Less than 30% of women are satisfied with their breast size-more than 18,000 women accept breast satisfaction survey

A large-scale international statistical survey shows that most women are not very satisfied with their bust. The survey results were published in the scientific magazine “Body Image”, which is currently the largest breast size satisfaction survey

The survey ’s chief researcher, Viren Swami, is a professor of social psychology at Anglia Ruskin University and Perdana University. He said that one of our research interests is to investigate the experience, thinking and Feel

This survey selected 18,451 women in 40 countries to look at 14 breast images of different sizes produced by a computer. The respondent asked to indicate which picture is closest to the size of their breasts, and then choose which picture It is their favorite, and participants also have to complete other survey options such as dissatisfaction with weight, personality, media exposure, and so on

In the survey results, 47.5% of the participants want their breasts to be larger than they are now, 23.2% want to be smaller, and 29.3% feel satisfied with their size. At a younger age and unstable financial status, women are more dissatisfied with their breasts

“Women who are dissatisfied with their breast size are more likely to have poor mental health and poor breast consciousness, and all countries in our survey have shown this relationship.” Viren Swami said. “Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women worldwide. Lower survival rates are associated with poor breast consciousness. Dissatisfaction with breast size may lead to evasive behavior and reduce breast consciousness, especially if women are Anxiety, shame, and embarrassment. As a result, the frequency of women ’s self-examination of breasts is reduced, which requires public health intervention. “.

Women from India, Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon and the UK want to have the largest breasts, while women from Japan, the Philippines, Germany, Austria and Malaysia want to have the smallest breasts. But the researchers found that these differences are small, and the ideal breast size “is relatively consistent between different countries”, most women want to have medium to large breasts

“Another important finding is that dissatisfaction with breast size decreases with age. This may be because older women have less pressure to get the ideal breast size, or it may be because of mother and breastfeeding. Encourage women to focus on the function of the breasts, rather than simply looking at them from an aesthetic point of view. “.

“Our data comes mainly from socio-economically developed environments, so it is important to study whether our findings are applicable to a more diverse population on a global scale.” Breast size dissatisfaction and many other results, We can’t detect it, such as participating in sports activities. “

If you are interested in this survey, you can go to the website’s report. In fact, there are still many interesting places. In addition, there is no data from Zhong in this research Sample. In fact, the survey is quite positive, especially for women with breast cancer.

Original text of the survey: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1740144519303900.