Watch it! Play it! Drive it! ChinaJoy’s new official website is officially launched!

On April 17, 2020, the newly revised ChinaJoy official website has been officially launched. This marks that ChinaJoy, as one of the most well-known and influential annual events in the global digital entertainment field, is constantly improving itself and entering a new stage of more complete service functions

The eighteenth ChinaJoy in 2020 will be held from July 31 to August 3 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The theme of this ChinaJoy exhibition is. “Technology • Leading the New Wave of Digital Entertainment”.

One of the new highlights of this ChinaJoy:

2020 ChinaJoy official website.

A new revision is available.

meticulously integrates page layout and section division.

Let everyone know ChinaJoy in an all-round way.

Look here, look here, look here ~.


The design of ChinaJoy’s new official website adopts an easy-to-read waterfall flow style. The top page is “. About. “ “. 展 展 /Participation 资讯. ”“. . Cooperation. ”“ Contact us. ”Five buttons, the top right corner is also placed intimately. Language switching. Options, shortcuts to commonly used functions are presented here!

The new official website also placed a very conspicuous news information bar below the top navigation bar. In addition to related content related to ChinaJoy exhibition, there is also about. Games, hardware, animation, e-sports, VR. Fresh information in various fields can be seen-that is to say, everyone can directly see the massive amount in ChinaJoy’s new official website. Industry. Information, exciting content at any time, no longer need to jump around between sites! More latest information on company dynamics, market dynamics, welfare activities, etc. One-click travel, enjoy all!

Except exhaustive. Information section,. The new official website has also been established. Exhibition / conference / event introduction section. Basic sections such as , all exhibition zones, concurrent meetings, official events, etc., are all here at a glance! With such rich content, you can do your homework in advance, and you will never hesitate to play on the spot!

highlights the grand occasion of the previous ChinaJoy. Photo gallery. , you can witness the glorious past of ChinaJoy at a glance. Also placed below. ChinaJoy from the public number of the media matrix (WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu). Two-dimensional code, it is convenient for everyone to “one-key follow”, you can contact us through any public account, and these public accounts will also often provide various benefits! Do n’t hurry up and pick up your phone!

It is particularly worth mentioning that the new official website has also added ChinaJoy’s entertainment derivative brand. CJoy official store. Of. New product display area. Will bring more high-quality and genuine Chaowan new products and peripheral derivatives to everyone. IP brand, designer brand, limited venue, out-of-print blind box … everything is here, and there are also exclusive limited editions available indefinitely! Hurry up and lock it!

Finally, ChinaJoy’s new official website also provides eye-catching items at the bottom of the page. Service system entrance. , including. “Exhibitor system” “Pairing system” “Builder system” “Broker company system” “Media system” , to facilitate the majority of exhibitors, sponsors, builders, brokerage companies and cooperative media and other industry insiders to achieve “one-click joining” on the website, greatly reducing the relevant process and working so easy ~!

There are more mysterious features, and will be launched one after another, just wait for everyone to explore gradually and find treasure slowly! Such a rich, connotative, and intimate new version of the official website, do you have a quick look?

About the new official website

In order to comprehensively improve the online service function of the exhibition site, the current ChinaJoy Organizing Committee has kept pace with the times and has completely revised the 2020 ChinaJoy official website. The all-weather, full-process, full-format, full-audience real-time service system has greatly enhanced and expanded ChinaJoy’s entire ecological value system; this year’s ChinaJoy visitors will be able to fully understand the various arrangements of the exhibition site through the new website Browse to industry-related information. As an indispensable member of ChinaJoy’s self-media matrix, the new official website has also expanded ChinaJoy’s online brand layout and further participated in the construction of ChinaJoy OMO’s new business model