on-site business communication function of the ChinaJoy BTOB exhibition area, maximize the creation of a strong international business atmosphere, and fully demonstrate the vigorous development of the digital entertainment industry. , Studios and industry insiders provide a stage and bridge for the display of works and business negotiations. For the majority of industry elites, whether it is to promote their products to the final consumer market or to find more business opportunities and partners in the global digital entertainment field, the colorful ChinaJoy exhibition and various concurrent events have many excellent promotions Resources will undoubtedly become the most high-quality and efficient platform for major companies to carry out brand building!

On this event, Shanghai Boman Network Technology Co., Ltd. Officially confirmed its participation in the 2020 ChinaJoy BTOB exhibition hall Shanghai Boman Network Technology Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2015 by a group of industry elites who love games and are willing to devote themselves to creating high-quality games. Adhering to the concept of “focusing on creating game classics”, the company takes this goal as a guide, strives to innovate, move forward steadily, and move into the future

In terms of works, Boman ’s R & D team has exerted their unique understanding of the game industry culture, as well as the unlimited love and respect for the game spirit, which has brought players such as “Mengshuang Wushuang” and “Conqueror” Welcome boutique mobile game. The whole team takes “creating a game that makes people happy” as its purpose, adheres to the trinity of “innovation + love + growth”, and is committed to shaping the game brand image of “platinum production, must be a boutique”

The latest project produced by Boman uses historical themes, and combines ancient mythological elements, tortuous game plots, variable character models, delicate and exquisite character standing paintings, and in-depth creation of the collection and cultivation of generals. This game has reached cooperation with Xiaomi in the domestic market (exclusive license), and will be officially launched in June this year, so stay tuned!

As a new generation of historical card games, the fusion of the two different styles of the Q version and the card will usher a wider user base; carefully design its own animation for each military commander to create the top mobile game Picture; intense and exciting real-time battle Q experience, the key to victory in each game is in the player’s own hands

Shanghai Boman Network Technology Co., Ltd. As an emerging game company integrating R & D and distribution, is keen on making games and selling happiness, hoping to work with more like-minded partners to spread the spirit of happy games to every corner

ChinaJoy is the most important part of the ChinaJoy brand matrix. Among them, the BTOB comprehensive business negotiation area integrates corporate brand display, product trading, technology promotion, investment and financing, and creates industrial integrated business. Service functions, in a series of business channels such as product display, online business matching, negotiation and investment and financing promotion, continue to promote extensive business communication and cooperation between domestic and foreign game companies, highlighting the function and role of ChinaJoy to lead and drive industrial development, Fully reflects the new situation of China’s digital entertainment industry scale, technology research and development level and rapid market development. As one of the strongest comprehensive strengths in Asia ’s digital entertainment field, the most comprehensive exhibitors, the largest exhibition area, and the largest number of visitors, ChinaJoyBTOB is also currently engaged in professional copyright transactions, copyright cooperation, and joint development of the Chinese game industry. The important negotiation channels for business such as business operations, joint operations, etc., with a fully functional online business service system, assisting exhibitors and business visitors to conduct online and offline business interactions. It can be said that Chinese enterprises absorb international advanced technology, choose global quality partners, and develop An excellent platform for overseas markets. I believe that at the 18th ChinaJoy in 2020, Shanghai Boman Network Technology Co., Ltd. Will present more exciting things for everyone!