Theater version of “White Box” 300 million box office breakthrough “Seven Major Crimes Anger Trial” aired in October-Japanese Journal and Evil Evening Edition

Finally, the Japanese government also failed to withstand the pressure of the Olympic postponement. Before the epidemic, the sports event could only be postponed. I have to sigh the forward-looking nature of the “Akiri” movie, but fortunately, the postponement is not cancelled. If you cancel this time, the Japanese government will lose money. In fact, the delay is also quite hurt. In the current era, I think that the Olympic Games really need to be reformed. In particular, many sports that no one watches can be cancelled, and then vigorously introduce e-sports. In some sports, it is better to engage in specialized championships, and athletes from all over the world come to the host country at once. Jimmy hasn’t shaved his head for three months. I finally went out to get a haircut today. I really want to have a bird’s nest, and I am still a very oily person. I have to wash my hair at least two days, otherwise I can squeeze the oil Yes, but there are not as many people in the barber shop as I expected, and almost didn’t wait for Teacher TONY to start cutting my hair. Say my dad, because he could n’t get a haircut before because of the epidemic, he shaved his head at home …

According to statistics from media in the Japanese film industry, the cumulative box office for “Theater White Box” released on February 29 has exceeded 300 million yen. As a late-night animation, this result has been quite good. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic, although the Japanese cinema has not been closed, many fans still have the opportunity to go out to watch movies because of the epidemic

The original manga is over. This October’s “Seven Sins and Angry Trials” should also be the final season of the animation

The cartoon that was pushed to the apex of public opinion last year because of its cooperation with the Japanese Red Cross Society, simply announced the plan of TV animation. “Uzaki school girl wants to play! 》 Broadcasting in July 2020, Naomi will voice the heroine Uzaki, and Sakurai Shinichi will be voiced by Akane Kenji. “Uzaki school girl wants to play! 》 (Japanese: Uzaki ち ゃ ん は 游 び た い !) Is a love cartoon drawn by Japanese cartoonist Zhang, the storyline is mainly based on unit dramas, and describes the truth about Sakurai The daily life of Yi and her school sister Uzaki

“Regal Criminal Police” is a reasoning novel published in 1978 by Japanese author Tsutsui Takarai. Kobe, the protagonist, uses the wealth of his wealthy father to solve various cases. It was adapted as a TV series in 2005, but the protagonist is Miwako Kobe starring Kyoko Fukada

【Production team】
Supervision: Tohiko Ito.
Series Composition ・ Script: Kishimoto Zhuo.
Character setting: Saiki Enlightenment.
Animation production: CloverWorks.

[Voiceover Voice].
Kobe Daisuke: Daisuke Yusuke.
Kato Haru: Shino Miyano