Japanese Voice Yoshihisa Oshio, Maikai Association Tekobaba STEP Ryoji 2018 CICF!

One of the three national animation game exhibition projects of CICF EXPO. Founded in 2008, after 11 years of operation, it has continuously made breakthroughs in scale, dimension and content. In 2018, it has ushered in a huge upgrade. For the first time, it opened 5 exhibition halls at the same time. The exhibition area exceeded 65,000 square meters. The cartoonists who attended the scene broke through. More than 70 people, the organizers jointly joined Japan’s big-handed enterprises, added a Japanese pavilion on the spot, dozens of Japanese ACGN manufacturers directly participate; in addition to the CICF animation game show, the AGF Asia Games Expo will be introduced in the same period, one ticket to two exhibitions, Its scale is unprecedented. .

In addition to exhibiting animation/manga publications, animation IP derivatives, internet/computer/mobile games, designer toys/models/personal handwriting, film/pan/entertainment products, AGF Asia Games Expo will be The audience in South China brought many well-known game makers and invited a series of popular game anchors and famous teams to attend. .

The second bomb guest is grand! .

Fans love to call “tail”, Japanese senior male seiyuu, actor, singer, Qing II Production Office. With a solid troupe, he is active in animation, games, radio dramas and programs, as well as various program units and TV programs. He came to China to attend the event many years ago. After many years, he finally came to China to meet fans in China on October 2. You must not miss this rare opportunity! .
Representatives – .
“Golden Strings” Teak Azusa Ma / water island new.
“Vampire Knight” Jiulanshu.
“Innocent Romance” Gao Yu Ren.
“Devil Lover MORE BLOOD” is no gods.
“Yow speed otaku” hand island pure too.
“B-project” is the national dragon holding.
“Dynasty Warriors / Warriors Orochi” series Sima Zhao / grandfather look.
“Final Fantasy XIII-2” Noel Claes.
“Heartbeat Restaurant” “Heartbeat Restaurant MIRACLE 6” Yin Yu Shen Zhisuke.
Star Dance Galaxy Golden Dragon Award National House Dance Competition Finals Guests Announced! .

しゃばだばSTEP is a retro pop dance combination composed of three Japanese dancers, including Chunko, Xia Ming and Donghua. Chunzizi is good at elegant and beautiful performances. Xia Ming’s tallest and most beautiful dance is super cute. The styles of winter flower can be easily controlled. Their masterpieces include “meaningless literature”, “perfect life”, “like to get sick,” and “Don’t go”. The three will be invited to attend the finals of the October 4th Star Dance Galaxy National House Dance Competition as a guest judge. The house dance team that won out from all over the country will receive their professional house dance reviews. .
P.S In addition to the しゃばだばSTEP combination, there will be two well-known dances as judges, so stay tuned. .

CICF EXPO exhibition and the official authorized electronic advance ticket official last! .
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