Devil’s Cavern Super VIP treatment contract spirit full match

I should have put an end to the “Ethnic Customs’ Evaluation Guide” last week, but after watching it last week, my stomach hurts, and the pain is so severe that I can n’t even type. So, after passing this node, I dragged it one week after another, but I wrote all the previous 11 episodes. I want to put a full stop no matter what, although this last episode personally feels very watery

Stanker looked at the small cards of various dream demon shops in the wine pavilion, reviewing the glorious past with Jell and others, and suddenly found a card of “Devil’s Cave”, which was originally Alcatraz Island The Minister of Propaganda Department bribed them to write a review. As a result, they went to the “Milk Ranch” halfway through the episode, so there was no more text. This time, in the end, the forehead was finally brought back, but this time the angel went out to purchase Can’t walk with them (demons and angels don’t know if the attributes are mutually exclusive?)

When I came to the Devil’s Cave, the receptionist attitude at the beginning was relatively general. As a result, I saw that the card immediately knelt and served you like a guest. It turns out that one of the characteristics of the demon clan in this story is that it is in full compliance with the spirit of the contract. The film is like the sword of Shang Fang, a contract between the demon and the devil, so this time the four received super-standard reception, and then all four gave a high evaluation of 7 or more points, in addition to the spirit of the devil’s contract It has also been spread, and the propaganda effect of the Devil Party has been achieved, that is, it is late

This screenshot is a spoof of Pose who was a miracle of Hashimoto Kannai.

The Devil King and the Witch Demia who had a full score were also old acquaintances. This time, in order to find the incompleteness of the Angel Aura, I came to the Devil King to ask for a magical instrument. As a result, the two were honest in the bath. People have been chatting for a long time, and I thought these two people wanted to talk about it, but the result was to bring the discussion into the world where they are

The new year is ushered in, the drinkers greet the new year in the wine pavilion, and as a result there is a prayer ceremony, then everyone is going to play “New Year’s first shot”, saying that they are all old drivers, these are popular in this There was no appointment during the time period, this setting was a bit strange, so I went to the street of Dream Demon and found that all the families were full and there was no happy place at all. At this time, the old bustard of “Fairy Flower Honey” met this group of people. They pointed out a clear road and introduced a “dream tourist life”, but the store looked broken, but to meet their trend, the most wanted dream demon woman in their hearts, had to say that this store is quite magical, and as a result everyone’s rating They are also very high. The official still pays tribute to the 30-year-old or virgin who will become a magician at the end of the story. A lizard who is often vomited as a virgin turns into a magician in front of everyone

It may be that the starting point of the whole film is too high. Suddenly I think this last episode may be the most unsightly of all 12 episodes, but the whole film is still very good, although it is not special Sophisticated, many sex scenes are actually implemented with static pictures and sound effects, but I personally recommend 8.5 points, I do n’t know if it will continue to be in the second season in the future?