When I was 20 years old, I was 7 years old. Who said that life cannot be deleted?


  • Book name. : “Elves Fantasy” (fine fantasy).
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  • Author . :Beishan Lily.
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  • Illustrator. :Riv .
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  • Japan Publishing. :ホビージャパン HJ Library, has published 10 volumes.
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  • Continental Genuine. : . 轻文轻小说

Inferior chicken soup is not moving, “thanks to suffering”, “experience life fun like playing games”, garbage games called “reality” not only forced to automatically archive, tired of playing, want to delete files, will not work, can People who have fun can make a lack of social beating. Unless it is in the popular different world reincarnation light novels, with 20 years of life experience through the 7-year-old body rebirth, Beishan Lili’s popular work “Elves Fantasy” is worth talking about. .

This work can attract me in the first time, and Riv’s illustration is indispensable. Gorgeous and delicate color matching, meticulous picture details, the cover of each roll is exquisite to let people collect a set in the glass cabinet. .

As for the text of the novel, the first volume of the first reading, in fact, the straightforward writing and the illustration have a momentary contrast. The narrative is very simple, set a shop, straight cut theme, the reader can immediately get to the focus of the plot. A 20-year-old Japanese university student named Tianchuan Chunren had a traffic accident and was transferred to Liao, a 7-year-old orphan from a different world slum. .

The use of “reincarnation” instead of “transformation” here is because the setting of the crossover + rebirth has certain innovation, and the consciousness of the spring person is attached to the personality of Leo as the possession, the specific performance For Leo one day, I suddenly awakened the memory of “Tianchuan Chunren”. The spring people who grew up in peacetime were gentle and courteous. Lio, who witnessed his mother being killed, was thinking about revenge. There were two distinct independent consciousnesses in the body, and self-integration on the spiritual level. It has become one of the highlights of the follow-up plot. .

But the light novel does not insist on deepening the connotation, and the next step is the more reincarnation of the king. Although Leo was born in a young age, with the 20-year-old thinking ability of the spring and the knowledge of the 21st century, it is enough to cope with most occasions. At the same time, in this different world where swords and magic prevail, Leo also discovers the powerful magic hidden in his body. Everything is ready, only a few protagonists should have awkwardness. .

The world is vast, divided into two major areas, the middle is a large area of uncultivated areas, including elves, dwarves, orcs and other “elite”. The story starts from the Bertom Kingdom in the west side of the Strear region. It will cross the continent from west to east and then return. The age of Leo will grow from 7 years old to 12 years old and 16 years old. Two times. .

The great story of the big span is the weapon to keep readers. We can all imagine that Leo will play a big role in his life adventures, but he can’t guess how he entered the King of Bertham College as a slum orphan. One person embarked on a journey to find his hometown. In the elves, what kind of country life had been spent with the elves and people, and they met the enemies who killed their mothers. .

Hobby JAPAN’s novel has been published in 10 volumes, with a lot of space and less reading. “Before there was no “Elf Fantasy” to see death,” this book was actually adapted from the web version serialized by the “Fictionalist” website. However, the web version is much different from the book version. The latter has many battle scenes but the overall development is moderate, and there are many touches on the writing. Mr. Beishan’s teacher Li said that “the book version is basically a re-launch of the web version”. .

Another great charm of Hougong’s light novels is the multi-personal female characters, especially the novels with such rich plots. The detailed female characters may list more than 10 in one breath. .

Before the reincarnation of Tianchuan Chunren, there was a childhood sweetheart, but Meichun disappeared in the spring of Gaoyi.掐 一,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, , ,.

Say “Elves” Fantasy, how can you reduce the elves. Leo. Gifted . (. Zhǔjuéguānghuán.), can use the full attribute wizard. It is a contract elf that enhances the affinity of the elf and the skill, and because of the high level, it appears in human form. Therefore, we have another sacred beauty girl who often accompanied the protagonist. .

Billy Oubi’s 5 year old teacher, Shiria, has soared in the volume of the “grab marriage” episode in Volume 5, and there are countless girls in the fox family, saved by Leo. The princesses of the kingdoms, the princesses, the dwarves in the elves, the brave men called by the Holy Stone… many female characters are constantly on the scene. .

As for why Leo did not make a clear choice among the female leaders, objectively it is the need for the routine novel to maintain the size of the harem, subjectively related to the character of Leo. The reincarnation of the Spring is good and polite, and the habits and people keep a distance. After the integration of personality and Leo, the negative attitude towards interpersonal relationships is more obvious, especially in the handling of emotional problems. There is the strength of Long Aotian, but there is no willingness to dominate. Leo can be said to be a clear stream in the resurgence of different worlds. .

In terms of multimedia, “Elves Fantasy” has two derivative cartoons, which are painted by tenkla and みなづきふたご, and both comics are adapted to the original rules. In contrast to the popularity of the novel, the series still has a lot of potential to be discovered. .

A huge world view, sword and magic combined with the Middle Ages, divided by things, a continent, three kinds of scenery. The protagonist Leo magic talent plus the memory of the past life, although the growth experience is not smooth, but after all, with the investment into the group, the setbacks are temporary. Aristocratic schools, home-seeking trips, elf villages, and political marriages, although the plot is not new, it can satisfy readers’ expectations of Wang Dao’s novels. Coupled with many female characters, this work achieved unexpected success. .

Looks like the same reincarnation novel, carefully read, each piece has a common sense of refreshing and individual strengths, high judgment. There is life outside of life. There is no world outside the world. There are more people who have reborn, and they have become different worlds. .

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