The animation of the IP “Dark World” by Bandai Nanmeng Palace announced the break of the “film and travel linkage” bottleneck period

With the smashing of many films and television works adapted from online novels on the screen, the concept of IP has become more and more hot. Under the trend of pan-entertainment, such online dramas and TV dramas have become the main force in the market. At the same time, all kinds of network literature IP has been rushed to buy by major film and television companies, and realize the full coverage of animation, games, live-action screens, and live-action movies. .

In fact, the hits of live-action movies and TV series such as “Sansheng Sanshi Shili Peach Blossom”, “Tomb Notes”, “Hua Qian Bone” and so on, and the strong reaction caused by the same name mobile game, prompted the “moving and moving linkage” to become A hot development model in the market. And Internet literature, which covers many business models such as movies, games, and animation, has gradually become a core factor in the cultural industry of the Internet age. However, with the popularity of the market, a series of problems have surfaced. .


Since 2015, “Hua Qian Bone” has achieved great success in film and television dramas and mobile games. The concept of “moving and moving” has become very popular. In order to continue the brilliant record of “Hua Qian Bone”, online literature has become one of the most important IP sources of “moving and moving linkage”. In recent years, every popular costume IP has been this model, such as “Sansheng Sanshi Shili Peach Blossom”, “Tomb Notes”, “Chu Qiao Chuan”, etc., the film and concert linkage tends to an increasingly normalized marketing. Means. .

However, with the development of the game linkage, the effect on IP development is polarized. On the one hand, due to the exhaustion of IP resources, content homogenization makes the space that producers can find more and more narrow. After a series of adaptations, even with the use of “small fresh meat” to pull traffic, its response and commercial value are far less strong than originally. On the other hand, due to the lack of experience in the development of IP by domestic producers, most IPs have not been rationally developed. The rude and illogical “magic reform” has been criticized by fans, and loyal fans have been heartbroken. .

In fact, in the process of IP development, whether to maximize the IP value, restore the original content, and enhance the user experience are all problems that must be faced and solved by gamification and film adaptation. Objectively speaking, there are many products that use video game linkage for marketing, but the real success in the market is only awkward. Except for the previous “Hua Qian Bone”, most of the IP can be described as “street”. In contrast to the Japanese market, we can find that most of the IPs are operating for a long time. Whether it is the animation IP such as “Gintama” and “Naruto Ninja”, or the game IP such as “Resident Evil” and “Final Fantasy”, it has been in the pan. The entertainment field is prosperous, and the reason is that it is “loyal to the original”. .

In terms of IP operations and cross-border marketing, Japan is a good example of China’s IP market. As we all know, the Japanese market develops a richer type of IP, both local and foreign. At the same time, unlike the domestic IP marketing, the Japanese market’s “respect for IP” operating philosophy has also made it a lot of experience and achievements in IP operations. .

Such as Japan’s large entertainment group Bandai Nanmeng Palace, its “Mobile Suit Gundam” series, “Pac-Man” these classic IP are long-lasting. This is not only due to their rich experience in IP pan-entertainment, but also the management of IP. Whether it is from the original novel or comic form into a dynamic animation video, or the final game mode, Bandai Nanmeng Palace has turned every IP into an economic closed loop based on the concept of “respecting the original”. .

It is worth noting that for the Chinese market, Bandai Nanmeng Palace also launched the first original urban suspense adventure IP – “Dark World”. It is reported that Bandai Nanmeng Palace will invest a lot of resources to develop this IP. In addition to the already published original novels, the animation plan has been officially announced. It is expected that the broadcast time will be 2019. At the same time, other pan-entertainment modes such as games, live-action movies and so on are also under negotiation.

As far as the current market conditions are concerned, whether an IP can achieve pan-entertainment depends mainly on whether the IP itself has been verified by the market, that is, the theory that “content is king” is often said. Different from most homogenized Xiuxian fantasy online novels, “Dark World Gods” combines the elements of “modern fantasy” and “suspicious adventure”, and also draws on the traditional Chinese ancient book “Shan Hai Jing”, making the whole The story of the novel is quite unique. Only on the line for only half a year, this novel has been clicked on the QQ reading platform, which is a great achievement. It is not difficult to see that “Dark World God” is a high-quality IP, both in terms of the theme of the story and in terms of market conditions. .

In fact, the simple movie-visual linkage mode will gradually disappear. In addition to the “content is king”, the “enhanced operation and strong community” pan-entertainment mode also determines the synergy geometry between scenes. Breaking the secondary wall and achieving multi-domain flipping are the most common ways in the domestic cultural industry. Therefore, Bandai Nanmeng Palace’s ability to plan and design IP products, the ability to grasp the rhythm of products and the ability to operate will become the key to pan-entertainment. Whether it is gamification, animation, or film adaptation, Bandai Nanmeng Palace is extremely experienced. Their development of the IP of “Dark World” will also provide a new idea for the development of domestic IP’s pan-entertainment.