A Japanese version of “Crazy Animal City”-Trigger “BNA” recommended

The animation produced by Trigger itself is a guarantee of quality, but this time, under the circumstances of NETFLIX money, let Naifei broadcast in advance, a total of 12 episodes of the work were released in two batches, and I finally finished watching it. Originally, due to the epidemic situation, there was a lot less in April, so I was free to complete this work. Of course, although I said in the title that it was the Japanese version of “Crazy Animal City”, the two are still quite different

The setting of BNA is that there are two major races of humans and orcs in the world. Orcs can maintain the same appearance of humans, but there are many humans who do not want to coexist with orcs, so build an orc city in the world and accept the world Orcs everywhere, and our heroine Yingmenman appeared as a human raccoon cat. She was going to the island of the animal city in order to escape the hunt of the orcs, but on the way she found an ambush and was almost shot by humans. Fortunately, with the help of the “friendship” of the orc ’s partner, she stole into the city of animals. Here she met the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the city ’s founding. In the crowd, she met the male hero Shishilang. In the series of accidents, the two lived together and eventually lived together

Ying Senman is not actually an orc, but from human beings to orcs, she came to the animal city to cure herself and return to human society, but the orc ability she gained is really a bit extraordinary, and it can explode in an instant. Strong arm strength, the tail can suddenly become very large, and even in the later stages can evolve wings to fly. In the first half of the story, it is about the involvement of Ying Moriman and Dashenshilang in various animal city cases to introduce the whole picture of the entire animal city and the relationship between the major forces. The animal city government, Silvaster Pharmaceuticals, and the urban gangster Wait

The previous story is relatively easy. Yingsenman has become a responsible student girl and became more and more in love with the animal city, and his relationship with the big god Shilang has become a trusted partner. In the second half of the story, the dark side behind the animal city began to be slowly explored. The seemingly peaceful animal city is actually undercurrent, especially Silvester Pharmaceuticals has an unspeakable secret

Trigger’s style is still quite obvious in this work, and the way of showing the pictures and actions in “Dress Girl” and “Darling in the Franxx” is also continued in this work. For example, in the fifth episode “Greedy Bears”, Ying Senman participated in the baseball game, and suddenly became very burning. The same is true for various battle pictures afterwards, maintaining the traditional style of Trigger

The core of the story is to express whether it is a human or an orc, as long as there is a kind heart and human nature, it is human, and if humans have an evil heart disease zombie human nature, then it is not worthy of humanity. Jimmy personally feels that the setting of this film is quite successful. It is comparable to 002 in “Darling in the Frankk”. This character is particularly pleasing. The person turns into an orc, a silly and white student girl. Faith, the appearance of human-type civet cats is also very cute. If you are in a panic, you can download and watch this animation