Dongfeng Bida Express car Dafa-17 toy crowdfunding

Are n’t we dreaming of playing games and toys?

We were the first game development team, many of them have been in the industry for more than ten years, and witnessed the madness of mobile games on mobile phones such as Nokia in Saipan and 12-13 The cold winter of 17 years to now, but now barely survived as to why did it make a model? We can only say that it is because of coincidence

In fact, we have made many attempts to survive for the team over the years, and toys are one of them. I will share with you my own experience as an example

The reason why I play games should be to play FC games in my childhood. I was conquered by that kind of happiness and lamented why the games are so fun. Perhaps it was because of my childhood experience in Internet cafes that exposed me to games such as Diablo and Warcraft. I admired these talented games and could n’t help but wonder who kind of people made such fun games? It is also because of the influence of these games that I have the idea of making games, because I also want to be such a game producer, and I want to bring happiness to someone, this pure happiness
Why do you want to make toys? That’s because Transformers, who cried in childhood but couldn’t afford it, and the four-wheel drive, which secretly saves breakfast money, has its own. Holding something he owns regards him as a treasure. This may be naive but it will still be very happy in retrospect. Such happiness made me understand what happiness is and what is beautiful

It should be such a similar but not the same experience, making us a team that wants to play games but also want to make toys

In fact, the inspiration for our Dongfeng Bida Express design was very unexpected. It was proposed by our model designer after the National Day in 19 years. He said that Dongfeng-17 is very interesting and wants to make a Q version of the model for us to look at, but at this time we are actually doing another model project. However, when the appearance of the Q version model car came out, we felt that we should do this

Designing toys is actually quite difficult. The original 3D model was just an appearance. It takes a lot of professional knowledge to realize this appearance for industrial production. This was something we did not have at the time, so we asked many times. A friend of the chief engineer working for a well-known Japanese company

We printed the first version of the sample in November 19th, and after reading it, we felt that it was too small. Some movable effects and ideas could not be produced, so we enlarged it to its current size, just like a game project. I started to choose the right gameplay and direction. The rest is the details. After a series of efforts, we completed the first sample years ago

In March 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, we made a relatively unsuccessful choice. We wanted to use a resin mold to make a version directly, and accumulate some funds to prepare for the subsequent mold opening. Our first crowdfunding failed. In fact, we have had many quarrels at the earliest because of mold opening or resin overmolding. What was originally undetermined was defeated by an external force and reality, but this result was defeated by market reaction. I should not sigh here how similar it is to game development and operation

Failure is really uncomfortable but I also received many sincere suggestions. At least not the project failure but the operation strategy and price strategy failure. It was also at that time that although the resin stencils were finished with colored assembly, the price was really difficult to accept at 499. Therefore, we have decided to change this model to change the price strategy and reduce the price of individual products

The first thing to face when opening a mold is mold design. Although the industrial design is complicated but the requirements are very clear, it only requires strict precision in process processing. These require the supply chain to cooperate and use their capabilities to solve us. The demand put forward is the charm of communication between design and engineering

In the mold design, we made a lot of moves in order to ensure that we want to be playable. In order to make the missile seamless, we do n’t disassemble the parts. In fact, they are some less conventional model practices, but we think this will be more it is good. We officially launched crowdfunding on April 27, 2020. This time we got pretty good feedback and rewards

This is just the first step of the beginning. Even if we can complete the crowdfunding, we still lack funds. We have paid for understanding the “dream” of poisoning as a child. Although there is no return at present, everyone is struggling to support Live, but we need to face, and we must face

Maybe after reading this article, you will feel that the current account, you may feel that this kind of thing is too much. Yes, there are too many stories of this kind of chase. Maybe you are in it, maybe it is over, maybe it is successful. But the story will happen, it will continue, and there will be an end. To borrow a word, we have to do our own thing regardless of the status quo, not lying, not following blindly, and thinking independently. Altogether.

We shared the story, of course the honest attitude is that we are not simply sharing. We still want to advertise our project, maybe it is not so perfect, but we feel very satisfied with what we have done

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At present, 158 friends have supported us. We are very grateful for this. We need support very much now. I hope you can support us. Thank you.
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