Spiritual immortality and constant troubles

Have you ever thought that if one day our body is dead, but our spirit, thoughts and memories can be kept forever? In fact, ancient humans already had this idea, ghosts and ghosts, and soul out of mind, these are derived from this idea, and if the human spiritual world can be digitized and uploaded to a virtual digital space, but also through Does the VR experience communicate with the real world? This weekend, Jimmy watched an Amazon original American drama “Upload Newborn”, which is a science fiction drama with such a worldview. After personal viewing, I think it is not bad, so I recommend it to everyone. Don’t be fooled by the picture, this film is actually not large in scale

The upload process is brutal.

The male lead Nathan is a handsome and handsome 27-year-old entrepreneur. Although he is not a wealthy man, he has a promising future, and there is a girlfriend of a blonde Miss Qianjin (this girlfriend sets Especially like Trump ’s daughter Ivanka), seeing that he is about to reach the pinnacle of his life. As a result of an autonomous driving accident, Nathan was seriously injured and was hospitalized. There are two ways for him to choose. , 1 is to choose to abandon the flesh to join the “permanent upload” service, 2. Is to choose to rescue but may die, Nathan ’s girlfriend Ingrid fully persuaded to agree to “permanent upload” and became a virtual community A member of Lizen Lakeview

Actress Anisa is a customer service of the “Lake View” service company, and in the play is called the angel of each lake view user, she came to the lake view and discovered Nathan’s memory storage There is something missing, but this does not affect, and Nathan began to adapt to its super virtual reality community, this community is for high-income people, with all kinds of facilities, and the poor are underground, because there is no money to recharge traffic The entire “person” will be frozen after running out of traffic

Because of this “upload” service, Nathan can even participate in his funeral through an interactive device, but this funeral does not satisfy him, because his girlfriend as the host does not even mention him, and because His entrepreneurship has not been completely successful, and his family’s economic conditions are average, so he can live in “Lake View” because her girlfriend pays for it, and her girlfriend also regards him as his “property.” At the funeral, an amateur private detective had questions about the car accident and asked Ingrid many questions, and began her own investigation. After finding out some eyebrows, her own self-driving bike also had an accident, directly rushing Into the sea

The download test failed.

In the lake view, although Nathan and his girlfriend can still communicate, and even make love through the device, the feelings of the two still inevitably go farther and farther, and As Anisa, as the angel of Nathan, the two go further and further Recently, mutual favors have arisen. There is a special story in the story that the reverse operation of uploading re-downloads the original uploaded memory into the flesh, but the live broadcast test failed bloodily

VR sex suit.

After the story continues, the suspense of Nathan ’s death begins to be slowly dispelled, and the feelings of the male and female protagonists also become more and more intense. Even after a “lake view” upgrade, the lost memory of the male lead is back, but After rejecting his girlfriend’s support, Nathan was relegated to the ground, and at this time her girlfriend Ingrid finished uploading and came to his side, the first season was over

The sci-fi of the whole story is still quite strong. For example, in the future, everyone will have to agree with each other by videotaping before the cannon. They can also score each other after the cannon. In a word, the science fiction, irony, and storytelling are all pretty good, so I recommend you to check it out. The first season is over