“Detective Conan” × Hengshui Laobaigan co-branded version Because minors ca n’t drink and have n’t talked about it “Fate / stay night [Heaven ’s Feel]” Shigeru Miyagi “Holy Skeleton” T-shirt-Daily and Evil Night Edition

Recently, various measures have been taken to stimulate consumption, such as sending coupons, subsidizing, and holding various shopping festivals, but this is all short-term behavior. Now all kinds of infrastructure investment are in the layout, and all consumption should be based on the premise that people have money to spend. Last week, they ate with a friend, and their company even cut their salary by half. · I have heard about it without processing capital, and I saw it for the first time when I cut my salary by half

I do n’t know if you have found out that 1/3 of the ads on the CCTV news channel are liquor and most of them are liquor advertisements. It can be seen that the sales volume and price of liquor in China are high. Jimmy has never understood the liquor industry without drinking liquor. However, domestic liquor such as Maotai is still very famous. In two consecutive Korean dramas, I saw someone bring Maotai from China back to South Korea …

Then in the “Detective Conan”, there was a concentration of the service department for the first time to show Conan a ribbed bottle of “Lao Baigan” brought back from China. As a result, Conan drank Lao Baigan and changed back to Kudo Shinichi. As a result, fans encouraged Hengshui Laobaigan and Heming detective Conan to launch joint models. However, on April 21, “Hengshui Laobaigan” revealed on the official Weibo that they really contacted the copyright owner, but because both China and Japan clearly stipulated that minors should not drink alcohol, the two parties did not negotiate

Jimmy thinks that everyone can be open minded and it does n’t have to be Conan ’s presence. There are also adults in the story such as Maori Kogoro and Meguro. In the past two years, Akai Shuichi and A Muroto can also be linked Well

The skeletal cloth status of the white and blue T-shirt worn by the best guardian of the palace by Shigeru, sold by COSPA, price: 4800 yen. The recognition of this clothes is quite high.

The TV animation based on Klab’s mobile game “The Truth of Disaster” is determined to be aired in 2020, and the latest PV is officially announced. The animation takes the Walheit Empire as the stage. The murderous monster “light” that once destroyed many creatures in the world is predicted to be resurrected. The main line of the story is the fate of two young people in the transportation shop, Inumur and recruit egg Leo Cardio

【Production team】
Script: Miyada Ikuta.
Character design: Third Echoes.
Music: Hengshanke.
Concept art: Ueno Kakuju, Yoko Tsukamoto.
Animation production: Yokohama Animation Lab.

[Voiceover Voice].
イ ヌ マ エ ル : Abe Tun.
レ オ カ デ ィ オ : 小野 友 树.
シ ャ ア ケ : 花 守 ゆ み り.
エ ル フ リ ー デ : 藤井 ゆ き よ.
ヘ ル マ ン : Tsuda Kenjiro