Headphone brand TEZO will make a wonderful debut in 2020CAWAE

The7thChinaInternationalAnimationandDerivativesLicensing Exhibition (CAWAE- “Kawaii” Exhibition) hosted by ChinaJoy organizer Hanwei Xinheng will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 31 to August 3, 2020 Grandly held As a professional exhibition of vertical industry and well-known animation and derivatives held in the same period with ChinaJoy, China International Animation and Derivatives Authorized Exhibition (CAWAE- “Kawai” Exhibition) integrates animation brand display and authorization The peripheral sales function of derivatives, combined with China’s most influential Cosplay professional event “ChinaJoy Cosplay Carnival” finals, “Dance Excellence-ChinaJoy National Dance Troupe” finals and other large-scale ChinaJoy official activities, become anime game fans and Cosplay hobby Paradise

Earphone brand Tezo has officially confirmed its participation in the 2020 CAWAE

Tezo is an innovative earphone brand designed and built for young people. Through freedom, trend and trustworthy brand concept, connect emotions for young people all over the world, promote personality and show cultural diversity

Tezo believes that technology should be a part of life. Its innovative research and development department-Tezo Lab., With its sophisticated research and development equipment, test laboratory, and a development team with both capabilities and experience, Tezo leads the innovation in the acoustics industry and has accumulated many original patent designs and technical achievements. Strike a balance between performance and trend. With the help of cutting-edge technologies such as product design and active noise reduction, “only listen to what you want to hear” changes from dream to reality

Tezo is an artistic pioneer with a strong sense of beauty, emphasizing the design to respond to individuality, using technology to purify the tympanic membrane, so that the distance between the ear and the heart is closer-”From ears to heart.” Integrating the five elements of freedom, vitality, adventure, personality and love, combined with the Internet business marketing model to meet user consumption needs, with independent research and development headsets such as “TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset”, “head-mounted wireless Bluetooth headset”, “wireless Noise-cancelling Bluetooth headsets, etc., provide consumers with a more free, pleasant, and convenient listening experience. At the same time, Tezo is also the official global exclusive headset partner of the Wolverhampton Wandering Football Club (abbreviation: British Wolves’ Football Club) and Wolves Esports Club

In 2020, Tezo will explore diversified mixed elements across the world and become the most “tide” headphone brand in the audiovisual industry

With the encouragement of good industrial development opportunities and recognition by the majority of enterprises, the CAWAE- “Kawaii” exhibition, with the vigorous development of China’s animation and cultural industries in recent years, has concentrated industrial superior resources and provided animation and derivative companies with Broad platform and advantageous publicity resources. The hundreds of thousands of visitors at the ChinaJoy exhibition site are highly consistent with the target audience of animation companies, which has also continued to heat up the participation of well-known domestic animation brands. Today, animation companies, comic companies, film and television companies, individual animation creators, derivatives companies, publishers, distributors, channel distributors, toy companies, product agents, investment institutions and other companies can find a target audience and display platform at CAWAE The exhibits cover cartoons, animations, animation derivatives / peripherals, trend toys, boutique hand-made / model games, trend toys, second-dimension clothing and other categories, and will undoubtedly collide with more diversified cooperation models and opportunities in 2020. This year’s CAWAE- “Kawaii” exhibition area will also be further increased, bringing hundreds of thousands of on-site audiences with richer exhibition content, and dedicating a splendid audio-visual feast to the animation fans and people in the animation industry I believe that at the 7th CAWAE in 2020, TEZO will show you more exciting!

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